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What next? I know there are different methods of monetizing with domains. However, I have a domain with 0 traffic. I just bought it fresh out of the registrar as it was available.

So what would YOU do next? I mean I would guess something like list it in directories? If so, is there any good product recommendation for it or a good service WITHOUT being blacklisted from google and such? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you...

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Did you happen to make a website after you bought the domain?..

Comment #1

Well as I know you can cash park it or do other things......did I happen to make a website? of COURSE!.

Sleepy wake up I believe it was a valid question?..

Comment #2

Basically to make the smarter understand more or less....

Im asking how to START by intoducing my domain there any software that automates the directory submissions that would NOT be considered blackhat....?.

Bozos can save "precious" time posting time posting comments like sleepy.....get more productive is all I can advise you, or else start weeping to the song "Hate It Or Love It" when you regret =). I believe I'm asking a valid question here and just need a straight answer....I can find out on my own but I figured this was a board of advice....not a board to play on.

But thats just me....i'm simply just more professional in what I do.....

But that sucks cause nobody will ever over-estimate my knowledge and only under-estimate.

But wait isin't that a plus too? SURE! =)..

Comment #3

Honestly, my vote is for taking a bath with your toaster, but you may want to get a second opinion...

Comment #4

Save your play time, and make money..

You guys must be geniuses. Must know it all..

Comment #5

Honestly my vote is to have a bath with uz wifey when shes me willy and dough I still bring in more then your ass lol But youza genius....ill stop wastin my time on this one now though I seriously have better shit to dedicate my time to =) Thanks though for your time!..

Comment #6

Ya you clearly make bank we can all tell...

Comment #7

I've printed this out in big letters and it is now on my office wall..

Thanks for the 'advise'...

Comment #8

Urr I bought me one of dem der interspheres.... go fuck yourself....

Search, read, repeat... go to the fucking newbie section and learn about site monetization... Go to the Content section, find how to get content... GO TO THE FUCKING TRAFFIC FORUM FIND OUT HOW TO GET FUCKING TRAFFIC..

Fucking retarded people......

Comment #9

This brings me to one of my pet peeves.

I hate it when people insult you and then throw a smiley face in there. I mean if your going to be a fucknut.

Have the balls to do it without a smiley. There is certainly nothing wrong with being an asshat Just don't act like you are fucking kidding when you're doing it.

It really pisses me off to no end...

Comment #10

Oh you guys only ruin yourselves lol but I love it....without people like you, there wouldn't be such a success of many others. Thank you =)..

Comment #11

It is indeed agreed this guy is a nutsack..

Comment #12

Geez, get into the noob section..

Please also, if you REALLY want help. Take a bit of time for writing a concise and clear question. Fuck it, I am used to dealing with noobs, but you are only coming across as rude and obnoxious..

If we happen to "underestimate" your 1337 skillzors, amaze us and post something worthwhile..

If not, shut the fuck up and start reading..


PS: If you want to complain to someone, a post like this counts as a gentle welcome in this here forums thingamagic stuff there be...

Comment #13

Repeat after me:.

"Would you like fries with that?"..

Comment #14

There ya go, Bill.

Honesty, that's all I ask for...

Comment #15

Sorry I'm stubborn and never played by the rules =).

But I have good visual of who you are now....which is always part of my intent.....

Oh by the way I wrote an ebook on domain profiting before I learned it !! lol Does that make me any more smarter? LOL.

*whips out the beast* now get on your knees..

Comment #16

I have two contributions to this thread..

1 - I agree with turbolapp about the smiley thing. In the forum I own, it's abused to no end. My partner and I at this point have normal smilies but they are used differently....a fuck you smiley, a not-fuck-you smiley, a super atomic fuck you winky smiley and the yet to be developed "you are a bitch and if you ever contact me again I'll have you institutionalized" smiley.

I mean...just be snarky and have the snarky smiley to go with it. Don't be a wimp..

2- I get what the OP is asking. How to market a brand new domain. I'm going to assume he's only dealt with aged domians..

So...first get some directory submissions. I highly recommend MBSandD and kamesh (both here at WF). They do great work, submit to quality directories, and I've seen results.

Then...get some social bookmarking packages. Get your site out there, both through the links and the buzz value.. have other options like stumbles, paid blog posts, blog comments, etc. Someone mentioned LinkWorth for a full up solution..

Add content daily. Get a site map. Freshness is important when you're new. Use the quit tool on BlueHat Seo to get indexed faster. Definitely read every single thing you can that's stickied in the traffic and content forums..

And give it time. You won't appear on the first page in a month, because you need to space all this out naturally. But while you're waiting for that one to produce, buy another domain and do the same thing...

Comment #17

Well thank you, you came with some sort of help and I appreciate that....

I just wanted to make sure before I went ahead with it....the softwares I have I'm sure with kill my domain name in search engines and I wanted to see some views from the lighter side of things. Very much appreciated..

*whips it back in" lol..

Comment #18

I would advise you to peruse this forum and read through the archives to learn about the affiliate marketing business. I would also recommend that you set up an affiliate marketing account so that your account manager can provide you with the necessary guidance about what types of things to promote on your website...

Comment #19

Is that your real pic on the avatar or are you like 500 pounds.

Hahah just had to ask. More push on for the cush on.....

Comment #20

Dear god, how can someone be so fucking retarded, and then come back to INSULT US when he is the borderline handicapped one?..

Comment #21

I don't use software on my main domain. It's too valuable to me and I've put too much work into it to risk it getting banned for the sake of doing things easier. Yes, doing things easier has it's place but mainly if you're doing it to automate things and produce more sites faster so that you can afford a few to get banned..

I take very calculated risks. I don't buy 5,000 directory submissions or 25,000 social bookmarks. Making things as natural as possible works. Trying to get rich quick by rushing through the process is a big risk. Sometimes it's worth taking if you've got a ton of sites that lessen the blow. I'm just not at that point yet...

Comment #22

Thanks Blond.

I caught onto that one already though! But thanks! Automation of stuff is disliked from google...i know all about that....

Just that I'm not very familiar with "whitehat" techniques of staying religious to the search engines. I'm in the middle of another project which I can't afford to have banned in the long run and I definitely would not use any automation on it. It's our store online/offline. Thanks for the tip though all I wanted was a little answer nothing more. I don't rely on people to guide me the whole way through. I've always made most of my success on my own anyhow.

Why? Psychology! These guys who wasted their time on mocking or what not proves that they are UNCOMFORTABLE with HOW much they know. After all, there is no such thing as enough! Not in this industry. I'd bet some of you make some "newb" mailers though! lol.

Sorry for the late reply, it was my first venture back to this board since..

May the force be with you...

Comment #23

Have you seen this video yet? I think you should start here:.

YouTube - Gabe & Max's Internet Thing..

Comment #24

Hmmmm I suggest you Google it because all you're gonna get here are... well... ya know...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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