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In the 40D review: Why didn't you include your imatest Pentax K10D dynamic range results of 8.19 RAW and 7.44 jpg ("High Quality") as part of the descending order of cameras? Larry Attachments:.


Comment #1

Of course the above K10D 8.19 & 7.44 Imatest figures are to compare to the 7.72 & 7.42 figures of the 40D, so should be put in the correct descending order on the list...

Comment #2

Hi Mutley, Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I was using the latest table, but apparently not. The K10D has been added...

Comment #3

I really consider buying a 40D to replace my current 30D. I am very satisfied with my 30D, but dust "management" is most welcome to me.

I change lenses quite often and when I can delay the cleaning interval I wil be more then happy.

I also use the "all focus" and "all servo" setting on my 30D on several ocasions (when shooting kitesurfing or motor cross photos for example). Now I am a bit in doubt after reading your well done review of this 40d camera and the trouble you had with this operation mode.

Could it be a matter of a "bad" test sample, or would it be a possibility to improved this by a future firmware update??? Any advice? I am also a material freak and started my canon experience with a 10D.

Afterwards I bought a 20D, witch was a great improvement over the 10D.

Later on I excanged my 20D for a 30D and it is almost a "must" to continue my habit and not spoiling the line 10D, 20D, 30D..... by getting myself a 40D. The only question is: Will I regret this by selling my 30D for only 600 euros and invest another 500 euro's for the 40D?.

Is it worth the update in your opinion concidering the all focus issue?? doubts... doubts... doubts.. Please advise.

Thanks anyway, your review was great and I hope I will make the right decision about this camera.!!!..

Comment #4

Hi again, Another question about this 40D and my possible exchange for my 30D: Does my 20D/30D vertical grip BG-E2 fit to this 40D Camera body or do I have to buy another (expensive)BG-E2N to get similar functionallity. The water resist argument is not so important for me, but I am afraid for the auto focus button which isn't there on my BG-E2 grip. Canon does a good job in creating needs! Thanks again for your reply...

Comment #5


Just picked up the 40D forum, had mine apprx 3 weeks still trying to figure out the menu but having a great time brillant shots,ease of use and feels right, but I must admit the AF does hunt, more so with a fast lens. got to admit Iam concerned after the review of the problems with the AF on the 1D mk3.

Perhaps this can be fixed with a firmware update, hope so!!..

Comment #6

Hi, I'm a first-time discussion entry! I bought my 40D last week (I have had the D30, 10D and still have a 20D) and spent Sunday working with it in harsh conditions (beach/sunshine, night bridge and harbor shooting.) My results (and to answer some other questions in this forum):.

The 30D was basically a 20D with a better shutter, 2.5" LCD and a few other minor tweaks. 40D is totally redesigned, is 10.1MPix (instead of 8.2), has much better noise (I couldn't have taken the night shots with the 20D and had any reasonable results), 14-bit encoding (worth the price of a new body, believe me!), 95% viewfinder (instead of 90%), lower power consumption, much better AF (has worked perfectly for me on multiple Canon lenses), 6+FPS (or ~3FPS, which is just fine for most things), live view (this will be COOL for macro shots!), a 3" LCD with RGB AND luminance histograms, 3 instant setup modes (completely configures the camera, from ISO to mirror lockup), spot metering, highlight tone priority and auto sensor cleaning. I bought it in the 17-85 kit (really wanted the 24-105, but that's only offered with the aged 12-bit 5D.) The LCD can also show the camera shooting settings (like the Rebel XTi), which I really like (disadvantage: won't shut off until the shutter opens, but now I don't have to carry reading glasses to change the color balance!) Of course, PhotoShop Elements won't open the RAW images, but the included Canon DPPro software now works really well and I can do most RAW>JPG/TIFF conversion with that (and the software allows you to permanently modify the RAW images!) DPPro prints RAW images very well, or you can print directly to DPOF printers from the camera. The 40D also takes small RAW, or sRAW too, which is just a reduced-res RAW, I don't see much need for that unless you have low-res (2.5 MPix, same as the "low JPG" image size) specialty image requirements. Verdict: I love the camera. No problems encountered, and I've used almost all of the features.

Image attached is Small JPG output on the Newport OR beach at sunset, taken with 17-85 IS "kit" lens. HHM Attachments:.


Comment #7

One more image, Newport harbor at night. B&W version (created with DPPro software from RAW original) looks better than the color one, IMHO (but the color one looks nice too.) Attachments:.


Comment #8

New 40D firmware update available, v. 1.0.5: Kees - I skipped the 30D and stayed with the 20D. The 40D is definitely a significant improvement over the 20D. Harry mentioned the most significant points, except the auto sensor cleaning, which has worked perfectly for me over the past two months. I'm sure you wouldn't be a disappointed owner, but I can't comment on it's upgrade value relative to the 30D. John..

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Regarding the 40D image quality, it's really a big step over the 20D/30D and more similar to the 5D one (as many sites already noted).

As a 20D and 5D owner, I'm really impressed about the 40D IQ. Sure, the shadows are better defined in the 5D, and the per-pixel sharpness of the 5D is better, but overall the 40D pictures have the 3D look I love in the 5D, instead of the flatter look of the 20D ones. And dust is really a problem in the 5D and it's big sensor, and not an issue in the 40D (around 10000 pictures and not a single dust spot yet). The LCD is also better, bigger and without the greener look of the 5D. Also having the ISO displayed all the time is a bonus, as I change ISO settings a lot.

I recently bougth the 18-55 IS kit lens, and compared to the "regular" 18-55 kit lens (the one from the 20D) the new lens has less blooming wideopen and is sharper in the borders (mostly in the lower part of the frame) or at least this is the case with my copies.

Recently I replaced the 5D for the 40D as my main camera, using the 5D as the secondary one. The lack of dust and the live view and small tweaks, combined with a similar image quality, makes the difference to me. My main complaint were the lack of RAW support in Capture One, but with the version 4 beta 2, I solved that issue. Guillermo..

Comment #10

40D vs Rebel XTi?? Anybody care to do a comparison? The price difference is significant and it seems to me that they have many similar features... Is it worth going for the 40D?..

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