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Anyone else buy the A300 yet? I'm quite impressed.

If it weren't for the corner softness it would be strong competition for the best 3.2 megapixels out there (notwithstanding the non-zoom lens).

That is saying a lot for $199.95...

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I've taken about 600 shots with the A300. It is without a doubt the best $200 digital, past or present, and will be for some time to come. No regrets in not having a zoom. If Olympus had produced a digital Stylus Epic, I can't imagine it would be much different. A classic in the making. 4x6 prints are spectacular on the Canon i850.

Money well spent...

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Have you also notice the corner softness of the Canon A300 that I speak of? My photos exhibit the same degree of softness/distortion in the corners as Dave Etchells' sample photos. If the camera stops down to f5.6 it is greatly reduced but coaxing the camera to stop down is another matter. It is amazing the amount of manual control that has been built into the camera but aperture control (which this lens could really benefit from) is not present. Glad you're as excited about the A300 as I am.

Mike Attachments:.


Comment #3

It is a little soft in the corners, esp. noticeable w/ hair, tree branches, or other fine detail with backlighting. You do have a little exposure control w/ the ISO, but that can degrade image quality w/ high noise. I was considering an A70, but it appears to be just as soft if not softer. I haven't read alot of good things about the Sony DSC-P32 (which sells for $229), and I wont buy a camera that takes anything but CF cards, so it was ruled out for that alone. Initially I was put off by the barrel distorion, only to see virtually the same amount of distortion on every other P&S digital camera at wide angle.



Comment #4

Anyone have problems syncing the camera with the computer? i'm on xp and my darn computer just doesn't sense my A300!..

Comment #5


Sorry, I use Windows 2000 Pro so I haven't eXPerienced as sync errors.

As soon as I power on the camera Win 2000 prompts me to specify which program I want to use to view the pictures. Do you get no reaction whatsoever out of your PC when you plug the cable into the camera?.


Comment #6

XP worked OK for me, although I did end up using a CF reader instead since I now have 3 CF cards...

Comment #7

Hi folks! I just purchased an A300. Love the camera,but I didn't.

Buy their (overpriced) ac adaptor ($90.00 canadian!).Anyone here.

Know of a compatible ac adaptor for anything less than $90.00cdn.

Does it really have to be 3.15volts dc or will a 3volt model suffice.

Anyone know what the polarity of that adaptor is( negative or positive.

Outer barrel?).

Thanks In Advance..

Comment #8

Not sure about the adapter. I did however get a total of 8 NIMH + 2hr charger w/ both ac and dc adapters at WM for about $20. Perhaps an ample supply of rechargeables will work as well as an ac adapter for your purposes...

Comment #9

Question for the A300 owners, did you consider the A70, and why did you choose the A300 in the end? Was it just price?..

Comment #10

Hi folks... I've done some research over the weekend and I've narrowed my search between the Cannon A300 and the Kodak DX-4900. I've already bought a set of MAHA Powerex Nimh baterries but I cannot really decide on the camera. I don't care that the Kodak DX-4900 is $90 more expensive either. This is going to be my first digital camera. Given these facts,.

  Which camera would you guys buy, the Kodak DX-4900 or the A300?.

Just a very short reply would be great. I would really appreciate your help folks,.

All the best,.


Comment #11

Adrian, if you are willing to pay $90 more than the A300, get the A70! It's a no-brainer!..

Comment #12

Just bought the A300. I took about 8 pictures and my batteries went dead already. Is that how it is supposed to be? Love the camera but hate that I may have to change batteries so frequently...

Comment #13

I received my A300 last night, $179 inc from Dell and I have to say I'm extremely happy with what I bought.

Image quality is outstanding, the video feature is ok but IMO doesn't belong on a digital camera.

I can't honestly say anything negative (excuse the pun) about the A300 for the price, it's well made, quality far exceeds my expectations and it's pretty versatile too.

Definitely recommended - if you're in two minds about buying the camera buy it from Dell, you have a 30 window in which to return it. Awesome camera. (This message was sponsored by the letter A, the number 300 and Dell)..

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This is something I can speak of with great confidence. In May 2002 I purchased the Kodak DX4900 for $399. I initially was quite impressed that I could find a 4MP camera for this price but after a few months was eventually disappointed enough in the picture quality to sell it.

The photos are sharp and colorful but the visible noise in anything but ideal lighting was just too annoying. The noise (or noise reduction more accurately) manifests itself in these Kodak cameras (just as professional reviewers claim) as a watercolor look. Things take on a blotchy appearance. Maybe it's more related to jpeg encoding, I don't know, but it doesn't look good - or right. Something more tangible in review of the DX4900 is it's LCD, for all intents and purposes unviewable outdoors, really bad. I tried shading it with my hand and still hardly visible.


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