What are the best and worst Medifast foods?

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I am curious to see which Medifast foods people love and hate. We did a thread like this several months ago and I found it interesting. What are your top five favorites, and bottom five you dislike?.



1. Hot Cocoa (made with coffee, hot or iced).

2. Cinnamon Pretzels.

3. Chocolate Pudding (made into shakes or a frosty).

4. Honey Mustard Pretzels.

5. Peanut Butter Crunch Bars.


1. any kind of oatmeal.

2. dark chocolate shakes, followed closely by all other shakes (but I can tolerate strawberry or orange).

3. beef stew (ok, this is my all time worst ever).

4. strawberry crunch bars.

5. cream of broccoli soup.

Comments (53)

I haven't ventured out too much and have never tried any of the oatmeal or soups (except chicken noodle soup).... I've tried 4 of the shakes, hot cocoa, 4-5 types of bars, 2 flavors pudding, pancakes, soft serve, puffs/pretzels, chicken noodle soup, brownies and that may be it, so I don't have much to share..

5 Fav's.

(1) Smore's Crunch Bar.

(2) Dutch Choc 55 Shake.

(3) Mint Choc Crunch Bar.

(4) Choc Pudding or Peanut Butter Crunch Bar (tie!).

(5) Hot Cocoa (not as hot cocoa, as little choc drops.

Least Fav's.

(1) Cinnamon Crunch Bar.

(2) Caramel Crunch Bar.

(3) Swiss Mocha Shake.

(4) Cinnamon Pretzels (I was never a pretzel person - I eat these a few times a week, but will not order them again).

(5) Brownie.

Comment #1


1. Peanut butter crunch bars.

2. Chocolate shakes.

3. Brownies.

4. Chili (with my special touch, of course).

5. Peanut butter soft serve.

Least Favorites.

1. Chicken noodle soup.

2. Beef stew.

3. Oatmeal (haven't tried it but I don't like oatmeat in general).

4. Mango soft serve.

5. Cinnamon crunch bar.

Comment #2


1. Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

2. Peach Oatmeal.

3. Orange Creme Shake.

4. Banana Pudding.

5. Brownie.


1. Swiss Mocha Shake (YUCK!).

2. Blueberry Oatmeal (so bitter).

3. Cream of Broccoli Soup.

4. Iced Tea drinks.

5. Blueberry whey shake.

Comment #3


1. Brownie.

2. Choc Chip Pancake.

3. Hot Cocoa...either as a shake, or frozen with 1 TBS of Peanut Butter :-).

4. Cinnamon Pretzels.

5. S'more Crunch Bar.


1. Maryland Crab Soup.

2. Strawberry Bar.

3. Swiss Mocha Shake.

4. Chili Cheese Puffs.

5. Eggs.

Comment #4


1. CC Pancakes.

2. Banana Pudding.

3. Hot Cocoa (w/morning coffee).

4. chocolate pudding.

5. dutch choc shake.


1. ANY oatmeal (I'm sending them to Tracy! ).

2. Fruit flavored bars.

3. VANILLA anything.

4. Just the thot of the beef stew.

5. oatmeal.

Comment #5

Fun thread!.

My Favs:.

1. Smores Bar.

2. Peanut Butter Bar.

3. Pancakes.

4. Mango soft serve.

5. Chocolate shake.

Least Fav:.

1. Maryland Crab...wanna barf just typing it!.

2. Beef stew.

3. Broccoli soup.

4. ANY oatmeal.

5. cream of chicken soup.

Comment #6 could I have left the Honey Mustard Pretzels off my FAV list????.

Comment #7


1. Smores crunch bar.

2. Dutch chocolate shake.

3. Chicken noodle soup with hot sauce.

4. Pretzels.

5. Peanut butter soft serve.

Least favorite.


2. Lemon crunch bar.

3. cheese puffs.

4. Strawberry shake.

5. Ice tea drink.

Comment #8

My favorites.

1. Vanilla shakes.

2. Antioxidants chocolate shake.

3. chicken noodle soup.

4. chocolate pudding.

5. Banana Shakes.

Haven't tried too many other things......but haven't found anything yet that I totally hate..

Comment #9

Yummmmmmmmmmmmm..pb soft serve thats all I have to say about that LOL.

Comment #10

It took me more than 2 months on Medifast to get the courage to try the beef stew, but I did today. Mixed it up and let sit for 30 minutes before cooking; then let sit for 15 minutes after cooking. Instantly became one of my favorItes...surprise! Peas, carrots, potatoes, oh my! .

Also love the green chocolate mint bars..

Comment #11

I would have to say:.


1. peanut butter crunch bar.

2. brownies.

3. blueberry oatmeal.

4. cappuccino.

5. honey mustanr pretzels.

Least fav's.

1. Fruit drinks.

2. tea drinks.

3. crab soup.

4. Chai drinks.

5.chocolate mint bar.

Comment #12

How fun!.


1 - Chili Cheese Puffs.

2 - Caramel Bar.

3 - Chocolate Bar.

4 - Dutch Choc Shake.

5 - Tropical Punch.


1 - Swiss Mocha Shake - Yuck Yuck Yuck.

2 - Cinnamon Pretzels.

Not really much else - having a disagreement with honey mustard pretzels right now but only because I OD'd on them for a few weeks!.

Comment #13

Love em's.

1. Brownies.

2. Chocolate Mint Maintenance Bars.

3. Chocolate Pudding.

4. Coffee Soft Serve.

5. Honey Mustard Pretzels.

Hate em's.

1. Chili.

2. Beef Stew.

3. Ice Tea Mixes.

4. Chili Nacho Puffs.

5. Cinnamon Pretzels.

Comment #14

Best: .

1. Crunch Bars: 4 way tie between peanut butter, chocolate, smores and oatmeal.

2. Honey mustard pretzels.

3. Pancakes.

4. Hot cocoa mixed with vanilla pudding as a shake, or with coffee as a shake.

5. PB Soft serve.


1. Beef veg stew....hate peas and carrots!.

2. All shakes especially mocha.

3. Lemon crunch bars.

4. Brownies.

5. Blueberry oatmal-bitter!.

I like everything in between best and worst although I haven't tried crab soup, chili, or nacho puffs..

Comment #15

For me:.


1. all of the shakes except for the chocolate ones.

2. brownie.

3. choc. chip pancakes.

4. all of the bars.

5. choc. pudding.

6. chili puffs.

7. soy crisp snacks cheddar and cinnamon.

Least favorites:.

1. oatmeal (any flavor).

2. soups (any kind).

3. beef stew.

4. chili.

5. scrambled eggs.

Comment #16


1. Chocolate Crunch Bar.

2. Brownie.

3. HM and Cinnamon Pretzls.

4.Chocolate Mint Cruch Bar.

5. Hot cocoa and pancakes (tie).


1. Tropical Fruit drink.

2. Cran Mango Drink.

3. Any shake other than dutch chocolate.

(That is it, cause I am too chicken to try the oatmeal, other fruit drinks, and soups other than chicken noodle!).

Comment #17


1. cappucino (with ice in the blender).

2. mint bars.

3. lemon bars (chilled).

4. oatmeal bars (warm..its just like a cookie).

5. parmesan puffs.


1. honey mustard pretzels.

2. chicken noodle soup.

3. vanilla pudding.

4. french vanilla shakes.

5. maple brown sugar oatmeal.

Comment #18

My favs are:.

1- Chocolate Crunch Bar.

2- Caramel Crunch Bar.

3- Chicken Noodle Soup (with 1/2 teaspoon bouillon).

4- Swiss Mocha Shake mixed with the Banana Shake.

5- Hot Chocolate.

My dislikes are:.

1- Blueberry Oatmeal.

2- Vanilla Pudding.

3- Cream of Broccoli Soup.

4- Cream of Chicken Soup.

5- Cran Mango Fruit Drink.


Comment #19

Current Favorites (in no particular order):.

Dutch Chocolate 70 Shake (with lots of ice, done in my Ninja).

Chocolate Mint Crunch Bars.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Honey Mustard Pretzels.

Parm Cheese Puffs.

Least Favorites (in no particular order).

Anything with coffee - I don't do coffee and never have. Blech! .

Any Oatmeal (returned those nasty things to get more good stuff).

Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs (too much cumin for my taste).

Vanilla Shakes.

Strawberry Crunch Bars.

Comment #20


1. Peanut Butter Crunch Bars.

2. Vanilla Shakes (mixed with diet root beer & ice to make a float).

3. Chili Nacho Puffs.

4. Honey Mustard Pretzels.

5. Chocolate Pudding.

No Likey:.

1. Scrambled Eggs (used to love them, now I can't even put them in my mouth!).

2. Fruit Drinks.

3. Teas.

4. Soups (except for chicken noodle).

5. Scrambled Eggs!! Blech.

Comment #21

I totally sweat the:.

1. Peanut Butter Crunch bars.

2. Brownies.

3. Chocolate pudding.

4. Swiss Mocha shakes (frapped).

5. Chocolate shakes.

(I'm noticing a chocolate connection here).


1. Hot cocoa (literally made me nauseous) .

2. Peach oatmeal.

3. Lemon Meringue bars.

4. Orange Creme shakes.

5. Strawberry Creme shakes.

(Hmm, noticing a fake fruit connection here).

Comment #22

I like .

1. Hot cocoa.

2. ALL the chunky soups .

3. Coffee flavored soft serve.

4. Nacho puffs.

5. Honey Mustard pretzels.


1. That maple flavored oatmeal is the WORST! (REALLY gag!).

2. Brownies.

3. All the bars except the chocolate and the smores.

4. Broccoli soup (it tastes smokey and like fish oil to me...).

5. Strawberry and Banana shakes mixed together (Bubble gum anyone???).

6. The appetite suppressant shakes make me wheezy..

Comment #23

Hmm, while I haven't tried everything out there yet, and I can eat just about any Medifast food you put in front of me, I certainly have some favs and some blechs.


Chili - not as good as mom's but nice and filling..

Beef Stew - with plenty of steakhouse seasoning..

Brownie - with a dollop of Reddiwip...YUM!.

Chili Nacho puffs - my fav afternoon snack with a diet mtn dew..

Orange Creme shake - my favorite shake flavor..

Blech (but I'll consume them anyway):.

Oatmeal - blueberry and maple are equally horrific, but they keep me full for a good 3 hours..

Fruit Drink - no manner of shaking or stirring would get rid of the clumps...ick..

Pancakes - they are good, but a straight tease and I'm hungry again almost immediately..

Chocolate Mint Soft Serve - I add Hershey's powder to cut the mint flavor, but I still don't like it much. I hope the peanut butter flavor is better....

Comment #24

I've tried almost everything and have changed favorites many times.


1. Plain Pancakes.

2. Calorie Burn Capps & regular capps.

3. All oatmeal's.

4. Hot Coco...drink cold.

5. Chili.

Plus, many more. I like Swiss Mocha & Dutch Chocolate shakes. Most of the soups and most of the bars...but I tire of the bars easily. Love the brownies too..

Least favs: .

1. Dark Chocolate shakes.

2. Vanilla Pudding.

3. Vanilla shakes.

4. eggs.

5. Banana shakes or pudding.

Comment #25

Faves as of today - this list DOES change LOL!:.

Cappuccino (I drink hot in my morning coffee - every morning since I started MF).


Cinnamon Pretzels.

Peach Oatmeal.

Chocolate Bar.

Honestly I can't come up with a lot I won't eat now. I don't "hate" anything... or even "dislike" anything, but there is definitely a bottom side of the "faves" list, even though they aren't my "top faves" I still like them, you know? .

I have not tried everything the plan has to offer. I will order things I like, and things I think I like (and so far my guesses have been accurate)..

Comment #26

This is a great thread; I have seen several of my favorites on other's 'hate' list. And several of my less favorites on others 'love' lists. I hope newbies are reading this so they know that everyone's taste are so different and not to get discouraged if they don't like something at first.


1. cappucino (with ice; taste like Starbucks to me!).

2. choc. mint bars (almost too good!) I have to admit I've have 2 in a row a time or two!.

3. chicken noodle soup w/ parm puffs.

4. caramel bars.

5. honey mustard pretzels.


1. strawberry bars!! yuk!.

2. peanut butter bars - this surprised me because I love PB??.

3. Ready to Drink Vanilla Shakes (Don't waste your money!!).

4. Ready to Drink Choc. shakes .

5. Hot Choc. (better blended with ice).

I havn't tried the oatmeals or eggs yet, so can't comment on those..

Comment #27

My Likes:.

Caramel Crunch Bar.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar.

Cappuccino (made with hot coffee).

Parmesan Cheese Puffs.

Cinnamon Pretzels.

My Dislikes:.

Any otameal.

Any soup.

Scrambled eggs.

Cranberry Mango Fruit drink.

Comment #28

Oh my goodness! I think I saw someone list the oatmeal as a favorite.....bless them hehe.

Comment #29

Too true!!.

Gotta have 'em.

PB bar.

Smores bar.

Swiss Mocha shake.

Tropical Punch.


Can live without.

Chicken Noodle soup.

Chicken and Wild Rice soup.

Lemon bar.

Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal.

...really wracking my brain to think of a 5th dislike. I don't think I have one!.

Comment #30

Oops I double posted; great thread!.

Comment #31

What a great thread that really shows us how we are all a little different in our tastes. Thank goodness there is variety in Medifast land! I have a rather small circle of Medifast foods that I can eat but that is ok. I am one of those people that can eat the same thing over and over..



Hot Cocoa.

Choc. crunch bars.

RTD choc. shakes.

Honey Mustard Pretz..

Soy crisps (ranch and white cheddar).


Powdered shakes.


The cold drinks.



Comment #32

Fun thread!.


1) Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs .

2) Coffee Soft Serve.

3) Brownies.

4) Beef Vegetable Stew.

5) Banana Shake (Tastes like Banana Now 'N Laters from my younger days).


1)Dutch Chocolate shake.

2)Strawberry shake.


4)Cinnamon Pretzels (loved them at first).

5)Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Comment #33

Love these threads!.


1)Smores crunch.

2) HM pretzels.

3) Choc. Pudding.

4) Any choc. shake.

5) Chicken noodle soup.

Least Favs:.

1)Tropical punch (could not choke it down).

2) Cranberry Mango.

3)PB crunch (I had high hopes for this one, but could not like it).

4) Caramel Crunch (has the same flavor as PB to me).

However, with the exception of the tropical punch, any other Medifast food even those on my least favs I could eat. I haven't tried the ice teas yet, maybe I'll add a sample of those this order.

I also like the oatmeal! I'm freaky, I know!.

Comment #34

Must have.

Choc, Vanilla, Swiss Mocha shakes-I blend all with coffee and ice and could drink them all day..

Cap-same as above.

Choc&Vanilla pudding.

Puffs and Prezles.



Live with out.

Soups-except I do really like the chicken noodle.

Fruit and nut bars-I like them I have just had too many of them-I was down to only that for 2 weeks.

Anything Banana.

Orange cream shake....omg..I really thought I would die. LOL.

Comment #35

RESULTS so far!.

By far the most often mentioned on the BEST lists are:.


Honey Mustard Pretzels.

Hot Cocoa.

Chocolate Pudding.

Peanut Butter Bars.

A few people did not like the PB bars, Cocoa, Brownies. One didn't like HM pretzels. But no one names Chocolate Pudding on their worst list..

Closely following on the BEST list are:.

Pancakes (both kinds).

Dutch Chocolate Shakes.

Smores Bars.


Chili Puffs.

Chocolate Crunch Bars.

Chicken Noodle Soup.

Mint Chocolate Bars.

Cinnamon Pretzels (almost as many people listed these as Worst).

Soft Serve (all kinds).

As for the WORST, the overwhelming "winners" are:.


Beef Stew.

Various Shakes (most mentioned = Swiss Mocha).

Vanilla Pudding or Shakes.

Fruit Drinks (Mango and Tropical Punch).

Followed by.


Strawberry Bars.

Cream of Broccoli Soup and/or "all soups".

Interesting?? Yet almost all the Worsts were mentioned by one or two people as their faves. No one claimed the COB soup or Strawberry bars as faves though..

Thought it was fun to tally.

Comment #36

It's so funny to see that what some people hate other folks love. My favs are:.

Parm puffs.


Cinn pretzels.

Dark choc chake.


Things I would not order again:.

Orange creme shake.

Strawberry bars.

Lemon bars.

COB soup.

Comment #37

Well I must be a freak too, cuz I really like the oatmeal too! But girl... you don't like PB bars or caramel crunch? Now that's just downright blasphemous! hahahhaha I sweat those things! TOO MUCH!! hahaha.

Comment #38

I didn't realize we were going to get stats at the end .

It is really funny how different we all are. I can't believe hot cocoa is one of the top all time favs! I tried so hard to make that work for me by making it different ways. Each and every time I tried it (3), I got really nauseated! I also could not stand the vanilla pudding or shakes at first but now I loveeee them! But then again, I like oatmeal (all but peach), so maybe I'm just a nut! I am NOT surprised at all that choc pudding was never mentioned as a least fav. That stuff is GOOOOODDDD!!!! .

Thanks for tallying that all up! Very interesting!!!.

Comment #39

As a newbie, this certainly was a fun and interesting post to read. When I was placing my order about two weeks ago, I was kind of wondering what everyone else liked and disliked. With today being my first day, I have not tried too many things yet but for the most part I really believe I can do this! I love the swiss mocha shake, the chocolate crunch bar and the PB crunch bar. However, the chicken and wild rice soup...YUCK!! I think I may give it another try some day but I don't think that my opinion will change..

Comment #40

I thought you were starting tomorrow? No matter... glad you're doing it now! I love the swiss mocha shake all frapped up with ice! YUM!!! Oh and the bars rule! I have NO DOUBT you will do this too!.

Comment #41

Thanks, Lyn, for starting the fun!.


1. icy icy shakes made from hot cocoa, cappucino, or banana pudding.

2. cinnamon pretzels.

3. smores crunch bars.

4. COT soup made as flatbread.

5. uncooked brownie batter.


1. beef stew (oh how I wish I cld love it - I am missing savory - TG for L&G).

2. chili.

3. strawberry shakes.

4. honey mustard pretzels.

5. chicken noodle soup.

Comment #42

Told ya I'm freaky.

Comment #43


1. Dark Chocolate shakes.

2. Brownies.

3. Chicken and wild rice soup.

4. Hot cocoa.

5. COC soup (as soup chips).


1. All oatmeal.

2. Fruity shakes (orange, banana, strawberry).

3. Swiss mocha shakes.

4. Smores bars.

5. Puffs (they make my intestines hurt).

Comment #44

I just love these kindsa posts..

Faves (in order of how often I eat them).

1.) Dutch chocolate shakes .

2.) Caramel bars.

3.) Chocolate chip pancakes.

4.) Chocolate mint bars.

5.) Brownies (made with coffee).

Nast-o (in order starting from the worst).

1.) Banana shakes.

2.) Vanilla pudding.

3.) Chocolate pudding.

4.) Orange shakes.

5.) Peanut butter bars.

Comment #45

Yes, I was going to start tomorrow but I just could not wait! I had an excellent start today and I feel great!!.

Comment #46

I finally found something I do not like.........the orange cream shakes.

Comment #47

I like all of the MF. With enough ice any powder can be made a shake..

I wonder if the soups would be good as a shake?.

Okay that may be pushing it some.

Of course I'm like Mikey and will eat anything..

Might be how I got so big huh?.

Comment #48

I haven't tried many, only the kosher ones. My favorites are: Mint chocolate crunch bar, .

Cinnamon Pretzels, Honey mustard pretzels, peanut butter crunch bar, parmesan puffs, but it may change as I try some of the other bar flavors - the bars are too small though..

Comment #49


Banana shake made with diet lemonade.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar, Caramel Bar, Fruit and Nut Bar.

Honey mustard Pretzels.

Hot Chocolate made into a shake.


Least favorite.

Oatmeal (any flavor).

Chicken and Rice Soup.



Cream of Broccoli Soup.

Comment #50

My Favorites.

1. Brownie.

2. Chocolate Mint Bar.

3. Chocolate Shake.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup.

5. Cinnamon Pretzels.

Least Favorite.

1. Maryland Crab Soup.

2. Cream soups unless I make the bread recipe.

3. Ice Tea.

4. Cold Drinks.

5. Oatmealunless I make some kind of cake or brownie.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="bread Pictures, Images and Photos"/></a>.

Comment #51

Comment #52

O M G ..... The Chai Latte to one of the worse tasting things I have ever drank. It made me totally sick..

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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