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I am wanting to order some Medifast food and wanted some opionions on what is good to try. I see they have pancakes, brownies, soft serve. anyone have suggestions? I would love to hear them. Thanks...

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My favs are the chili & peanut butter crunch bar..

Comment #1

Brownies, cinnamon pretzels, and chili cheese puffs are all awesome...

Comment #2

I eat a lot of Brownies, Cinnamon Pretzels, Chocolate pudding (banana pudding too, if you enjoy that flavor), Dutch chocolate shakes and chocolate chip pancakes lately. I think they are all great :-)..

Comment #3

Brownies and pudding are my favorites. The bars are good and convenient to. On a cold day I will also make some hot coca, a lot more of those cold days lately. That is my list of favs but there are so many choices and everyone's taste buds are a little different...

Comment #4

My favorites....brownies, chocolate pudding (as a shake), peanut butter soft serv (as a shake), caramel crunch bars, peanut butter bars, cinnamon roll bars, chili cheese puffs and fruit & nut bars.

There are others I like as well but these are my favorites and repeat orders..

Comment #5

I'm only starting my second week today but I really like the peanut butter crunch bars (can only have a couple a day because of the gas), the chicken noodle soup, and the french vanilla shakes. All very yummy. Of course, of the things I've tried, I haven't found one that I don't like...

Comment #6

PB crunch bars, PB soft serve mixed with Diet Dr. Pepper for a float! Yummy! Chili with extra diced tomatoes, great on a cold day and filling. Caramel crunch bars, too!..

Comment #7

So far I've really loved the Lemon meringue and oatmeal raisin crunch bars! Too good!..

Comment #8

I could LIVE off:.

Cinnamon pretzels.

Chocolate pudding (made into shakes, frosties, pudding, warm custard, or blended with ice and a root beer).

Hot cocoa (made into a mocha with coffee, or made into frozen truffles, or a shake iced).

Brownies (I did not like these at first, but now I love them)..

Other foods I enjoy regularly:.

Both kind of pancakes.

PB bars.

Honey mustard pretzels.

Chili puffs.


I think the chocolate bars are good also, and the chicken noodle soup is good.


Oatmeals (except in recipes).

Strawberry bars.

Shakes (except as shake cakes).

Beef stew (IMO, this is THE worst item, but some people love it)..

Comment #9

Brownies, hot cocoa, chocolate pudding, pb crunch bars, lemon crunch bars, banana pudding, chicken noodle soup. Oh yah and cinnamon pretzels too...

Comment #10

My faves:.

Dc shake.

Hot cocoa.

Smore bar.

Mint choc bar.


Choc chip pancakes.

Rtd shakes.

Cran mango.

Banana pudding & shakes.

Least faves:.

Pretzels & puffs.

Swiss mocha.

Fruit punch.

All soups..

Comment #11

If you like chocolate you are in business! The choc. crunch bars are terrific! The hot cocoa is wonderful, but use a whisk to get the lumps out. The brownies are terrific but I have to put at least and one packet of splenda in it. Usually two to make them great. The ready to drink choc. shakes are good.

Have fun..


Comment #12

I love the chocolate pancakes, mint bars and brownies! This is the first diet EVER that lets me have this much chocolate and loose weight. Chicken soup is OK, banana shakes, we make pizza bread out of tomato soup. Hate the oatmeal and chili!..

Comment #13

I like the chocolate mint crunch bars, tastes like thin mint girl scout cookies. Yummy!!..

Comment #14

Everyone has different tastes and what I find great others can't even swallow. Some love the brownie (I do I do!) some hate it. I love the crunch bars, especially the smores, PB, oatmeal raisin crunch. The hot cocoa is in my opinion even better than real one! Love love love the pretzels...

Comment #15

Smores Bars, chocolate bars, chocolate pudding, cocoa, chocolate mint bars, chocolate chip pancakes. (It appears my eating may have a theme.)..

Comment #16

PB crunch bar, hot cocoa, beef stew, parm puffs oh and the cinnamon pretzels...

Comment #17

At first, I had my definite likes and dis-likes. Again, your taste buds change and now.. I like everything. The things that I'm still not 'crazy' about.. can be made into something that I LOVE. Hooray for the risk takers (aka the recipe makers)!..

Comment #18

Like some have said, we all have different tastes and they also seem to change over time on the diet. That being said my Current pics are: Smore crunch bar (yummo!), hot coca (often as a shake), c. pudding, new fav- oatmeal as a muffin, cc puffs and hm pretzels..

Comment #19

Oh, and I forgot to mention my newly found love of hot cocoa!.

And I love the Chocolate Mint Crunch bars - taste just like thin mint cookies to me :-)..

Comment #20

Sadly, I got burned out on the Peanut Butter Crunch bars, the Chocolate Mint Crunch bars, and the brownies. GASP! Right now, I'm digging the Fruit and Nut bar. Go figure!.

Have fun trying different things to see what you will love (and fall out of love hahaha) with!.



Comment #21


All puddings (put caramel SF syrup in the vanilla one, that's my fav!).

All oatmeals (made into muffins with just 4.5 T water, 90 sec in micro).

PB softserve as shake.

Caramel crunch bars.

Cinnamon crunch bars.

1/2 chai 1/2 vanilla shake combo (blended w/ ice)..

Comment #22

Peanut butter crunch bars are great! I can eat everything but the (dare I say it?) oatmeal...

Comment #23

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