Camera for student going to Europe, looking for a 10X optical or better.
I have a niece going to Europe in a month and she wants a camera that can do like 10X optical. I would like her to get a camera that has a sensor larger than 1/2.5. I have had good luck with my Samsung A7 other than the zoom and flash. I think this is due in part to the sensor being the size 1/1.8.Should we be looking for a camera with a large size sensor?.

I have tried a Fuji S700 and a Kodak S712 and did not get the same image quality as the A7..

Ideas on what I should look into.Thanks..

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Hi. If it's a compact with large zoom the Pana TZ3 and the Canon sx100is both have 10x zoom, both are about the same sensor size, small....

The Canon G9 will be pricier, but has a much larger sensor and far better IQ, although the zoom is only 6x..

If camera size is not a problem and you can find it, I heard many good things about the Fuj s6100/6500...

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Can I ask why you don't want a large sensor?.

I just purchased a Sony H7 and am absolutely amazed with it. It's got a 1/2.5" sensor, but it works great! You can get a shallow DOF with it, image quality is great..Check out for more info on it...

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Oh I do want a larger sensor size. The smaller the bottom number the larger the sensor. Need to check your link.Thanks..

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The Panasonic FZ50 has a larger sensor, 10MP and the best 12X lens out of all of the superzooms!.

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J. D.Colorful Colorado.

Remember.always keep your receipt, the box, and everything that came in it!..

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Should have added need this for $400 or less.So maybe I should have asked.

"Best prosumer 10X optical for under $400".

Thanks for ideas so far...

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Fuji had a 10x zoom with 1/1.7" sensor not that long ago. S6500, I think it's hard to find now. It was around $250 and took decent ISO800 pictures...

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Ken2400 wrote:.

Should have added need this for $400 or less.So maybe I should have asked.

"Best prosumer 10X optical for under $400".

Thanks for ideas so far..

Take a look at the Fuji S8000fd.selling for $400 or less..

18X zoom, 8 megapixel.very nice camera.the best of the 18X'ers!.

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If I were to buy one of the 18X zoom cameras.this would be the one!.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

Remember.always keep your receipt, the box, and everything that came in it!..

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I studied abrod last year and my friend had the Canon s3. She was absolutely in love with it and took very good pictures. Canon came out with the s5 which I think is an 8mp camera..

So, I would recommend the Canon S5..

~M. b. P..

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You are asking for a 10x optical zoom and a large sensor. Now the fact is that what you really need to know is :.

(a) What focal range you need. The zoom is the ratio of the longest focal length of the lens to the shortest. So a 30-300mm lens would be a 10x zoom. However a wide angle - useful for groups, landscapes, architecture - would be below 32mm ( say ) and above that it is harder to get e.g. everyone in a shot in a room. It's better to have a wide angle than a very long zoom ( if you have to choose ) unless your only concern is a very long zoom..

(b) Never mind the sensor size ( or megapixels ). What counts is final image quality. In general larger sensors are less noisy but this does not mean the camera as a whole will produce good images. If the lens is poor or the in-camera processing is not great or the color is not accurate then the image quality is compromised..

(c) How big or small does the camera have to be ? How light or heavy ? .

Compromise is the big word. You need to balance these requirements..

I use either a Fuji E900 or a Canon A710 as carry everywhere cameras. They both have pluses and minuses. I'd suggest the 6x zoom on some of the Canon's is plenty. The Fuji F50d is worth considering - again not a 10x zoom but small, compact and good image quality..

I personally don't like the newer 18x zooms, but they are arguably good travel cameras. You might also consider the Canon S5 or an older S3 if you can find one..

The Panasonic TZ3 is worth considering..

All of these involve compromises of one sort or another. You won't get everything you want..


Pentax K100DFuji S5200Fuji E900PCLinuxOS..

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Well I received the list from my niece of the cameras she is thinking aboutAll CanonsPro S5820720Sx100is.

What would be the best/ Pros and cons of them?.


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Err, it seems Canon has a S820 printer. But I cannot find either an A820 or SD820 camera ????.


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I messed up on the list. Waiting for an email to get it right.Thanks..

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Test driving the Cannon SX100 IS. Picked this because of the senor size to start with. Next one may be a Cannon S5..

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I have the Canon S3, which is the same size and basic design as the newer S5. Its many features are great to play with. But honestly, it's also more bulk and weight than I would want to lug all over Europe. The A720 vs SX100 is a tough call. Here is a link to another thread that may help -.


I'd just let the student make the choice ...Kelly..

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Just an update. She went with the Cannon S5 and is buying it at Beach. So I was thing of buying an SD card for her..

What is a good speed, brand, and place to buy it?.


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