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After months upon months of research I finally decided to purchase the Canon A70. I'm very happy with the features and picture quality. The image softness is not a problem, as long as I can keep my hands steady when taking photos in less-than-light-ideal situations, pictures turn out fine. On my wish-list of features that I think the camera should have had would be selectable focus (from the 5 point AiAF - would have been nice to be able to choose which part of the scene the focus will fall on). One bit that does affect the quality of photos in full backlight is slight purple-fringing, this, however, is not an issue in the majority of everyday shots. Overall I'm not only happy with the camera, I'd have no hesitation in recommending it to novices and advanced amateurs both.

Definitely purchase at least 1800 mAh rechargeable batteries and 128MB CF card (256 is ideal)...

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Nice review of this great camera. I have been using it for over a week and I just love it for it's relative compact design and great features. Images are a bit soft, but with some post-processing sharpening the detail jumps right out. Concerning the macro shot with the flash, why not simply put the camera into Av mode and set the aperture to 8.0 when you want to use a flash with macro. I have used this to get fantastic macros in low-light without any flash blow-outs. Highly recommend this camera...

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Thank you for the advice about the macro shots. I have been using the A70 for a week too and I was worried about the image softness. I will try to do some post processing and see what happens...

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This weekend I really got to sit down and spend some quality time with the A70, and while I am still rather imressed by the camera and plan on keeping it, I also experienced (as noted by the IR review, without which I probably wouldn't have said anything about this) skewed images while using the viewfinder to frame my shots (or a skewed image on the LCD with the camera on a flat surface). It's actually pretty bad... More assembly line problems perhaps? Very, very irritating...

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I need advise... On one website I read the Canon A70 has great photo quality and on another I read the photographs are soft and show color fringing. And yet another website does not mention color fringing or soft pics at all but talks about a skewed (off centre) LCD or CCD image? Now I'm really confused? So is this camera good or bad? ..anyone got more test pics to download. I'm in a camera "photography" club and would like to print nice prints. (cannot afford a G2 or G3 as yet) Just had a bad experience with a Sony P72 so the Canon is next on my shopping list. Thanks in advance...

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I am very curios about the pictures softness and how I will live with it.

When I have looked very carefully in the good IR samples of testpictures, I can see in areas where a high contrast is wanted (like in most pictures with a lot of sun and houses), there is a small corona seen in the darker areas. I have tested to process the pictures in software but I never get the picture as good as from other similar cameras.

It looks for me that Canon has a very good camera but could be improved with better lenses...

Comment #6

Hi All,.

I'm new here I just purchased my new Canon A70 today and will receive it tomorrow I have done a lot of reserching for a few months now and I decided on this one! I will let you know how it all works out I will be on Vacation in the next two days and will take a lot of pix. I'm looking forward to playing with my new toy! I did test drive it a few times now and it's quit easy to handle If anyone wants to share any advice on this camera please share with me!.

Thanks for reading this.


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HI All,.

I just got my extension ring and tried the wide-angle lens. I think nobody had mentioned that it is useless with the flash, although I recall similar reports for other cameras. The onboard flash is too close to the lens and about 1/5 of the frame (lower right corner) is shadowed. Without hot-shoe for another flash the only choice is not use it which limits the occasions someone can use the add-on lenses. I guess that's the price I have to pay for not buying G3.

Otherwise the lens adds about 50% more picture to the regular frame and it works well in the whole zoom range. All the other functions look unaffected by the add-on lens except slight decrease in the speed...

Comment #8

Regarding A70. I have a Canon G3 and bought the A70 to take in a waterproof pouch for fishing because of it's small size and AA batteries. The A70 shots are great and dont let a few "soft" photo comments keep you away from a nice camera. Very sharp photos, short shutter lag, accurate focusing even in poor light, AA batteries and CF card make it a winner IMHO...

Comment #9

Hi all,.

Can anyone tell me where A70 has been made in ? Japan or Malaysia, China, Taiwan...

Thanks in advance...

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Hi everybody. Regarding the softness that has been concerning some of us, I did some comparisons between test images (daves box) from a Sony P71 and a Canon A70. I hope the comparison is fair. Sonys images seem sharper than Canons but the A70 produces "cleaner" ones. It is like if the sharpness that you perceive in those from Sony are achieved by camera software instead of simply lens quality. If you can live with a slight softness, thats fine.

I am just a beginner with some common sense.

Please excuse my English and let me know if you think I am right or Wrong...

Comment #11

Hi All,.

I found great articles about infrared photography:


Http:// Does anybody tried to make near infrared pictures with A70?..

Comment #12

I would like to buy a powershot A70. The problem is that I dont know how long you can work with a par of batteries (1800 ma). Can anyone help me with some info about this topic?..

Comment #13

Evert. I have two pairs of AA Sunpak 1800 mAh and when I was learning how to use the camera each pair last for only a day. Almost continuous use...

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