Canon A710 IS /img/avatar8.jpgs comments wanted.
If you have a Canon A710IS I am interested in your experience with it, I have read with interest the reviews by the critics but want an /img/avatar8.jpgs perspective. Any comments you have will help me decide if this is the camera for me. andy..

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I just got mine a week ago so I don't have a lot of experience with it yet, but I've been playing with it alot. It seems to be everything the pro reviewers say it is. It's very versatile. I bought it because I had been using a webcam for posting technical pics in forums. The pics that Ive posted now are amazing. I thought I would probably just use the auto setting all the time, but Im finding myself using features like custom white balance, slow synchro, and other features because theyre pretty easy to access.

It is well organized and you can find information on settings all right, but it doesnt really describe what all the settings do. So any time I want to understand a feature I just take dozens of images, adjusting the feature through it's entire range. Thats been very educational, especially with things like white balance and exposure adjustments. Transfer of images to the computer through the cable is very fast, so you can take a bunch of pics and review them quickly. When I was looking into cameras I wanted an optical viewfinder because thats what I was used to.

I just use the screen. I also wondered about an articulated screen. Those seem to come in handy when youre taking pictures of yourself and when the camera is held at an odd position. Like down by your feet. So I guess if you do that often then it might be an issue.

I actually did connect the camera to the NTSC port in my web cam (its an odd webcam) and I can view the camera image in real time on my computer and even use it as a high quality webcam! Ive been having some trouble getting images to the computer, though. Sometimes I have to try several times before it works. The manual recommends using the power adapter to power the camera during computer transfer so I may have to break down and buy one to see if thats the problem. So Im still learning about the camera but so far, Id say that even if its not the most perfect choice you could have made, you certainly cant go wrong getting one of these...

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Graystar: reguarding your prob with computer transfer if you have the software that came with your camera it should be very easy just hook the usb cable that came with the camera to the usb port on your computer and you can either choose to have the software down load your photo's or you can down load them by pressing the button on the back of your camera...

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I have the 710 IS and bought it for reasons that are probably not common to members of this forum. I wanted really good video quality and I got it. I wanted a camera that I could carry in the shirt pocket of the shirts I wear when I go quail hunting, and I got it. Probably most importantly, I wanted a camera that I could take from my pocket and immediately take videos and stills while using only one hand. The 710 works fine. I have it attached to a lanyard around my neck in case I drop it in the field.

I find the LCD to be relatively useless in bright sunlight but the viewfinder seems accurate. The movie mode is really good and that's important to me. With the new 4GB SDHC cards, I can get 34 minutes of the highest quality video on one card. There is a slight problem that when using the movie mode it is very easy to accidentally change from HQ to Compact quality by accidentally hitting the toggle switch. I've done that a couple of times.

Flash recycle time is pretty slow if that's important to you. Battery life, though I haven't checked it thoroughly, seems really good. Image stabilization is simply excellent, at least as good as my Canon camcorder. With the addition of a 4GB SDHC card the 710 is an ideal all around camera if you need something smaller than the S3. It works for me...

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I love everything about the camera...except the picture clarity. I also have a Panasonic TZ-1 to compare it to. In all areas except low light, the Panasonic takes clearer pictures. I'm in the process of having Canon look at the camera. Maybe there is something wrong with the lens. I hope so, because the function, feel, and features are all great...

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Just another observation on the 710. Yesterday I was looking at the LCD in the living room and decided I'd shoot a movie just to see how bad it was inside, without much light. It turned out great. This feature is not important to me but might be of interest to someone. Chris,...I wasn't that happy with my pictures at first so I changed the focus from automatic to center weighted average. I think they are fine now...

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I have it set on that already. I take lots of outdoor nature shots. The canon pics are very soft. Almost blurry looking. I took about 100 comparison photos, at every possible setting on the camera. For my specific needs, it's no good.

If someone has a outdoor scenery shot with this camera, I'd love to see it. Maybe mine is a "lemon"..

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I had an A710, and I loved it. However, I wanted something that had a little more zoom. My options were the lens kit that would bring down quality, or go with the S3 IS. I took back the A710, but was highly disapointed with the shots I got indoors with the S3. It is a great camera for outside, but I have hunted the net and manual for ways to get great pics inside. I have tweeked everything and still can't get the pics I did from the A710. Except for zoom and continuous shooting, the A710 has superior color (indoor), ease of use, and size...

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I bought the Canon A710is, I've not had any problems with it so far.


It takes great photo's, has a 210mm zoom lens, a bit noisy at very long range and has image stablizer which is pretty useful. It Has some pretty neat features on it too.

You can view photo's i've taken for the last 2 months at Maybe that will help you in some way.....

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Hello Jack,.

 happy to read your comments about the A 710 IS. But I'm a bit surprised to see how you qualify the videos taken with this camera. Did you hear the sound? On my A 710 camera, there is a relatively important interference noise, as if there was a vacuum cleaner in the room. I sent it back to the Canon repair center, and they told me ''it is in the specifications'' I can't believe it,because I compare the records taken with others taken with an HP 935, much less noisy. Happy to read your comments about this question...

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Hi Marc, I don't notice any strange noise on my videos. I take them all outside and sometimes have the wind noise but that's it. I will say that I don't think the sound is quite as natural as that of my Sanyo Xacti C5, but the IS and overall focus is so much better that the two don't compare...

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