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Yesterday I've registered

I know what does it mean, and I even had plans to develop it into a site with Pride Bushido Championship videos (like that - YouTube - uwfi bushido Masahito Kakihara vs Gary Albright).

Now, domain was rejected by Sedo to list it there. Because of that German rapper  Bushido..

So Ive parked it at TrafficZ  there is no any links to rap, rapper, music at all, but there are links to bushido martial arts.

What do you think, will I have problems with TM or with that rapper in future?.

Thanks, Nick..

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The way of Bushido has stood far longer than the rapper who took his name from that path. You will note that the wiki entry Bushid? - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Says nothing of a musician. Six of the ten highest rated domains on the subject have Bushido in the title, none have anything to do with the music. Unless your site is going to sell records, you should be fine.

If you do have problems, contact all the Bushido academies and warn them that the name of the way is being taken by force, they will undoubtedly send their finest swordsmen to avenge the loss of honor...

Comment #1

TwoMoon as soon as Bushido will found out what you registered I believe you will get post from his lawyer. So be prepared for some.


Comment #2

Thats a great name for budo martial arts...

Was it a drop?..

Comment #3

This sort of thing is really, really interesting..

For example, I'm selling a LLL domain similar to this- rem / cc.

Obviously, there's a very, very famous band named REM. With that said, REM is insanely generic, running the gamut of uses from the biological function (rapid eye movement), names of towns, mythological gods, etc. The lead singer of REM, Michael Stipe, actually selected the name for the band- at random- from the dictionary. Just like Bushio, the word goes back a lot longer than the band that uses it for a name.

Obviously, if I dev'd it into a site about the band, that would be a problem, but I absolutely cannot see how a band or an artist that picks a common use word or phrase for their name (like, REM or Bushido or Evergreen) can simply lay unlimited claim to a completely generic word.

If I were you, I'd email SEDO about this one and see what they have to say- perhaps you were victim of some inconsiderate "automated" trademark protection applet, or maybe all domains with "Chicago" in them are indeed forbidden on SEDO because there's famous band by that name- in which case, massive LOL @ SEDO...

Comment #4

There are several entries for "Bushido" in the Wipo TM db...

Comment #5

Thanks for replies guys, I really appreciate that!.

I think domain was dropped, because in whois there are records from 2008, but I just find it, checking available .tv domain names. I'm kind of Pride Bushido wrestling fan.

In my opinion it's a very generic term, so I hope I wouldn't have problems with it..

Curious if someone will call himself for example Karate or Kung Fu, would that karate and kung fu domains owners will have problems?.

I've contacted Sedo immediately after they rejected that listing and Sedo answered me, that because of German rapper they couldn't list my domain.

If his lawyer will contacted me, I'll propose him to contact also the owners of parked .com and .info domains, developed .net and .org sites. And I don't understand why he would be interested in Tuvalu country code.

Also I've found the official site of rapper - it's king bushido /dot/ de, and the .com version is for sale.

Let the power be with me..

Comment #6

Awesome name, I own a very similar dot com name with the word bushido in it that is recognized all over the US and sedo did the same thing to me. I just switched it over to and the issue was resolved. Was that a premium name or just a regular? I think the word bushido is known generically throughout the martial arts community so unless your showing ads of his music vids or products he may be selling I am sure your safe from his watchdogs...

Comment #7

Hi Adam, thanks for your comment..

No it was not premium name, regular fee...

Comment #8

You are wrong, maybe h ell get an email or more from Bushido artists lawyers(btw I ve never heard of him), but he can reply with style saying bushido is a japanese code word related to samurai life..

Sometimes domainers act like they want to destroy their own industry.

Its a great name for development, I own something similar(

Comment #9

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