Best setting for Konica-Minolta A200 in theatres?
Please can someone tell me the best setting to use for this camera in a theatre?.

The camera I'm using is a Konica-Minolta A200, which I think falls into the dslr-type category, ie it's not a dslr.I hope to be able to take photos of my kids' performances but the.

Built-in flash will be too weak to make any difference at the distance i'll be from the stage. I am concerned that i'll just get blurry shots due to movement..

For info I have aperture priority, max 800 iso, raw option, image stabiliser. I dont know what other features and settings are relevant. I also have a 1.5x lens converter but dont know if I should use that in this situation. camera is wide angle with 7x zoom..

Basically I need to know how to set it up as I dont know anything about focal length, f stops, etc. I can learn later, but now just dont have the time, and dont have the option to experiment on this occasion.Thanks for any help!..

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My suggestions:.

Keep it on aperture priority and set the maximum aperture - the lowest f number. This will be between f2.8 and f3.5 depending on the zoom. Image stabilisation on. ISO 800 to start with. Doesn't really matter whether you use Raw or JPEG - Raw won't correct blur..

Take lots and lots and lots and lots of shots at different zooms. Try to take them when there isn't too much movement on the stage. Concentrate on holding the camera as still as possible - it will probably be easier to do this if you use the EVF and brace the camera against your face. Hold your elbows in against your body and take the shots as you are breathing out..

You will probably have a very low success rate but hopefully you may get a few "keepers"..

I would also try some shots at ISO 400. If they come out they will be less noisy than the ISO 800 shots.Chris R..

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Hi Chris.

Thanks so much for your advice. I am able to use a tripod fortunately, but still intend to use image stabilisation. should I use manual or automatic focus? I have not found this camera to focus well or quickly on autofocus in low light, or when zoomed to maximum, but when it does lock on it's likely to focus better than I can achieve with mf, possible because the screen is not v big and the evf not very clear.thanks..

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I cannot advise on whether to use manual or auto focus because I am not familiar with the A200. However, one possibility would be to try to focus accurately on something in the centre of the stage and then switch to manual focus and don't change the focus. If you are far enough away from the stage you should have sufficient depth of field to cover the whole of the stage in front of and behind the focus point..

Try playing with the Depth of Field calculator here:

At maximum zoom (50.8mm), maximum aperture (probably f3.5) and 60 feet away, you have about 10ft in focus in front of the focus point and 15ft behind which would probably cover the whole stage. At lower zooms the depth of field will be much larger - at half zoom it will cover eveything..

If you are on a tripod you will get a much better hit rate unless you get motion blur because the actors are moving a lot on the stage. Take lots of shots and you should get some good ones..

Best of luck.Chris R..

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To get better focus performance with this camera, it helps if you can find a stationary object to focus on, that is about the same distance as the subject if the subject is moving. A high contrast vertical edge works best. Place the focus point on the edge, half press the shutter to focus, compose your shot, and press the shutter all the way down to take the shot..

Use spot focus. Area focus will lock onto something in the background just as readily as your intended subject..

If you are using a tripod, you should be able to move the focus marker around to something with contrast and edges that is about the same distance as your subject..

It does not focus well on moving subjects. Try to hold the camera still and use a stationary target while it focuses..

Try to anticipate when the subject will be motionless, and take the photo at that instant...

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If you have questions about the KM A200 or would like to chat with other KM A200 (and A1 and A2) users, you should go to the Konica Minolta Talk forum and post there. They would welcome another A200 user...

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