GoDaddy review : Great idea to order GoDaddy?? Can someone claim a name back after selling it..

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I found a name that I was intrested in and contacted the /img/avatar5.jpg for the asking price. The /img/avatar5.jpg straightaway refused to sell the domain and said that he was not intrested in the deal. Because I wanted this name so much I messaged him with a 1K offer. He said he would like to know more and was intrested if I was serious. After repeted no of emails and conversations on IM we finally agreed on 1300 $ given the fact that he would push the domain in 24 hrs and I would pay within the same time limit.

I did not wanted to wait to go through escrow and so I paid him through paypal and he transfered the name to me.Within 20 mins of transfering the name to me he messaged back that he wanted the domain back and would refund the money back to me. I replied with a NO NO as I had wasted enough time in this deal and did not want to give te domain away ...

He sent me another email saying that he would take it up to his registrar and accuse me of stealing and commiting a fraud.Also mentioned that he would say that I did not pay for it.

What are my possible options here ? I am sure that if they take the domain back from me the guy is not going to refund my money as he has already cursed me and threatened to file a case if I do not give him his domain back...

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Once you gave him the money and he gave you the domain the deal was done. Period. He can ASK for it back but he can't MAKE you give it to him, it is now yours...

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If the registrar contacts you about it, be ready to validate your claims. You.

Do so, and they might step out of the way afterwards.

This typical dispute is one reason why registrars don't necessarily play judge.

Or jury, barring very, very few exceptions...

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Come on, this is the legal section, what kind of response is this??? It is a damn funny one and best response I heard in a while. lol..

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You should at the very least have a paypal record for the payment sent and what it was for. I always put the domain name in the "goods" category when I am paying for that very reason. If you have the record then he has no legs to stand on...

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Ya I don't understand how he could come after you. At the same time be prepared to show everything you have relating to the deal.

I don't see how he can get it back.

It's like this. I go to the store and buy a bag of chips. I give pay for the bag. Now the owner of the store can't go, "Well, you know I've changed my mind I want the bag of chips back. Here's your money.".

Just doesn't work that way.

I would suggest you keep the name and wait for anything to come up.

Not a lawyer tho.


Comment #5

Thank you guys...

I exactly did that...told him I would come to his house and kick his ass...

Kiddin....Got it sorted out...I called my registrar and they assured me he could do nothing and that they were dealing with him...Later I got a mail from the previous owner saying "best luck and have a good day and all those nice professional S**t".

Thanks all...Repped all.....

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Ignore have domain. It will cost him a lot to get it back and doubtful he will bother...

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You have the email proofs of the dealk forget abt him and do whatever you want to do..

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Glad it got resolved evilopinions. Enjoy the domain!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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