best 'how-to' photography magazine?
Looking for the best 'How-To' Photography magazine. Any stand out?..

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A lot of helpful articles. Well written IMO..


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Shutterbug is terribly written, completely devoid of an art director and a copy writer, ly real value is as a source of lots of ads..

Photography MOnthy, from the United Kingdom, is an excellent magazine, comvbing some equipment reviews every month, but also inclduing tutorials on both photography and photo manipulation and retouching..

American Photo is about photographers and their pictures. Popular Photography is mostly about equipment. Digital Photo Pro is pretty high end and complicated, plus a lot of focus on business. Photo District News is mostly profiles of photographers and informtion about the business, so it doesn't count..


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Well then BAK, instead of being critical of my suggestion why didn't you offer the OP an answer to his question. I happen to enjoy Shutterbug and as I stated it's just "My Opinion.".


It Ain't Bragging If You Can Do It..

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It all depends on what your interests and goals are. If you are a beginner explore them all by sitting down at a Borders or Barnes and Noble for a bit..

For quick overview and news I still keep the subscription to Popular Photography. Dropping Shutterbug because with a recent issue I paged through and it just seemed to be a rehash of old news and it wound up in the recycle pile within an hour. For "canned techniques" and subject exploration I find the UK magazines quite good. They will be the expensive ones at the bookstore and usually come with a CD of sometimes good and sometimes bad extras or premiums. I pick one of them up every now and again for more specialized stuff like winter landscapes etc..

For serious pursuit of the hobby/craft, particularly with respect to the technical end and commercial photography area, I suggest Digital Photo Pro..

With regards to How To, you are really better served by web resources and specialized books. Without knowing your specific interests, it is hard to give further guidance...

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You can find them in Borders. There expensive. $10 or more but they have the best info I can find. Some come with photoshop help cd with help videos. You can tell the British mags from there different size format.There are about 3-4 of them on the racks at Borders where I live..

There website are at:.


Websites are helpful too.Shutterbug... I don't think so..


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I like reading PDN (Photo District News). Great magazine for people photography (photojournalism, weddings, street photography, etc.). Photographers share their work and the secrets to their success.In my opinion, other magazines have more advertising than useful content...

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Irishav8r wrote:.

Looking for the best 'How-To' Photography magazine. Any stand out?.

I read any I can get my hands on. you have people here who ,after reaching a certain level of learning/interest,jump up & declare " XYZ" is the worst because of the ads, or not enough equipment reviews, or HDR how to techniques....I have read Pop Photo for about 25 years, I have seen recycled & updated stories in just about every magazine out there. find what you like by personal observations, not forum tastes..

25 years as a freelancer,(news,magazine, wedding photography) camera equip. over the years: Practica MLT, Canon A1, Minolta 9xi, 7xi, Dimage Z1,Fuji 5200,Canon S2,Pentax K100D,Olympus 380(see my Z1 shots at the COMMUNITY album was done with the Z1, and most of the photos in the album:Other were w/the Z1)..

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As a relatively new digital photographer myself, I enjoy Outdoor Photographer. There are a lot of articles and every month there is a section on equipment, whether it's lenses, hiking wear, GPS or cameras, and all of it is written so that even some of us newbies can understand. Great tips on lighting and technique. If you find a magazine that you really like, please share with the rest of us, so we can check it out, too..

Good luck, Michelle..

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It Ain't Bragging If You Can Do It..

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My response covered the pros and cons of half a dozen magazines..

The Shutterbug I have beside me has 15 articles listed under tools, and two under techniques..

Pretty much eliminates it as a good how to magazine..


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