Birthday planning during Medifast?

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Hi all..

I am going on 5 months of 100% OP and transitioning as of next week...officially.

I am planning on enjoying myself on my birthday (11/12) and yes I mean a splurge. I am not looking for encouragement on not to, b/c after 6 months, I feel I am due and deserve it. I plan (and WILL) go back on 100% OP the next day.

Ok, so the question: After a splurge, what does one on transition do as far as getting 100% back on track..

Thanks in advance for your feedback...

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Ruth, I have splurged a few planned times since making goal. I have had no problem getting back on plan the next day. I always do 3 days of 5&1 for one splurge day in order to detox. The first time was a bit of a mental game with the weight being up but by the end of my 3rd day of 5&1 I am right back where I was.

I'm not even sure why getting back on plan and staying on track is easy for me. It never was before. I think it really is all in how we view our lifestyles overall now. As well as staying here on the boards and being completely honest with myself...

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That is awesome!! I hope to be the same way with getting back on track. I feel it's almost necessary for me to splurge. I feel TERRIFIED to eat anything not on OP, and as good as that is goal wise, I don't think it's healthy so I was thinking my birthday would be the best time to give it a try, get back on track and prove to myself it's all part of the journey.

The detox idea sounds like a plan. I was thinking of doing 5 days after the splurge, and then re-transitioning..


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When I splurge I haven't had the side effects that some folks talk about, however, that is likely because a splurge now is nothing like it would have been in the past. You will probably be as suprised as me when you discover those fries you had to have, after one or two I pass them off to my DH. We do have to find our balance. It took me a little time and the scale still bounces a bit. It sounds like you will be in transition for almost a month by your birthday so your body won't be in complete shock...

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Hey Ruth! Congrats on 6 months 100%! Thats is fantastic!.

I think Lynne has a great idea. I havent "splurged" yet per se (did have some brown rice-salmon Sushi), but have been playing around in transition. Just repeating weeks and loving the control I now have.

I too was afraid of coming out of ketosis. But, it's been fine. I would say also to add on what Lynne said, maybe add or kick up the excercise that week...

Comment #4

Holy crap Adele you look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been on the board much and just saw your picture..WOWOWOWOW! Great job!.

Yes, very much looking forward to transition...I miss skim milk!!! I kept lowering my goal, and now being at 129, I am SO almost upward and onward!..

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(This really should be posted in the transition and maintenance area so that those who are still on the 5+1 don't get the idea that we are giving suggestions on how to cheat. I know that is not the OP's intention, but I have noticed after more than 18 months on these boards that many people simply don't read the whole post.).


It really depends on what you mean by splurge, and where you are in your transition. After a 30 pound loss, transition should only be about 4 weeks, so you may already be in maintenance by your birthday. By that time, you should have reintroduced all food groups necessary for good health and you can begin choosing which foods you will be able to have on an occasional basis.

That brings us back to your definition of splurge. Do you mean you intend to eat as much of anything that is put in front of you for the entire day? Or do you mean you will indulge in a piece of cake or a glass of wine? Or something in between?.

Whichever you choose, make sure your calorie budget for the week can accommodate it. Exercise more, or up the intensity for a few days. Choose lower calorie items for meals for a few days to allow for the higher calorie "splurge" items on your birthday. Keep an eye on your sodium and fat intake as well.

By the time you reach maintenance, it is ALL about calories in vs. calories out and making wise choices and informed decisions. So, make your choices wisely and act accordingly when you do decide to splurge. Life after weight loss does not have to be drudgery. It does have to be informed with wisdom, however..

Congrats on reaching your goal and for planning on how to be able to celebrate with food and get right back on track...

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Personally I don't like the word splurge. If you want to have 1 piece of birthday cake, no issue, but if you are going to eat everything in site...what have you learned? The "I deserve" is a red flag that probably got you overweight to begin with. Just sayin'. Plus, I don't really understand why you would come on here to tell us? Many people have a VERY hard time as it is...maybe I'm misunderstanding. No hard feeling meant...

Comment #7

"Splurge" is relative. I am sure we all have different definitions of what it means to us. For me it is enjoying a glass of wine and/or my birthday cake..

I've learned a lot both on this program and over a lifetime of losing AND maintaining my weight. It has been, is and always will be something I struggle with, and is a work in progress. 6 months does not erase many years of making wrong choices, having said that, I want to enjoy some foods that I have not been having while OP, and although not looking to inhale everything in sight, was wondering how others have done when having something that is not OP in doing so on the rare occassion..

As for: Plus, I don't really understand why you would come on here to tell us? I think, as someone belonging to this board as other MF'ers, I have the right to post any feelings -good, bad, indifferent I have while on this program. I see it as a soundboard and know many people on here go through the same feelings, thoughts and concerns..

Nobody has to read my post and/or respond if it bothers them..

Just sayin'...

Comment #8

Yep, you have the right to do whatever you want. Enjoy your "splurge"...

Comment #9

I'd much rather hear the word splurge then cheat...

Comment #10

Absolutely!! A cheat to me indicates seeing food in an unhealthy manner. A splurge to me is having something (small in my book) not usually in our regular program, and knowing that there is a balance to achieve. I plan on exercising more (not sure I can since I already do 6 days/wk) that week to compensate...

Comment #11

I've going to Vegas for my Birthday in November and I can't wait to have a drink with the girls!..

Comment #12

Ruth - This is a perfect example of why things like this should be posted on the T&M forum.

Like Raven said, you have a few weeks before your bday. You should be in maintenance by then and will be better able to determine what your "calorie budget" is so that you can enjoy your birthday...

Comment #13

Hi De!.

Love your Avatar Sig,.

Find any trolls lately?..

Comment #14

Yes T&M board next time, for sure. Seems that's where I will get the information/tips I am looking for. Thanks for the feedback..

Comment #15

I say happy birthday, and enjoy yourself. There's a big difference between reverting back to one's old bad habits that slowly put on pounds over time, and in making a planned splurge on a special occasion.

It's great that people learn new healthy habits while on MF, but it's pretty sad to think of a life where one never ate birthday cake or drank wine ever again. All things in moderation, at least when you're in maintenance and not trying to actively lose...

Comment #16

Agreed. As someone who is about to enter T&M, I don't find this helpful nor can I relate. After what I've learned in 5&1, splurging or cheating is no longer an option. I just don't have any desire to undo the success I've achieved; I'm in such a different state of mind now. Having 'fun', no matter what the occasion, is what I'm doing right nowTHIS is my reward..

However, in the interest of support, I do wish you a happy birthday and much success...

Comment #17

First off, congratulations on your weight loss and victory! I really hope you enjoy your birthday. Mine is coming up in December.

Secondly, I think you have every right to post your questions wherever you like. If someone doesn't like where the question is posted, then don't respond. I, personally, would feel offended if someone told me where I should or shouldn't post a question. This is Medifast Connection. Let's be supportive, guys. I found your question interesting, and I never go into T&M boards..

Thirdly, LOL! I think that if you have your splurge, albeit whatever you consider a splurge, doing a few days on 5&1 should get you right back on track and then you could probably resume your T&M. Good luck!..

Comment #18

I agree 1000%. This is not about deprivation and being a prisoner to our old habits for the rest of our lives, but learning - and not just in the weight loss phase, how to enjoy the OCCASSIONAL splurge (I like the word) and be able to get back on track, and know how to balance exercise, eating right and just LIVING..

I for one, need to know what "in moderation" and being on Transition and Maintenance is - together..

My wanting a splurge does not equal my failure or my not learning..but that's people's own fears I guess..

Thanks for your feedback. )..

Comment #19

Sadly, it comes with the territory. As people on T&M have stated, I should have put it in that section. What can ya do?!.


Comment #20

In a perfect world this would be true. However, as noted, people who do not understand the logistics of t&m don't realize that once you hit a certain place in the program, there is no such thing as a cheat any more. It becomes about choices. We like to encourage these questions be posted on the T&M board so that those in weight loss don't get up in arms about "cheating" and it's not fair to those here on this forum to have to listen to us talk about foods/drinks that are not allowed during weight loss...

Comment #21

I completely understand. I know this question would be better answered in a forum where people know more about T&M. I think what bothered me the most is the way some people respond to others' posts. It's just so negative sometimes. I don't think posting about foods that I can't have on my 5&1 is "not fair". It's the real world! Those foods will always be around, whether we eat them or not.

Again, I do understand your point...maybe I'm being overly sensitive...

Comment #22

No not overly sensitive. I agree and understand exactly what you're saying. I used to take it personally, but I can't. I DO have to learn where to post my questions though..hehe...

Comment #23

Ok-i ma new- so happy birthday - enjoy your drink I am on day 2 and staring at the clock and getting ready for another shake. I am trying really hard to stay in the moment as it's rainy in new england today and I am very bored... I can do this!!!!!.


Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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