or other coffee table book sites?

I'm looking at creating a photobook and was considering to create it. I downloaded the software and looks like there are a good number of options and price looks very reasonable. I did a search here and also saw a nod to a site

Now my questoin - has anyone used Blurb before? I'm wondering about the quality. Will it last? Do the pages end up coming unattached or any other problems? Lulu looked pretty interesting too. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, but would like something that looks decent..

So anyone use Blurb? or have a favorite site that you've actually used to create a photo book? I'd like to do a hardback, probably around 100 pages or so, flexibility to allow me to have pics with text and different layouts would be nice. I did a search here on Blurb but didn't see any postings with actual experience using the service..

Thanks in advance!.

Just trying to learn.


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I've had 5 different books made by Blurb, have ordered multiple copiers of three of them, have been happy with the quality of every book received. The software is easy for me to use, the glossy pages show the images well, and they are priced competetively. I've been tempted to try but continue to use Blurb.charlesh..

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I've used Blurb, Shutterfly & MyPublisher. Shutterfly uses online software (you upload pictures then work online) which is nice if you want to work on a book from different computers at different times. Blurb & MyPublisher have downloadable software and that works fine, too. I like Blurb's cover (dust jacket) the best. But I like their printed pages least of the three (many pictures looked a bit "grainy" or "noisy" to me - clean pictures that should have looked fine). MyPublisher is my favorite; the books are beautiful and get great reactions from friends & family who view them..

- DennisGallery at

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Thank you Dennis and Charlesh for your replies. Yeah I prefer downloadable software to create the books as most online tools I've worked with seem too kludgy and can be slow. Dennis - did all your pictures turn out noisy or grainy? Was it a couple? That would be a major minus in my book.Just trying to learn.


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I've been happy with the image quality on the Blurb pages. Their software does warn you if the image you submit is too low res for best quality and allows to resize right on the page until Blurb feels the image will be fine.charlesh..

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Riceowl wrote:.

Thank you Dennis and Charlesh for your replies. Yeah I preferdownloadable software to create the books as most online tools I'veworked with seem too kludgy and can be slow. Dennis - did all yourpictures turn out noisy or grainy? Was it a couple? That would be amajor minus in my book..

Pretty much all of them, and it's a small book (8x8) so the pictures are all quite small. Honestly, while the blurb book doesn't have the "wow" factor of the MyPublisher books, anyone picking it up wouldn't likely notice what I perceive as graininess; it's pretty subtle/subdued. But it shouldn't be there; these are clean picture files that print clear elsewhere. This was back in summer 2007, so a full year ago and I've read from others that they're happy with Blurb..

I don't remember the Blurb software too well. MyPublisher is pretty quick, though it does bog down a bit as you start filling up a book toward about 100 pages. There was a quirk where if you deleted a picture (just from the book, not from your HD), it took forever, but that's been remedied. The software is pretty good, the templates are fairly flexible and improving, but Shutterfly seems to have more options for arranging 'x' horizontal and 'y' vertical pictures on a page. (Some people design their pages in layout software, then import those full page sized fils into the software ... I'm content to live with the limited layouts !) I stick with the couple of standard designs; I did a small book with the "travel" theme and even that got tiresome after 20 pages..

One book from MyPublisher came back with a couple of dark pages (night shots) a little bit stuck together; some sort of residue was on them - they separated fine, but left spots that you could see if the light hit the pages right. MyPublisher immediately reprinted the book for free..

I experimented using small (20-page) inexpensive books to show off vacations or events ... saved the big 100-page annual family albums for after I chose the printer I liked better. Might be worthwhile doing that yourself..

- DennisGallery at

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Thank you both for your updated replies. I may actually just give both a try and see which one I like better. MyPublisher sounds interesting too. Thanks again!.

Just trying to learn.


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I printed a 60 page book from Blurb to showcase my pictures from Las Vegas. All my friends were rather impressed. I tried their new imagewrap cover. When I first got it, the cover was a little spotty in the black areas but when I told blurb about it, they reprinted it rather quickly and the reprint looks much better. So kudos to their customer service! My book was 10"X8" and I can second that "noisy picture" look. I would actually more describe it as looking like a magazine - you know how up close you can see the dots they use to print...


I've also tried Picaboo... they have a cut out in the cover so you can "peek" at that first page. It was probably similar quality to blurb but blurb was cheaper if you go higher than 20 pages. I defintely like Blurb's pricing schedule better than any site of seen! So for vacation or long books - I'll probably stick to Blurb. In fact I'm working on a cook book now!.

I do plan on trying out too though.. I have heard wonderful things about them.Cathy

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