Best SLR camera to capture quickmotion(wakeboarding) rebel xti, nikon D40x, or another?
Hey everyone, and thanks for your help! do alot of wakeboarding over the summer and cannot ever get any good shots with my compact digital cameras so I'm looking at upgrading to a slr camera. I'm assuming this has to do with the shutter rates? an slr camera should solve this problem? my two main options are either the rebel Xti 400D or the Nikon D40X...

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It really is just about the same question & answer here.

Larry Ingram "which slr camera" 12/4/2007 8:33pm.

You will need high shutter speeds & a fast lens, and the best way to get fast shutter speeds is with a camera that can use a high ISO with a low noise ratio. Until you can afford a top end Nikon which 'may" have a better high ISO than Canon it is a pretty much agreed fact that Canon has the better cameras right now in the price you are looking to spend re that particular issue. That isn't a biased opinion simply because I own Canon, it is a highly agreed on fact by people who shoot either, but there are still reasons to buy whichever may have a system of lenses, flash units etc that better meets your needs in general...

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So you would suggest the cannon rebel xti over the nikon d40x? when you talk about iso,s the cannon is 1/1600 and the nikon is 1/3200. what does this mean? thanks for oyur help! nick..

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ISO really is something hard to explain when talking about digital cameras as it was a film term relating to film speed (it used to be called ASA). Basically there is a formula of what it takes to get a correct exposure based on ISO, shutter speed & aperture (lens opening) and in the old way of talking about photography everything came down to "stops" which refered to stopping down (closing the lens to allow less light) because I assume there was no shutter speed changes possible at the time. Simply put these situations would produce the same results (amount of exposure) based on the old formula.

ISO 400 film, shutter speed 1/500 seconds, aperture = F 5.6.

ISO 200 film, shutter speed 1/250 seconds, aperture = F 5.6 OR.

ISO 200 film, shutter speed 1/500 seconds, aperture = F 4.0.

The term 1 full stop related to doubling or reducing by 1/2 anything that changed exposure using a pre established mathematic formula that all of it revolved around to give a correct exposure None of that is relavent however for your specific use, as there is one more factor that with film and in digital relates to the quality of the image even if correctly exposed. As ISO goes up noise (static) increases in the image, and at this time Canon DSLRs have less noise than Nikon DSLRs at each ISO setting above 400. Nikon may be about to change that with some new high end bodies, but so far Canon owns the high ISO end of digital photography...

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Thanks Mr. Ingram youve helped out alot! as far as canon cameras go, which would you suggest; the rebel xti or the cannon 30d? (If I ended up with the 30d I would also need advice on lense) basically it looks like a could get the full setup with the rebel at 650 and the 30d for 750 with no lense. is it worth the extra money? nick..

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I can't fully answer that question because I have never shot with any of the Rebel series bodies. I had a 20D since they first became available & recently replaced it with a 40D for the few features that have been added PLUS the larger LCD (old eyes need it or reading glasses). I passed the 20D on to my daughter so that she can step up from a P & S Both will do what you want, and one will fit your hands better than the other which is important so I would recommend trying to handle them at a store. Both will have a learning curve and both have been discussed well enough to know that they have feature wise. Use these sites for a bit more research, anything said re the 20D can be applied to the 30D (more or less).

I might be able to steer you towards some lens choices but I would need to know how close you are to the wakeboarders, but for action shots a lens with a low F number (2 is lower than 4 in F stops) is desirable but raises price. A basic guess is that you will want something in the 70-200 or 70-300 range & there are lots of possibilities...

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Unless you are shooting in early morning or late evenings, or trying at night, typical daytime conditions won't require really "high" isos. I'd expect it's far more likely you had trouble staying on the action and staying focused than getting a good exposure. That's also likely to require the responsiveness of a dslr. I'd expect any of the current dslrs, with a suitable lens will be fast enough although some are better suited to fast, dynamic action with more flexible or responsive focus systems and faster frame rates. I'd also expect that a 70-200 or 70-300 range lens will likely do what you need. What camera were you using? Were the problems simply one that the shutter speeds were too slow and you got blurred motion, or were the shots too far away, too hard to keep in focus? Etc...

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Hey larry,.

Ive come down to my two final optinos, the rebel xti kit ($650) or the canon 30d kit($850). worth the extra couple hundred to oyu? thanks for all the help, nick..

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It's kind of a toss up, both are capable of doing what you want done, but the 30D has a higher frame rate. The XTi has a larger image to crop just in case you don't have as much lens as needed. I am not familiar with all of the feature differences between the bodies but that $200 could go into a better lens which is likely a good place to put it for now. Eventually you will want a better body, but if you do a good lens will still be a good lens on it too...

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