Canon 450D, or the Nikon D80 for a newbie
Hi, I am rather stuck in which to purchase really, I am quite new to the DSLR world, and I am looking at these two models, the Nikon D80, and the canon 450D..

I have a canon eos 600D SLR, which is a good film camera, but I think it's time I moved on from that..

Any help, would be appreciated. Im not sure how much the D80 costs, but I would prefer it if it was under $800. any other camera that you can reccomend for a newbie, that would be great!..

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As all will tell you, any entry level camera will do you fine. My choice would be a twin lens kit with a Nikon D40. My second choice would be the Olympus 510/520 twin lens kit. Both have great glass and easy to use features, but so do most of the other brands..

Best thing is to ignore salesmen but go to your local camera store. Try the various entry level cameras. Look through the view finders and focus across the store on various things. See if you can read a sign on the far wall..

Does the camera feel right in your hand. Is it comfortable holding it properly. Left hand under the lens and body. Right hand on the side, finger on the shutter release..

Does it feel solid? Are you confident with it? Are the controls easy to find fast..

Does the camera have enough system support for what you might need later? Where's the nearest repair shop for that brand?.

What do your friends own? Can you share lenses at times?.

These are all the things you might ask yourself prior to purchase. Or, you can just buy the Nikon D40 and have fun now.Cheers, Craig..

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Do you have a collection of lenses for your Canon? If they work on the digital, you might want to go with the Canon. If not, follow the above advice. Try them all and buy what is right for you...

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As others have said, don't stress: it doesn't matter a lot, both are great cameras..

Do go to the shop and hold them, walk around for a few minutes and see how they carry, and how the buttons lie under your fingers. Handling and feel are very important but very personal and cannot be judged by anyone else..

Also ask yourself if you can live with the humiliation of owning a camera called a 'Digital Rebel'.'Tell me Mr Clarke, have you ever heard of Bishop Barclay?''Of course I have. His brother used to be captain of India.'..

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I see 2 or 3 posts a day from folks looking for their first DSLR and want to know should I get a Canon xxx or a Nikon xxx or an Olympus xxx or a Sony xxx. So in an attempt to be proactive I decided I'd put this post up for you to read before you post the question. Now I own an Oly and say that for clarity up front. Also I have put up almost the same statements for many posts so here's to being proactive..

Ok everyone likes their camera. So if you post a I'm choosing between the Nikon XXX and the Sony XXX you will generally get more comments that say get the Nikon because there are more Nikon owners. They may be right they may be wrong, so lets cut to the chase..

The least important thing overall in the system, e.g. photographer, camera body, lens, is the camera body. ALL the DSLRs available today will take excellent images. All of them. So you have one variable which is basically a wash unless you want to count pixels, take pictures in very dark rooms without a flash, or whatever..

So we are left with the photographer and lenses. All the manufacturers make good lenses. Canon and Nikon make the most and there are more 3rd party lenses. And you will often see a posting about the "wide variety" of lenses from Nikon and Canon. But honestly how many lenses do you need? There are 32 lenses available for a 4/3 mount at my last count. I think that will cover all of my requirements with about 28 lenses left over.

All of the manufacturer make good quality lenses. However based on what I have read and experienced in the kit lens area Oly and Pentax have the best kit lens quality. There are so many other lenses that it really comes down to value. Can you get equiv quality lenses at the same prices. Generally the answer again is yes.

So in my opinion Oly/Pentax come out slightly ahead here for the kit lensesPlease note I said slightly. For everything else it's a wash..

That leaves us with the most important part of the system...the photographer. YOU have to decide what is the most comfortable system for you. Generally the Oly/Panasonic will have a lighter body and much lighter lenses. Pentax bodies are weather sealed so if you are going outdoors a good deal you may want to consider that. So many people use Canikons that you could be able to borrow lenses etc. Sony and Oly have built in image stabilization.

Does any of this matter to YOU? I don't know and nobody on these forums can make that decision. Some people like a heavier system. I don't but I don't like a really feather weight either. Are the controls where YOU want them? Does the menu make sense to YOU? Can YOU quickly change settings? How's the view finder? Is the camera comfortable for YOU to hold and control. If your 6'10 and have hands like Shak then you most likely will not be comfortable with a small camera.

The MOST important aspect in taking pictures is the PHOTOGRAPHER and his/her knowledge of his/her tools and his/her comfort in using that tool. DON'T put too much thought into the tool. Painters don't stand around admiring each others brushes. They talk technique. I've seen shots with Point and Shoots that are better then anything I can take with my fancy DSLR because the guy/gal that took them has more understanding of composition and has a better eye for what is interesting and they get the most from their tools..


Olympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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Les Olson wrote:.

Also ask yourself if you can live with the humiliation of owning acamera called a 'Digital Rebel'..

Never thought of that, but that is so funny..

Cheers, Craig..

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