Canon G9 VS Panasonic DMC LX2

First of all, this is my first post and I am very glad I found this forum since it's a great database and VERY informative. Thanks for that..

I am planning to buy a new camera (as some might have expected reading the head)....

What I am considering after reading the detailed tests is:.


- How good is the Makro ? Does anybody have pix with the original Lens and others wit ha bought one?.

- Am I able to take pix of Waterdrops with the Original Lens as on your test pictures?.

-> better noise reduction->pix in ISO200 and slightly above possible in jpeg->optional lens possible.


The Makro is obviously not as good here and there is no option to install an extra lens, which is bad in this case..

->great video mode (can anybody share PERSONAL experience with HD & the rest).

-> 16:9 (do you guys really get these pix developed? price? havent found a store here yet...).

Now realisticly: I am an advanced amateur photographer who wants a decent video mode and thinks of getting into marko pix of surfaces etc. what as I guess would not be possible with the lx2 but more likely with an extra lens (price for an AFFORDABLE one you reccomend?) so what do you suggest?.

Thanks for your ideas in advance,Im really curious what you guys think!..

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I'll give you my personal opinion and you probably already know that everyone has one of those..

I don't know anything specific about the LX2 but I do know that Panasonic makes great cameras with excellent lenses. I also know that when Panasonic can find a good sensor to put into their great cameras they will be considered one of the best..

But, that day has not arrived yet and the Panasonic sensors are noisey..

The Canon G9/G7 cameras are not perfect either but they are probably the best compact cameras currently available..

However, the G9 and G7 cameras are not the ideal camera for everyone and might frustrate someone who is not very familiar with exposure compensation, shutter speeds, etc. The G9 used in auto mode is no better than many cameras...

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Thank you for your response.So you would go for the G9...hmm...

What about pictures with low light in general?What if I manually choose the time and let him do the lense...still noisy?I could use a tripod or something..

Is this camera not usefull at all at nights?..

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I have an LX2 and enjoy it very much. It is small, very controllable and has a great wide angle 28mm lens and lcd screen. It isn't so good as the iso rises, no worse than my Canon A620 but different in nature - more chroma noise. If you don't expect to blow the images up massively then it is fine, go pixel peeping and the IQ falters with the usual Panny Venus II processing artifacts in evidence. Of course, you can also shoot in raw and get better results, especially with the bundled SilkyPix software..

The G9 probably beats the LX2 on overall IQ but where the LX2 wins for me is that it is smaller and goes a lot wider. I won't buy any of the G range for just the reason that they don't go very wide. Telephoto reach is all very well, but it is a minor part of my needs. You may differ here..

I haven't tried the video out so I can't comment on this..

Which camera will I take skiing in a couple of weeks? The KM 5D DSLR, the Canon A620 or the Panny LX2..

It will be the LX2..

Check out my piccies taken with the LX2 on Flickr and Picasa web albums, they may give you an idea of what it can do..


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No, I don't really know which camera would be best for you. I have a G7 and like it for a compact type camera but would have trouble recommending it or the G9 to many people..

The G7/G9 is a great compact but it's not the best low light no flash type camera. I think it's the best all around compact camera when you consider all of it's capabilities..

I used to have a Panasonic TZ1 for snapshots. I loved that camera and would probably still have it except for it's indoor flash capabilities. The flash was just too weak for me..

If I was talking with a pro photographer or advanced ameteur who was buying a compact for family type shots and to use as a small carry around camera, I'd tell them to give heavy consideration to the G9 or a G7, if they could find one..

If I was talking to my best friend, who loves taking family photos, about buying a camera I tell him that a camera like the LX2 would be great (maybe even a little more than he needs)..

If the most important consideration, for your purchase, is low light photography then one of the small Fuji cameras would probably be your best choice. They don't offer the flexibility of the G9 or LX2 but do a superb job in low light..

I'm one of those people who think that it's very hard to buy a bad camera now days. Most of the name brand type compacts today are pretty darn good and I think that overall feel and features are more important today than brand or even sensor size or in-camera noise reduction programs..

Anyone looking for the "best possible picture" (whatever that is) should buy a DSLR with a good lens...

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Thanks for your responses..

I will take things into concearn and try both cameras in a local store because this is what will probably make my decision clearer..

The lx2 is really impressiv with the wide angle but then I should think what type of pic I usually produce and it seems that the G9 is a lot better in low light(?)..


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The G9 is probably better but it's still not that good. Wisdom would say that if you want good low light performance, you need a fuji like the F31fd..


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