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A Kentucky judge has upheld that state's lawsuit aimed at taking 141 gambling related domain names away friom their /img/avatar4.jpgs. Unless the domain /img/avatar4.jpgs block Kentucky citizens from accessing their sites they could lose their domains in a final hearing Nov. 17:

Comments (9)

Obviously they have NO idea how the web and IP's work ... (I won't even touch the original Lawsuit which was Dumb as hell to begin with).

I don't even use Proxys - and My IP's range up and down the entire Eastern Seaboard ....

Brilliant !.

Thanks for the update Duke ~ As sad as it may be...

Comment #1

Sigh, this also increases the burden on non-U.S. based registrants. OTOH, it's.

The same whereever you are, anyway.

On the side, 2 offshore registrars you can look at are NameVault and Internet..

Bs. I'll try to review them, but feel free to try them out...

Comment #2

This is insane, but not unexpected. the owners need to block the kentucky ips somehow and then take matter to next level, so they dont lose names..

Make this kentucky backward retard judge, stright off the set of deliverance, realise he don't know one end of the internet from another. a banjo maybe.

Seriously, I mean how to open up a can of worms?.

Once again the lawyers win. as predicted during this downturn the only people making $ are lawyers and the cronies giving each other backhanders. I think that is the next thing that needs to be investigated. mr wingate and and the people influencing his decisions. I smell a rat..

I can see offshore registrars booming soon..

Comment #3

How about blocking the whole u.s. since it is not just a kentucky thing..

Comment #4

My question to these absolute morons (judges and legislators) is, what if people from Kentucky use mobile broadband internet outside the state?.

I think everyone in the whole world should be punished incase this MAY occur! These people are a joke...

Comment #5

That's not a bad idea.

Banning the entire USA is easier than banning a particular state. I'd ban the USA entirely, get the domains back and then move them to a registrar that respects International law. I have a few thousand names at GoDaddy and I am getting ready to move them because of this issue..

I'd also take a look at and run a search on KY.GOV. I would ban everything that is associated with KY.Gov. You can get a list of all Ky.Gov IP addresses here:

That link will show you that Ky.Gov is using: owned by Netblock - Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Systems. ( is using; www, uses; uses, etc...). Using this information, go to and find the Netblock range.

I already did. I found this:.

OrgName: Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Systems.


Address: 101 Cold Harbor Dr.

City: Frankfort.

StateProv: KY.

PostalCode: 40601.

Country: US NetRange: -


NetName: KIH.

NetHandle: NET-205-204-128-0-1.

Parent: NET-205-0-0-0-0.

NetType: Direct Assignment.




RegDate: 1995-10-25.

Updated: 2000-02-15.

RTechHandle: MLM1-ARIN.

RTechName: Mulligan, Michael L..

RTechPhone: +1-502-564-8772.

RTechEmail: GOT. for with a return receipt. Using those emails responses from government officials, you can start to determine which IP address city officials are using. Ban each of these ranges too. Pay close attention to anything that has to do with the governor's office, attorney general, law or courts...

Comment #6

I've used Internet.BS on a few domains such as and so far so good, they even matched pricing...

Comment #7

Since when is the domain owner responsible for the traffic it recieves naturally? Do they target Kentucky residents? Or do Kentucky residents make the choice to visit the domain? Unreal. So ticks me off big-time.

Small-minded man living in a small-minded state. The internet isn't on trial here. It's individuals having their rights taken away by a state which has no jurisdiction to do so. The global internet is NOT subject to Kentucky Law. Only it's own citizens and businesses. What's next? They want to tax the "global internet"?.

Holy hell I want to type out some expletives here.

If Kentucky wants to create policies for it's own citizens so be it. For them to reach out across state and even international borders is beyond amazing. This is the wrong case for them to be using to create precedent.

And for those interested in blocking Kentucky I recommend this:

They have a per country version for free that I use to block China and Russia from my server. Works super well to keep out spammers and hackers. You can use the local version to block Kentucky effectively. That alone should show good faith that you are blocking the Commonwealth of Stupidity...

Comment #8

Ironic to see the internet devolving into a glorified BBS (bulletin board system) in which website usage will be based in large part on one's locality; website operators spending much time and effort to validate users before they can even do anything.

Folks in the on-line adult business have been dealing with this issue for quite awhile, maintaining large lists of zipcodes (simple to do, but not ideal so some play it extra safe block out huge swaths of potential customers, such as entire states, to avoid problems with overlapping postal code / municipal boundaries) that they won't sell memberships / products to.

Never thought I'd ever mention Amateur Action BBS in a domain name thread, but it's relevant to the situation the adult business finds itself in regards to locality checks ...

And now domainers in general, if the state of Kentucky prevails, because then every local, state, foreign government, etc will seek to seize domains of others not even located in their jurisdiction for all sorts of nafarious reasons.


Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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