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I understand the A-520 hasn't got an intervalometre. Could anybody recommend a camera of the same or very similar characteristics -and price- with intervalometre?..

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Has anyone experienced problems with the lens on their Canon A520 nor retracting? My batteries failed part way through shooting a movie and even after replacing the batteries the camera now seems to be dead. The lens will not retract and the camera will nor respond other than to flash the topmost LED near the viewfinder when I press the power button.

I've only had the camera for two days and I've gone through two sets of batteries and only managed to take 40 or so shots.

Surely this isn't right!?.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks...

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I was going to get the 520 for my dad but a friend (elctronics engineer, works for an ISP, geek etc...) told me that the 510 and 520 actually have the same chip and that the 520 extrapolates to 4mp from a native 3.2mp. This sounds like a really horrible deal for an extra $100. I find this hard to believe. Does anyone kow if this is true and can be checked somehow? It does not sound like something Canon would do, their good reputation and all...

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I have the exact same problem with my A75. Though about 11 months older and used plenty. My batteries didn't die, but my camera did. Out of the blue I turn my camera on with freshly charged NiMH batteries and the lens comes out partway and is now stuck.

Now no matter what I press the lens will not retract or open fully. The green LED light on the top of the camera flashes, just like on yours. It's some kind of lens defect. Some refer to it as an E18 error though I never got an error on my LCD. There are several things you can try, which didn't work for me though. Plug the video out into your TV and turn the camera on (using fresh batteries).

Make sure you're memory card is blank.

Mine is still under Canon warranty and is going to be shipped to them. Had to argue with them just to get them to pay shipping. I also have an extended (gift card) replacement warranty with the store. Though if it breaks down again I don't know if the A85 or 95 will even still be available, and I dont use SD cameras so Canon may lose a future purchase.

I only use CF cards and thus cannot use the new 5xx series cameras. The 510 already replaced the A75 and the camera you're using is going to replace the A85. It's a shame Canon has cheapened their products. These lens problems are all too common as it is. I was amazed by all the results of problems I found searching the internet. Well good luck! You may just want to bring the camera back to where you bought it and demand a refund since it basically broke down on your first use...

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I'm hard to belive if it's true.

Check it again ...

But there is another diferent bitween 510 to 520.

And this one is a good diferent...

A520 got flash that moove with the zoom moovement.

At a510 there is a simple flash...

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Adir is Wrong. The A510 has a zoom flash just like the A520, there is no difference. Please check all information before posting, bum..

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Can anyone explain to me why the sample images from the Canon A40 seem better than the Canon A520? The A520 specs seem better in all regards, but the colour seems better and more detailed with the A40...

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Hello,Recently when I compared some photo samples of "HOUSE", downloaded from Imaging Resource>Digital Camera Home>Digital Camera Reviews, taken by different cameras, such as: File Name CAMERA DATE TIME CP88HOUSEWBA.jpgNikon E880011.10.2004 07:34:09 A52HOUSEWBM.jpg canon A520 02.09.2005 10:05:14 A95HOUSEWBM.jpg canon A95 10.12.2004 08:06:50 CP52HOUSEWBM.jpg nikon E5200 05.24.2004 08:54:32 CP79HOUSEWBM.jpg nikon E7900 03.28.2005 11:04:07 D10HAWB.jpg nikon D100 05.28.2002 14:33:32 S50HMWN.jpg canon S500 03.08.2004 09:13:15 W7HOUSEWBA.jpg sony DSC-W7 04.21.2005 11:40:23 Their EXIF data told us, these pictures were taken in different year, different month,.

On different date, and at different time, but after carefully compare the every small part of these picture, I found out that these pictures are so consistent with each other in shadows under sunshining, arrangement of tree branches, pieces of small flowers and grasses. I had supposed this house is a paint, not a real house, but the shadows under sunshining has somewhat small difference. What explanation you can give out for this question? Peter..

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I have the same exact suspicions :|, the flowers mostly!, certainly would wither overtime but remains the same, (arrangement etc.) for every reviews taken at diff time and year. Alfred..

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If you research the test images on the imaging-resource site, you will find that the house and musician shots use a poster. The far field test is a shot of the real house and shows the seasonal changes...

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Pete Wow you did a lot of research, however, you are not done!! You only did half the job and need to continue Hint: Poke around the site and you will find your answer..

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Rmanke: Dave writes: __ rmanke Can anyone explain to me why the sample images from the Canon A40 seem better than the Canon A520? The A520 specs seem better in all regards, but the colour seems better and more detailed with the A40. Hi, apologies for the *slow* response...

Two reasons, probably: One, the cameras almost certainly use different CCD chips, which are going to have slightly different color characteristics. Second, manufacturers are always tweaking their color management, seeking a better "look." The thing is though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what one person considers an improvement in the color may look worse to someone else. One of the reasons for the focus here on standardized comparison photos. The A520 may indeed have better specs in many areas, but the bottom line is going to be how the images look to *you*. Dave __ Hope this helps. Forum Admin..

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I posted this as a new thread, but got no response. Maybe I can get the attention of some other of you A520 folks if I post it here. My new A520 did not arrive with any of the "stickers" on it...the one down the side listed the features of the camera, or the one on top that says "13 shooting modes". Is this something that should concern me relative to whether what I received was really "new"? I got it from a prominent advertiser on this site, and wanted to support the site, so I'd like to know. If Dave reads this...I would appreciate a response from you, or of course from anyone else. Thanks. jz..

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