GoDaddy testimonials : Should I use GoDaddy?? Can you pay someone to push a domain to auction?

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Are these scenarios against any Sedo or NamePros TOS rules ?

L pay $10 bucks to someone to send a domain to auction at sedo for $60. Now, I know they are responsible for paying if no one else bids. But now their cost is cheaper... $50 instead of $60 and I had the chance to send the domain to auction.

I pay someone a percentage of the final winning bid price for sending a domain to auction (obviously as long as it's not them).

Obviously both parties only win when the name gets bids above the $60...

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Yeah I know of the site but what I am asking is slightly different...

Comment #1

That's the legal way, other than that it could be shill bidding...

Comment #2

Weblord is correct you could find your account at Sedo closed if the person doesn't follow through with the purchase and Sedo determines it was a shill...

Comment #3

Do you think that if the person did pay then there would no problem? With shill bidding it's someone bidding the price up with no intention to actually pay... but if there is intention to pay (at least the initial $60) would that keep it from "crossing the line"?..

Comment #4

The fact that you're gonna pay the 3rd party to accomplish makes him/her your associate or your accomplice and 3rd party acts as if he/she doesn't know you and only interested in the domain...

Comment #5


I make an example:.

A guy I know has a good domain on Sedo (quad premium) but he can't get offers. Then he asks me if I can place a $60 bid so he can start the auction and show the domain to domainers/end users..

If I am not really interested in acquiring this domain but place a bid because i'm SURE I wouldn't be the winner, is it considered as shill bidding or something illegal?.

(but even if I win the domain... wow a quad premium for only $60! bargain! and anyway I take the risk and pay the domain if I should win)..

Comment #6

If it would be a super good deal as described, then you would be interested in it at least you would be interested in it if you could win it for $60.

I personally have no problem starting anyone's no reserve quad premium auction on Sedo with a $60 offer, however I would want the domain for $60 and I'm not placing this bid to help someone, I'm placing this bid hoping to help myself (to a good deal) that's basically the premise works on.

If you're not interested in the domain you shouldn't be making bids/offers on it...

Comment #7

Let Weblord Einstein analyze the make up events here:.

1. good domain on Sedo (quad premium).

<< - if it's good, why use only sedo, tell the whole world about it, it's not only sedo, if it's good, then it will be bought here or somewhere else.

2. Then he asks me if I can place a $60 bid so he can start the auction and show the domain to domainers/end users. << - there's the shill bidding, why not he instead ask you to buy his domain or start the 60 since you're interested not to show to others.

3. If I am not really interested in acquiring this domain but place a bid because i'm SURE I wouldn't be the winner << - shill bidder, then you admit finally.

Why bother? if you're not interested? what's the motive? friendship, or money?.

I think the proper motive to bid is you're entirely interested in the domain and will do bid, because you're not incentivize in doing it, and to acquire other means of incentives/payments other than you really want to get the domain yourself and will make everything financially possible for you to acquire the domain...

Comment #8

Imho most domain transactions are between speculants & resellers..

Most domains that are not featured probably never get to auction..

Even featured listings seldom get into auction..

If a domain do gets on auction, it sells anyway..

To get effectively paid for, is something else ....

Sedo collects commission upon sales..

No sale = No commission..

10% from $60 is better than 10% of nothing..

Shill bidding must be proved..

Sedo has, as involved party, full interest in taking non-paying bidders to Court..

Sedo probably will do it if the lost commission is over a few thousand $..

The problem is not the bidders, but the non-payers...

Comment #9

What you suggest is totally against Sedo TOS..

Trying to circumvent the process can result in acct closure.

So you play your hand, you take your chances...

Comment #10


Why pay $69 for a featured listing that nobody looks at if there is somebody who agrees to buy it for $60 via an auction?.

It there is no higher bid, it goes for $60 - Good for auction starter..

If there is a higher bid, it's good for the seller..

So what?.

I spent a lot for featured listing on the major domain auction webs..

Massive visitors, yes indeed..

Sales? Just one!.

I started having success since people start auctions for me..

Sedo got commission every time.

This is it, that makes Sedo so successful:1. They are visited by people in a lot of languages unlike their competitors..

2. They have no compulsory exclusivity terms like the competition.

3. They know that nobody can tell if a bidder effectively will pay. Nobody knows..

4. Sedo is not a newcomer: If they cancel all $60 to $100 start offers in the idea that they might be not potential buyers, then everybody goes to eBay etc. where You can start from $1 Yourself, or sell on forums.5. Many $60 auction initiations lead to 4- and more digit prices.

Let us be realistic:.

Not go after Potential buyers..

Instead, take the Non-Payers!.

Let's start a trader association..

Install membership fees..

Use budget against non-payers..

That's what must be done.

Just my idea of course ....

Sedo is fine, but if they cancel my account, I pay commission somewhere else...

Comment #11

It all comes down to how you say it....

If you are asking for help to auction = sounds like shilling and a scam.

If you offer a rebate to first person to send it to auction = sounds better legal wise, but I'm no lawyer .....

Comment #12

NO it does not matter how you state it ...

It is shill bidding - Keith of SEDO has already stated this .... Incentive based "Send to Auctions" are shilling...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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