Canon A70: bad/no image problem
Hi. Just a year and a few weeks, and 1100 images after buying a Canon A 70, I began to have intermitten problems with the imaging: instead of getting the image in front I get black or blurs as if I was sweeping a movie camera very very fast. The mechanism all works I can take pictures of the blurs. It was only occasional but now, after a couple months it is a very frequent problem. I thought I'd ask if anyone here has the experience before I contact Canon to see what they will do about it. A shot made with this camera is attached. Thanks in advance,..

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I don't know if this will help, but have you checked to see whether the camera is in movie mode? The last time I downloaded all my images I deleted them from the card in the camera, and was very surprised to see that there was a "movie" left over that I hadn't been aware I'd "shot." I made several stills at that time without being aware that there was anything else on the card. I also don't know how I got the camera into and out of movie mode without being aware of either switch. (Guess I need to RTFM!) I hope it's something this simple..

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Hi Paul I also have had the a70 for over a year and just started getting the same exact image. Here is what I did first I noticed it would go away if I tapped the side of the camera that had the batteries then the camera would go into the normal mode. Then I simply bought a new set of batteries, since mine were old. I had thought it solved the problem and it did for a little bit but recently I had to tap the side again but it is less frequent. The bottom line the camera improved with new batteries but since the camera is over a year I don't believe canon will fix it. It takes great pictures but this is the second problem I have had the other being e18 error because the lens would not open.

Hope this helps Randy..

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Have had my A70 for over a year and 6300+ pics on it. So far, so good...

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My friend had the same problem. It is intermittant. The picture is not even take and the LCD shows a blurred black image. She sent it to repair 2-3 times and still the same problem. I guess it is dead...

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Following up my original message: I found on the internet a number of people who have had the same problem. All had the same experience I have had with Canon: refusal to acknowledge any innate problem in the camera, an offer to fix it for $100 plus shipping, or supply a rebuilt camera for $150. I think it's pretty clear Canon is shirking responsibility for a fault of their own design; although certainly this doesn't happen with most their cameras, the prevalence of problems with the A70 is enough that any buy should be aware of it. Basically, Canon isn't trying to live up to their good reputation...

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I have the same problem.Is someone here an electronic tech that could tell me if it,'s a solder joint or bad part and how to repair it? It would help if there was a tech manual. I have a parts manual...

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I had the same problem with my A70. I sent it for repair three times. After the third time there was big problems again. The guarantee was not available any longer. But I got a new A75 instead and that camera is much better...

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I've posted separately but now that I've seen your attached picture, seems I have the same problem as you. Its been stuck like this for the past 2 days, and nothing I have done has improve it. I called a repair shop today who tell me it will cost 45 (I'm in the UK) just to find out if it's fixable and then "probably another 100 minimum" to fix it. I can buy the A75 for 200. Should I just cut my losses and get a new camera? Edited to add: I've had the camera for about 15 months..

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I had the same problem after few weeks of use.

I sent the camera to Canon Repair place and they fixed it under warranty.

Knock on the wood ...

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I have the same auto-focusing problem as Craig with my G5. Having now my camera for about one year, I must admit I am very disapointed with auto-focusing capabilities, so if someone could help me, otherwise I must trade in this camera for any other camera brand. Thank You in advance for any help. Alojzije Fitz - Zagreb CROATIA..

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Paul I too am experiencing the same prolem with the LCD, distortion lines, purple/black colouration. I have been forturnate to have read all other postings regarding repairs etc. One very popular digital web site answered my email suggesting listing serial numbers of the camera, mine (6952305839), "is a possible key to this sort of thing if a bad component is at fault. If you correspond with others suffering the same thing, swap serial numbers." I'm compiling complaints from various sites and preparing to mail all this information along with sample photos to Head Office, Toronto, On and the repair place in Quebec. They can't deny there is not a problem. I'll keep you posted...

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Paul 3rd reply to your message. Just received some info from a very reputable web site I contacted. It's as follows - "I did receive your examples and did see the purple screen problem. I suspect Canon is certainly aware of the problem (though individual techs may not be), particularly since they are offering an upgrade as an alternative. The repairs seem not to be very effective, I note. So I would replace rather than repair.

Good luck with this. If I were running Canon, you'd all get new cameras with an apology for the shots your Canon has ruined. Those can't be replaced. Will keep you all informed of my progress...

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I sent my camera to the Canon Service Depart (Canada), P. Sawers, Manager.

Customer Relations & Administration.

6390 Dixie Road.

Mississauga, On L5T 1P7 and received a quote of $172.50 to repair the Main Board. I called and told them this was totally unacceptable and to return the camera.

Patricia offered to "sell" an A75 for the estimated repair amount. I asked why would I want to buy another Canon product and why would I want an "obsolete" model. You can't even buy this model in retail stores anymore! My original letter to Canon contained 18 pages of exerts from the internet and samples of defective photos. I was told that Canon had very few incidents of this type of repair and I was given the above mentioned option. I highly recommend that if you are considering a Canon purchase that you consider other models or make sure the extended warranty is taken. I still don't know if that's wise after reading a recent posting on this site - Circuit City wouldn't honor the extended warranty (the consumer can't win)! People please keep sending letters to Canon (Can & US)and making them aware of the issue.

Canon must be aware they can't deny the consumer that issues don't exist, with the internet companies are exposed for what they are or aren't. It's obvious that Canon is not a reputable firm after surfing many links and reading hundreds of complaints. There is a obvious manufacturer's defect and Canon doesn't want to admit it. With the number of postings and once made public through the media - Canon is looking at a very extensive & EXPENSIVE recall. (Better financially to keep mum and ignore the issue!) I'll deal with my A70 for now and am looking/reading about other models and will definitely take out an extended warranty and buy at a reputable dealer. Hopefully the A70 will last for another few months allowing me time to make a wise decision. One thing I know IT WON'T BE A CANON PRODUCT!!!!!..

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