camera review website with no ads/bias

Does anyone know of any cameras/lens review sites that doesn't have any ads, sponsors, etc so opinions will be less bias...

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Any site is going to have a minimum of advertising like "ads by google" and such. That doesn't mean they're biased..

I like, Craig..

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I'm no expert on photography, but the one you are on (dpreview) seems pretty unbiased to me. They generally have side by side comparisons between brands in the camera reviews to make comparisons fair...

Comment #2 is my favorite as well..

But any site that you go to is going to have a bias no matter what, and nobody will have one without ads. But if you don't want to see them use firefox with Ad blocker..

I also like SLRgear.comBen

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Just because there are no adds doesn't mean there is no bias. On the contrary: it just means the bias is hidden. As someone said when discussing concerns about drug companies taking doctors out for expensive dinners "Drug companies don't need to buy doctors: they have already bought the government"..

Plus there are biases other than commercial ones (you may even have some yourself)..

What we can ask for is openly declared biases (eg, I think black is the only proper colour for cameras) and open declaration of conflicts of interest (eg, I own no shares in any camera or related company, I have received no monetary or other benefit from any camera or related company, etc)...

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There are plenty of people who watch FOX news channel because they think it is unbiased..

People think something is biased when it tells them something they don't want to hear..

I don't think this site is biased to any brand. It is biased to a certain level of user though...

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There will always be some degree of bias, this is unavoidable. Transparency and open feedback provide a good basis for understanding product reviews. There are a couple of reasonable sites for review, as mentioned. IMO DPR does a good job with reviews as the testing standards are documented, and the results are published with a minimum of judgment..

The final DPR seal & level of recommendation is frequently debated in the forums. Sufficient testing detail is provided in the reviews for a reader to generally come to their own conclusion on product suitability for their needs..

Best regards,Doug

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A website without ads........ hmmmm.... you must mean a paysite, or subscription site? I don't believe there is any such thing, and if there were their paid subscriber base would be so small that they would lack the resources to do many reviews..

It is very difficult to know whether a reviewer is biased. Your best bet is to read reviews from multiple sites, and then look at user forums.Marty

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What's "Hey" mean? Is this a sign of class and sophistication?.

Probably not..

Just a sign of someone who runs with the dishonest and thinks that ads cause corruption because that's the kind of dishonesty that surround him..

Why in the world would you expect anyone here to tell you the trugth? This site is full of ads, and of course, that corrupts us all..


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It is a very naive view to expect anyone who depends on advertising to not have some bias in favor of staying in business. And it is equally naive to imagine that those who rely on advertising revenue cannot provide good, useful, objective reviews..

A site like Dpreview is only worth something if it creates and maintains credibility..

This is precisely why you don't see Dpreview shilling for their owner,, or giving the highest ratings to the cameras that wants to sell because they have the highest profit margins..

If they did that, they would lose all credibility, because there are other people reviewing the same cameras and any glaring discrepency between reviewers would be obvious..

I don't believe you will find the reviews here very much different than those elsewhere in terms of final conclusions. The only difference I see, is that the reviews here are more thorough, more scientific and much more relevant to the needs of advanced users..

Many cameras have gotten low reviews despite being produced by big advertisers. Even if there was a bias towards them, it would be more likely to surface as declining to review a bad model, than giving a bad model from a big advertiser a poor review..

I just don't buy the argument that "anyone who accepts advertising cannot do a good job." In fact, I think the reverse is true. Those with the largest budgets for content and the most desire to do a good job, tend to do the best job..

Sometimes depending on competition in a market place can keep you honest. Because it forces you to be relevant rather than pedantic and self serving..

If the refusal to accept advertising meant "no bias" then Public Radio would be bias free. But if you tune in, you will find a strong bias towards environmentalism, pacifism, internationalism, recycling, global warming alarmism, etc. Now, we probably can debate whether these positions are correct or not, but we cannot deny that they reflect a bias..


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I like a lot for the camera reviews...

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