Buffalo during Medifast?

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Has anyone every tried this? I saw it in the meat department at Whole Foods, and it looked like quite a lean meat. I am wondering what the taste is like, best way to prepare it, etc...

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Tastes great but because it's less fat than beef you don't have to cook it as long. Cook it any way that you'd cook beef...

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I use buffalo all the time. I like the steaks best, but I also use the ground. You get 7 oz of it because it's on the Leanest list. It doesn't taste gamey to me, just more flavor. If you get steaks, cook on a lower heat because it's so lean. I even made a stew out of buffalo trip tip...

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Love buffalo! Definitely give it a try. It's very hard to tell it from beef. Stew meat or a roast cooked in a crockpot comes out very tender and flavorful...

Comment #3

Hard to find in my area so when I find it, I stock up... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!..

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I'm a beef rancher so that will always be my first choice, but bison is darn good. Like the others have said, it's very lean and you have to watch the cook time. Here's a link to recipes and more info.:

Comment #5

Just made buffalo for my taco salad tonite...Its has great flavor.....

Comment #6

If I were being executed and had to request my final meal, it would be buffalo burgers! One of my absolute fav L&G (DH loves it too!) sauteed shredded cabbage (from the bag) with ground buffalo mixed in, and topped with a bit of shredded 2% cheese. It's incredible! BTW, Costco is a great place to buy ground buffalo (or bison) in 2-packs. They are often out of it, but stock up if find it!!..

Comment #7

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone! I am definitely going to give it a shot, I am going to the grocery store this afternoon!..

Comment #8

Just watch which fat percentage you buy. Some of the ground bison is only 5 ounces........

Comment #9

Great tastes! Cook it a bit less than you would regular beef! Less fat cooks quicker!..

Comment #10

I bought my first pack last week and made a meat loafit was a really nice change of pace for me because I don't eat very much ground beef, and I was getting kind of turkey-ed out. (Especially in that I like turkey burgers and turkey meatloaf and so on on their own merits, but the ground buffalo tasted a lot more like "real" meatloaf to me.).

My grocer only has it ground, but I might put in a request for some steaks as a change of pace...

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Maybe I'm missing something, but the ground buffalo/bison that is available at my local grocers is close to 10% fat. That would make it a lean and only 5 ounces. My husband has had buffalo burgers in restaurants and really likes the flavor...

Comment #12

You guys are making me really really wish I ate meat... it sounds intriguing!..

Comment #13

I love buffalo. My favorite is buffalo buffalo, made with hot sauce. Put in peppers, mushrooms, whatever, and it's delish...

Comment #14

Definately try it, but like others said, due to low fat, it can become very dry if overcooked...

Comment #15

Yes, as much as I LOVE buffalo steaks, I can't get ground buffalo to be good. I think it may be really good as a hamburger with some lf cheese added to it as part of the lean. Trader Joes used to have awesome buffalo burgers in their freezer case, but I haven't seen them since summer. I'll mess around with adding some zuc and such to moisten it up and if I hit on a winner, I'll post it...

Comment #16

Want a good burger? Mix half bison and half lean beef. There is just enough fat in the beef to keep it juicy and yet retain the bison flavor...

Comment #17

I love bison and order it from blackwing. I checked with nutrition support about the ground and that particular kind I can have 7 ounces of. Other than hamburgers I also use ground bison and add low salt taco seasoning and put on top of mashed cauliflower (sheppards pie) or on top of a salad. I've even put it on top of spaghetti squash...I never eat regular beef anymore..


Comment #18

OK, mission accomplished. I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods today. I had a really hard time at Trader Joe's and left without buying anything. It was like everything I picked up had too many carbs or too much fat, also, no buffalo.

Better luck at Whole Foods. The butcher gave me, well sold me actually, a New York Strip Steak buffalo steak. This thing is beautiful. I do not know if I am going to cook it or frame it.

I also picked up some ground buffalo to try. Thank you forthe tip about the fat. The ground buffalo will be a 5oz lean. Whenever I make burgers, I do funky stuff anyway, so I am going to go ahead and be funky with the buffalo too. I think that I will mix it up with some cauliflower to keep it moist.

I looked at the bison basics site, so I think I am going to try the steak with a stingy smattering of salt, oil up my little George Foreman grill with a bit of olive oil and give it a shot. I only have a tiny little George, but I love that thing! I do not have a lot of red meat experience, so I am nervous, but excited to try something new...

Comment #19

KiKi, I haven't seen buffalo at TJs since summer. They had burger patties in their freezer case, but that was before Medifast so not sure if they were even op. TJ has lots of op stuff though. chicken patties, halibut patties. I always get my buffalo at Whole Foods. After you described your steak, I have decided I will go to WF tomorrow and treat myself to one.

I always keep it simple to let the flavor shine through. S&P and olive oil. Enjoy it KiKi...

Comment #20

KiKi...Oh the memories you just brought back. I moved from the New Haven area (Branford) to Montana about 4 years ago. I LOVE it here, but alas, no TJ's or WholeFoods! I have to special order TOFU! My grocery store has stopped giving me funny looks now, and last week even shared that there was another Tofu-eater in town now. They all find it hard to believe that 2 people would like "that stuff." LOL.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!..

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