Canon 3S IS
Can someone give me their assessment of the new 3S IS so far as picture noise, chromatic abberation and it's rendering of fine details compared to the 2S IS?..

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I have heard that the s3 has the same quality pics as the s2 there is hardly any noticiably difference. although I don't have an s3 I have an s2 and there is picture noise chromatic abberation etc.. as you stated.. basically canon just changed the body color and added some more megapixels. so if you are upgrading I wouldn't.. you find it to be the same camera as the s2. just black!..

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Larger LCD 2' against 1.8' at S2.

2. New 6Mp matrix (from Sony??)with smaller noise( especialy at.


3 ISO=80-800.

4 Additional ED glass in the lens that reduces fringing and.


5. Histogram on write and veiw stady.

6. File Format 16:9.

7. Sport mode for quick actions.

8. Additional Color adjusting.

9. Black body...

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The lenses are identical.

There are several reviews out there now. I remember reading one a while ago. Do a search, it won't be hard to find.

Not much change from the S2 really...

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Hi, I have been looking for a digicam that would be better in low light and for moderate action shots than my Olypus C-750 UZ (4.0 MP, 10x zoom). I am looking at the Canon S3 IS and Sony's DSC H5.

I need the convenience of a digicam, and I can't afford to move into the dSLR's. I also tried to locate Fuji cameras, as I had heard they were better in low light. When I say low light, I mean night-time stadium lighting or indoor gymnasium lighting. Many of the photos I take are at competitions, where the use of a flash is not allowed for safety reasons. If you have a Canon S3 IS or a Sony H5, I would love to hear about your experience with the camera, and maybe see some sample photos taken indoors witout flash. Certainly, if you have other recommendations, I would be very open to.

Them. Thanks,.


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Greg, One of the big differences between the two is that the Sony H5 has a bigger and brighter screen but uses two AA batteries (the S3 uses four AAs) so I noticed one reviewer at amazon took the H5 back and got the S3 because the Sony was a battery hog. If you like to do a lot of playback/review it will, of course, use up the batteries even faster. The S3 lets you use either the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and the LCD for playback/review so the EVF will use a lot less battery juice for that. I am not sure if the H5 allows you playback/review with the EVF. Personally, I prefer the longer battery life. I just use the (not as bright) S3 viewfinder when my S3's LCD is hard to see (in direct sunlight).

There is a side by side comparison of the S3 and H5 at They said that the H5 is better at the higher ISOs (200 and above). If you are interested,I put up a long review of the S3 on after taking tons of pictures. The best way to get to that review, is to go to the amazon reviews of the S3 and sort them oldest first, as I posted it right after the S3 came out. I don't think you can go wrong with either camera, unless a particular feature is of overriding importance to you, such as shooting at higher ISOs. Good luck - Dan..

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All the H series cameras allow you to use the EVF to review photos. With a decent set of 2xAAs @ 2900 mAh,you can take 200-250 shots using the lcd full time. Assuming you carry an extra 2 AAs (to match the 4 used by the S3) you can easily beat the number of shots taken by the Canon, the only difference being the 15 secs or so it takes to change the batteries and switch the camera on again. The Canon does have a nice (but tiny) swivel screen, stereo movie recording, timelapse capable, usb remote control capable, and has an excellent burst mode...

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Can anyone out there please help me for I'm looking to buy the s3. what I'm looking for is being able to shoot action photos of my son, inside a gym with sometimes not so good lighting. and I need a very good continous shooting mode...

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Rich, Unless you can use the flash and get close enough for it to be effective, the S3 IS is not very good for indoor sports. There is usually not enough ambient light to get the fast shutter speeds needed to stop sports action, and high ISO performance is very limited. You'd be much better off with a DSLR and a fast lens. Maxx..

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Dan the man!.

It amazes me how so many people seem to find fault with, or have trouble with, Canon's S3 IS? The Sony 'H' series have a few endearing qualities, but I feel the 2 AA batteries were a shortsighted choice on Sony's part, especially with regards to the H5! This no doubt contributes to the longer flash recycling times of the Sony's?.

I am now the proud owner of a new S3, and couldnt be happier. I took some close up photos of some pretty flowers, sent them to my family members, and they were exclaiming about the clarity, and the detail, and wanted to know what the camera model was. I think this is great testimony in and of itself. Could the S3 be improved, of course! Not one perfect camera has been produced yet. Try one and see, I believe you will like. Take it off 'auto' though, and see better results. Happy Shooting.


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