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Im a newbie.

Can anyone here compare Sony DSC-S600 to Canon powershot a700.

Which one is worth buying in terms of price and options available?? please help me...

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Not really comparable. The A700 is the top of the line in Canon's A series. 6X optical zoom, full set of exposure controls (auto, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, 10 scene modes), 9 point AF plus movable spot AF (any position), 2.5" LCD, 2fps unlimited burst. The S600 is near the bottom of Sony's entry level budget line. 3X optical zoom, limited controls (auto, program, 6 scene modes), 5 point multi/1-point spot AF, 2" LCD, 1.25fps for 7 shot burst, poor macro mode. The A700 is worth the ~$100 premium IMO. Maxx..

Comment #2

I have used a Canon Power Shot A75 for several years and have liked it for travel photography because it's less of a hassle than the Canon EOS I'd used for years before. However I just returned from Alaska and clearly the A75 doesn't do it for wildlife at moderately long rang. My dilemma is whether to chose an upgrade to the A700 or to purchase the PowerShot S2 IS or the S3 IS. Even after reading many reviews of all three I can't decide and would appreciate the thoughts of others who may have faced the same kind of decision. Thanks for your time and trouble. John..

Comment #3

I'm in the market for my first digital camera and looking at the Canon Powershot range due to their manual exposure options. I was surprised that these and other digital compacts have a minimum aperture of around f/8 - as a film SLR user I'm used to being able to stop down to f/16 or less to increase depth of field or use slow shutter speeds. Anyone know why the smaller apertures are not available on these cameras?.


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I have been getting the red shaking hands on most of my shots and the focus and detail is very lacking on my A700. Also there are alot of blown high lights for example the background in the distance is just white on photos taken in sunny conditions! Things do become better with "P" setting however I am very unhappy with the Auto setting. Any advise or ideas as to why it's doing this. Attachments:.

Picture 024.jpg..

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Alan, The aperture sizes are not really comparable. f/8 on a P&S is a much smaller opening. Anything smaller leads to a lot of diffraction. Even f/8 is going to cost you in image quality. Some previous Sony P&S's liked to use f/8 in Program or Auto mode, and they were slammed for it in many reviews: Imaging-Resource:.

"A more serious complaint is the camera's tendency to drop all the way down to f/8 when the lighting is at all bright. While this wouldn't normally be an issue, the V3's lens is much "softer" at it's smallest aperture, so you'll lose some fine detail if you don't monitor the aperture setting closely." Dpreview:.

"And now the pinch, well the DSC-V3 does appear to have two issues which lead to the same outcome, small apertures. The first is that the jog dial's default action is program shift and it's all too easy to roll the dial without realizing and leaving it with a small aperture. The second is that the metering system's program line appears to begin shifting to smaller apertures once shutter speed reaches 1/250 sec. This kind of program line would be fine on an SLR but on a compact camera with such a small lens shooting at F8 can only mean one thing; softer images and a loss of resolution." dcresource:.

"While shooting my G6 vs V3 shootout last week, I learned an important lesson about how to get the best photo quality out of the DSC-V3. For whatever reason, the V3 usually preferred to use a small aperture (like F8), while the G6 chose F4. At small apertures like that, the photo quality on the V3 starts to go south, with everything becoming soft and fuzzy. I'm told that this phenomenon is known as diffraction. The trick to getting sharp images is to make sure the aperture doesn't close down that much (keep the F-number at F6.3 or below), even if it means shooting in aperture priority mode." This really has nothing to do with the V3's specific lens design. It's pure physics.

Depth of field on a P&S is already a lot more than an SLR, due to the actual focal length of the lens and sensor size. f/8 on a 35mm film SLR with a 50mm lens and a subject distance of 1m results in a DOF of about 0.2m. On a typical P&S with a 50mm equivalent lens (10mm lens with a 1/1.8" sensor), DOF is about 1.5m! Maxx..

Comment #6

I think that the A700 has a plastic lens. While the A610 & A620 have a glass lens. Does it make any visible difference on the pictures?..

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Hi, I bought an A700 a few weeks ago. (My other camera is a very old Olympus OM-4.) I'm finding the learning curve high on my first digital camera, partly because the manuals are so sketchy and ackward to carry about on letter paper. Is there a printed version of the advanced manual available? Or better yet, has anyone else published an alternative manual? I talked with a Canon support person who kept telling me I bought the wrong camera when I wanted him to explain the basics of the focusing and exposure systems. It seems to me that some of the functions are awkwardly implemented (or some times superfluous), perhaps because electronics people had more influence in the design than photographic engineers. ArcSoft editing sofware was not included in my CD as promised in the manual. Is this a change in "specifications"? Dave..

Comment #8

I can't decide between Canon A700 and Nikon L1 coolpix.

Both are quality cameras and top of their line, respectively.

Nikon has less of a plastic look about it. Just need it as a simple,easy to use. Apature and shutter priority are useful features.

Anyone point me in the right direction?..

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I cant decide like Ian,.

But between Canon A700, Canon A710 and PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ1 The canon A700 have nice quality test... But that picture from Gsilk, put me thinking in a camera with Optical Image Stabilizer! And then in my opinion, is better to get the canon A710 or PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ1 Anyone can help me to choose the best camera? Lus from Portugal..

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Luis The A710 is going to be introduced in October. It will have similar basic features to the A700 with some improvements. The specs are available. There will be lots of little differences. I think the basic advantage of the a710 over the panasonic is the manual controls, resolution and size. Noise performance may also be better but am not sure.

Canon takes AA batteries. I am going to test drive the A710 before I buy. My test drive of the TZ1 showed some difficulties in getting color balance right. May just be my simple test or a problem with the store model...

Comment #11

I can not decide between cannon ixus 750 and the ixus 8oo please help me make up my mind this will be my first digital camera.... have always used canon cameras like the T 70...

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