GoDaddy customer service : Recommend I pick GoDaddy?? buying domain anonymously

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Hi guys,.

I was wondering if it's possible to buy a domain name completely anonymously? I am not talking about hiding information in whois but not giving the information to a register at all (using fake ones). How would that affect my ability to prove and maintain my rights to the domain?.

Any thoughts?..

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Seriously, if you're going to that much bother, perhaps you should straighten out whatever the reason is first...

Comment #1

You are required by ICANN to keep accurate whois information. Even a proxy works. But not, you cannot abstain from giving information. Could you give a registrar fake information? Yes. But if someone complains to the registrar or ICANN, most likely they will cancel the domain name.


Comment #2

If you're that high profile, have your attorney reg it for you.

Otherwise simple whois privacy is fine..

Comment #3

Well. how would they check if my personal information is correct or not? people do change names, addresses etc. do they lose they rights then?..

Comment #4

Not a matter of if they check, it is a requirement to provide true identity information.

No offense, but as a new person on the board we are seeing this as a suspicious request at best. There is no reason to hide yourself more then private whois would do unless you have some type of legal reason you don't want tohiding financial assets, hiding yourself from authoritieshiding whatever...

Comment #5

Hey, no need to be suspicious. I am actually trying to buy my firs domain ever and just was wondering how all this work.

I guess my question is:.

What information about a buyer is CRUCIAL? I give my name, address , phone number and e-mail, right? Now, I can move to another city thus change my address and phone number. There are dozens of people with the same name as mine. And anyone can be behind an e-mail address. So now, how would register verify information about me in a year from now for example?..

Comment #6

By trying to contact you using the info in your 'whois'. If they can't reach you, you lose...

Comment #7

Well, they would most probably send me an e-mail, right? So any other information isn't that important?..

Comment #8

Maybe, maybe not. Anyone may send you mail via US postal mail using your whois info, whether it be ICANN, police, a sales call, your registrar, whoever. Anybody who tries to reach you via your whois info and can't may file a complaint against you, at which point you're open for investigation...

Comment #9

First of all, if you change your adress, it is your responsibility to change it at your registrar. Second, if you change your name that often, I would again ask why you have to.

And finally why are you seemingly so against providing this information?..

Comment #10

My guess is that if that happens, they should try e-mail next. And I could tell them via internet that I just moved to another city last month. What's wrong with this?..

Comment #11

Everything is "wrong with this". It's not a matter of whether they'll try your email next. ALL of your information must be current. If you are not available at the address you state in your whois, regardless of whether or not you "just moved", your domain can be taken away from you. It's that simple. You have the resoponsibility to keep the whois information current.

When you move, your mail should be forwarded to your new address for a while, so that's not a big deal. But once you cannot be reached, THEN it becomes a problem...

Comment #12

In the last 3 years I changed my address 6 times. Are you saying that I should update my info each time?..

Comment #13

Sigh. Pretty much done with this......

Yes. You should.

It's very simple really, it is YOUR responsibility to keep TRUTHFUL information in your registrations. IF you don't you could lose your domains. As long as you are ok with that, have fun.

I really really hope you learn the lesson the hard way...

Comment #14

Reaching somebody is a process that happens in time. And during this time I might be just moving to another city, state or continent. would that make me a criminal and allow them to revoke my domain? hey, I'm not trying to scum anybody, just want to understand this fully...

Comment #15

What is it you don't understand?.

You move, change your address. Not rocket science here.

Gene, all yours I just don't have the energy...

Comment #16

So in a dispute case ICANN or register would send me a letter???.

Let say I live in tuva republic in a middle of a desert with a satelite dish for my T1 pipe and I get regular mail only once a month, delivered by a foot messenger from 50 miles away town. In that case I am not able to maintain a domain because I didnt reply to a letter on time???..

Comment #17

I'm asking here hoping that you guys have some experience regarding this? Has anybody been contacted by ICANN/register by a letter?..

Comment #18

I am not sure you understood that you can keep your whois information hidden, so no one will see it. So no concerns for your privacy. But you MUST keep it updated.

A bit of off-topic. For one month I want to reach a guy that has wrong information in his whois. I want to buy his name, but his email does not work, his phone number is a bogus 999999999. I think that even his postal address is not correct. What can I do with him? I would pay a really nice sum for his domain. Thanks and sorry for kind of hijacking the thread, but I think it is still related to this subject...

Comment #19

Good God you're thick. (Not you Alex).

What is your deal, seriuosly? Our answers aren't going to change. You obviously don't like them, but you asked, and you have been told what to do. Perhaps a nice Yahoo group would serve you better?.

Alex, in this case, file a complaint with the registrar/ICANN. Let that guy learn a lesson as well...

Comment #20

Everyone is giving you their experiences, yet.

When you get that answer, you conjour up another.

"sneaky" scenario....

Bottom line, if your trying to hide - use Privacy on it..

If you want to test the system, then lie about it!.

And yes, if you move 6 times in 3 need to update it,.

Or you can lose it - it's YOUR responsibility to keep it current....

Otherwise it's bye bye domain!.

Those are the rules.....nice start!..

Comment #21

Hi zxc2. Welcome to NamePros. What started off as a potentially sincere, albeit slightly off-base, question has quickly descended into absurdity. The answer to your question has been answered satisfactorily. Please accept the fact that this industry operates according to standards that you may not like but that you should heed lest you find yourself deprived of any potential benefits you might wish to gain from participating. If you are concerned about your information being public, use a privacy service.

Best of luck!..

Comment #22

I understand that ICANN/register have to be able to contact me. I'm just trying to tell you that sometimes it doesn't go that smooth so I'm asking whether a contact via e-mail would be enough for them?..

Comment #23

No, it wouldn't!.

All you need to know about ICANN and their RULES!

Hopefully THEY can give you your answer.....

Comment #24

Then, this month...the messenger would bring you an ICANN notice on top of your internet bill...

Comment #25

No. Yes. It's NOT about whether or not they can contact you (they can, regardless of what's in your whois). It's about having the correct registration information on file for anyone who needs it...

Comment #26

Let's put it this way.

While you need to have all your information, 95% of the time, they will just e-mail you if they need anything.

However, if you have a domain that someone's eyeing, they WILL use your fake info as a reason to which have ICANN take away your domain. If they really want the domain, they will try contacting you every which way and sooner or later find you don't have the info.

And let's not even begin to talk about the trouble that could be caused if you got into legal trouble with your domain and the authorities find you have fake info.....

Comment #27

Perfect, now what happens if I use WhoisGuard with inaccurate information? In case of anything the register is able to contact me via e-mail but nobody else (except authorities of course) would know that I don't have the correct info. Am I lacking something?..

Comment #28

If you don't have the correct info in your whois, ICANN CAN TAKE THE DOMAIN AWAY FROM YOU. Period. End of story. We can't be any clearer than that.

Do you not want to believe they have the resources to verify your address? Is that the issue in your mind?..

Comment #29

To save the sanity of NP members, I'm closing this, it can't be any simpler.

NP health insurance doesn't cover mental break down...

Comment #30

Gene, be my guest to continue.

Was looking out for the mental health of us is all..

Comment #31

Naw, I have better use for my time... you did me a favor!..

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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