Calorie count issue during Medifast?

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Ok, so I'm getting a reality check with logging meals. Tonight is the first time that I'm logging meals (for tomorrow) and I think I'm staying within the Medifast guidelines and I'm at 1,083 calories. The only thing I added were SF syrup and stirfry sauce. Even if I took those out I'd be at 978 calories. How the heck do people get down to 800 calories?? If I just weighed my veggies raw before I cooked them I'd still be at 954 calories..

Chocolate chip pancakes 110.

2 T sf syrup 15.

Caramel nut main. bar 170.

Peanut butter crunch bar 110.

Chicken noodle soup 100.

6 ounces chicken breast 270.

Stirfry sauce 90.

1 t canola oil 40.

1/2 c. cooked zucchini 14.

1/2 c. cooked broccoli 27.

1/2 c. cooked eggplant 17.

Brownie 110..

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The chicken breast calorie count seems high to me. I think chicken breast is usually 30-35 cal/oz?..

Comment #1

Well, that is what the Medifast meal planner listed it as. I did a search on google and on Wiki it lists it as being about 282...

Comment #2

There's a thread going around about the chicken calorie count. People claiming that the calorie counts on here and a few other places Is higher then what's listed on the packaging for their chicken. When in doubt I say go with what your packaging says...

Comment #3

90 calories of stir fry sauce sounds like it must be off plan. I mean, that's got to have a lot of carbs in it, right? And a condiment usually has 1g of carbs - I don't see how you get to 90 calories with just 1g carbs, since you've already used a couple condiments with the syrup, right?.

So take out the sauce and dial back on your use of maintenance bars, get strict about condiments, and you should be fine!..

Comment #4

I don't know where you take your chicken from but mine is 110cal for 4oz. Pretty big gap here...

Comment #5

I find that I track my meals first, then make them and adjust if needed. There are combinations that definitely will be over calorie and there are many that are over carb, especially because I don't eat meat. If I want to be sure and keep my calories and carbs in line, I always track and I always review the nutrition information..

I also check their nutrition recorded for items. If my label or product information says something different, I add it as a custom item and use that instead of the Medifast lean/green selection on the tracker. There have been some things that either changed since they last updated or someone has a typo somewhere....


Comment #6

I see extra calories in the stir fry sauce, the maintenance bar and the oil. I average about 850 calories a day. I have bars, shakes, soup and my lean and green. I drink water and coffee. I cook with Pam spray and don't use any sauces..

Hope that helps...

Comment #7

Get rid of the maintenance bar. I only have one on days where I work out like a crazy woman...

Comment #8

Yes, using the crunch bars instead of the maintenance bars will save you about 60 calories? The calorie range is 800-1000 so you will be within that range with the change in the bar and eliminating the sauce. On 5&1, you can do okay at the 1000 calorie end of the range as long as you stay in ketosis. If your weight loss slows or stalls, then you can look at reducing calories further?..

Comment #9

I plan my day pretty much like Cheryl does. I Have never gone over 890 calories.

I'd say cut out the stir fry sauce and the maintenance bar, and use spray Pam instead of canola oil. That should put you right in line...

Comment #10

Here is what I had yesterday and kept it under 862 calories:.

Scrambled Eggs: 1 meal 100 cals.

Dutch Chocolate 55 Shake: 1 meal 90 cals.

Beef Vegetable Stew: 1 meal 100 cals.

Essential1: Calorie Burn Mixed: 1 infuser 5 cals.

French Vanilla 55 Shake: 1 meal 90 cals.

Chicken Breast: 6oz 280.3 cals.

Raw Lettuce, Romaine: 1 cup 8 cals.

Raw Tomatoes, Cherry: 0.5 cup 13 cals.

Raw Mushrooms, White: 0.5 cup 8 cals.

Newmans Own Lighten Up Balsamic: 2 tbsp 45 cals.

Vinegar, White, Distilled: 1 tbsp 2 cals.

Garlic, Raw: 1 tsp 4.2 cals.

Red Chili Pepper, Ground: 0.5 tsp 5.8 cals.

Banana Pudding: 1meal 110 cals.


Try not to use oil and sauces - they have sugar/carbs etc. I find using spices with no salt in them helps with flavor.

Hope this helps.!..

Comment #11

I've been surprised by how carbs are so much higher in such veggies as brocolli and cauliflower. If you find you are one of those people who need to stay at the low end of the carb range, then salad veggies are a better bet...

Comment #12

My answer to you is going to be very different from the group as a whole on the boards. Not saying better or worse, just to give you something to think about. At 212 pounds you have a pretty decent BMR that being basal metabolic rate. You still burn a good deal of calories just to keep your body functioning. The BMR goes down as we lose weight. So if a 212 pound person ingests 1,083 calories per day, day after day, they are going to lose weight.

The guidelines suggest a 800-1000 caloric intake per day. This is a guideline. This number was born out of the data derived from the clinical trials I am assuming. Clinical trials contain a set number of people. When a product gets to market and tens of thousands are using a product vs. the small numbers in a clinical trial results seen may be the same or different for that matter.

Weight loss is difficult. It takes time. I find that if I obsess about the numbers I get diet fatigue very quickly and return to my old ways. If eating what you described keeps you satisfied all the better. Because in the end analysis over time you are going to lose wt. on 1,083 calories per day. How can you not?.

There is a theory regarding why so much of the population gains wt. back. It is the strict diet restraint during the diet that causes one to reverse once we determine our "diet" as over. I fit right into that with a cycle of restraint, wt. loss, clothing fits, back to old habits, gain, and it all starts over again..

Now I know, I know this is not a diet but rather a lifestyle change, etc. All the more reason to allow those little things along the way to help you in the process. I find eating 800 calories per day much too little. People are very good at setting their minds to something and going full speed ahead and biting the bullet and doing it. But in the end many return back to the old habits and gain.

Perhaps if we stop taxing our brains with all the numbers and figure out what our body will and will not do, we can be successful long term. Figure out what works for you. Everyone is different. Personally I do not find those 83 calories over 1000 clinically significant. This is all my personal opinion of course.

Happy Melting!.


Comment #13

Thanks everyone!! I really needed a reality check. This is why I am trying to log meals. The stirfry sauce is low carb and I've been too generous in my use of it...

I'm not going to use maintenance bars as a daily meal anymore and will only use them on days that I work out. But for those of you who are saying cut the oil-that was my one healthy fat for the day and we're supposed to have one if our lean is chicken breast...

Comment #14

Well said Nora44!.

Sassy, if you are bothered by not being under 1000 calories, simply don't have a maintenance bar on days you do a stir-fry (like other people have mentioned). I agree with the others who said that stir-fry sauce probably isn't an OP choice, but if all it takes is a tablespoon of sauce on your chicken to make you really enjoy your L&G then more power to you. Alternately look for a stir-fry sauce that contains fewer calories that you like equally well.

You are the one who gets to make the choice here. Because YOU are in charge of your eating. Your eating isn't the boss of you.

But isn't it crazy how quickly calories add up when you start recording each bite? I add a little bit of butter to my oatmeal muffin in the morning, and yowza, gotta measure that closely or the calories can really get packed in. LOL.

As to skipping the oil, isn't chicken in the column that requires a healthy fat serving? This is already a very low fat diet, so I don't suggest skipping that. Oils/fats are an essential part of a healthy eating plan. (Although it doesn't take much!)..

Comment #15

Yes, the oil must stay in as the healthy fat. You are correct, and it is CRITICAL for your health that you eat your healthy fats!..

Comment #16

Absolutely!! I've been trying to get away from the all or nothing view which has killed my diets in the past, and haven't been counting condiments. However, lately I've been tweaking the plan WAY too much and it's showing A little sirfry sauce does great wonders for my day but the LBT of other foods I think is what is killing my weight loss. Time to get a little stricter.....

Comment #17

I could not agree more with Nora! Some days I go a little over because I added a certain condiment that made one of the meals really good to me or had something that was not 100% OP. It keeps me away from feeling so deprived that I reach out to the phone and order a Pizza or get a piece of cake from the store. Each their own...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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