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What the best bridge camera as I am thinking of upgrading my camera a fuji S5600 to a more advanced model with more opical zoom..

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Bridge cameras would now seem to include a raft of entry level DSLRs, some of which have a kind of live view facility. Much will depend on whether you want more features on a camera like image stablisation, greater manual control, remote shutter release, better DOF control etc. If it's just the extra zoom you need then Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji prvide it in their latest non-dslr models..

If you want anything significantly better than the camera you already have then the DSLR department is where you should be looking because otherwise there is really only the old Panasonic FZ50 and and Fuji 9100/9600 that are sufficiently feature-rich to offer a meaningful upgrade. (If you're interested see my 'Back to the Bridge Camera' link below for a comparisom of the Fuji9100 in use with a 6mp DSLR).

I'd suggest Olympus DSLRs 410 or 510 as there a significant price drop at present, and they are neat little units thanks to the 4:3 system sized sensor offering a 2x factor on the focal length. So 14-45 is 28 - 90mm equivalent and so on. You will also be able to find 2-lens kit deals..

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If you want a different take on "bridge", click on the bottom link, to my Bridge Blog. In my opinion, the cameras you are talking about are properly called "prosumer". A "bridge" has more design features in common with a dSLR, thus "bridging" the widening gap between little and big cameras...filling the "void", so-to-speak..

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More optical zoom than 10x7 from a 36mm wide ? Your options are limited..

A bigger zoom leads you towards those (hideous) 18x zooms. I would not recommend them but if that's your big criteria that's where you're going. Getting a longer focal length on a DSLR would lead you to a long end of 200mm+. I'd suggest you consider a K100D with a 18-250mm Tamron, oir similar perhaps with a 70-300mm ( equivalent to about 450mm in 35mm terms )..

Your S5600 actually has a pretty long zoom in 35mm terms ( 380mm is longer than most DSLR kits )..

Note you can get add on lenses for the S5600 from Raynox that considerably lengthen the zoom. Quality is modest but bare inmind that long zooms are expensive..


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Craigmason wrote:.

So what type is mine?.

Phil would probably call it an "SLR-like" camera..

I call it an "Amateur" camera. My definition of "Amateur" is a camera with:.

1) a (sensor) size factor about 0.20...your S5600/S5200 has a 1/2.5" sensor which translates to an SF=0.17..

2) a zoom range of about 10X...your Fuji has an 11X zoom range..

3) a 4:3 aspect ratio...your Fuji is 4:3..

4) an EVF & LCD...your Fuji has both..

5) and a focus on features...yep..

One step up is to a "Prosumer". Two steps up would be to a "Bridge". Be aware that the "Bridge" category is basically empty right now. As it's a hybrid of a P&S and a dSLR, it's not liked by all the manufacturers who are trying to distinguish BETWEEN these broad categories, leaving the middle pretty much empty. They want you to go all the way to a little dSLR..

You might do that as the Olympus and Pentax entry-level dSLRs are really cheap right now!.

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Right what cameras are good value and perfect for an amateur just starting out in photography I dont want one thats to complicatedwould you get one off ebay? as I have seen some canon eos 350s on there..

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I would like to recommend the S8000 but I think that the Panasonic FZ18 is a better overall camera. However, you wont be getting better image quality compared to your S5600 from either of these especially in low light. Perhaps you should consider the Raynox (or other brand) teleconverter..


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Craigmason wrote:.

Right what cameras are good value and perfect for an amateur juststarting out in photography.

As I said, the Oly and Pentax "little" dSLRs are especially good value, at the moment. But the D40 and XT are also good, relatively cheap cameras..

I dont want one thats to complicated.

All the entry-level dSLRs are designed to be used by "dummies". Just leave them on their default settings and P-mode. That makes them the ultimate point & shoot camera. The only "issue" using them like this is that most former users of P&S cameras are accoustomed to the pix coming out of the camera looking sharp and having saturated colors. Most dSLRs are designed to give a more natural look...they are intended to be post processed with Photoshop, in which they are sharpened and saturated to taste..

However, with a little work (one time) all the dSLRs can be adjusted to give results similar to P&S cameras. On entry-level dSLRs, these adjustments are simple..

Would you get one off ebay?.

I'm not an ebay fan, so I may be the wrong person to ask. There are too many scam artists on ebay, especially for something expensive. There are two "rules":.

1. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.2. Check the seller with

I also tell people to compare the ebay prices with the ones on B&H Camera...if their prices are more than 10% below the B&H price, something is probably fishy!.

As I have seen some canon eos 350s on there.

Canons are everywhere. Have you tried craigslist?.

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