Best Camera for below criteria: DMC-FX500, G9, SD890: Suggestions?
Knowing that no one P&S camera "does it all", what do you think is the best overall camera considering the criteria below???.

* Fairly Compact - I figure this to be important because if I did not need something to be compact here, I would get a D-SLR.* Very Good indoor and outdoor pics - important.

* Quick Shot-to-Shot snapshots... - don't want to wait a while before being able to snap another shot - that is anoying!* Excellent Auto would be great: Are manual controls important?.

* Zoom - the more the better, but I don't know if I need it so badly to concede other attributes. Any suggestions?* Wide lens? WA vs. regular width, for everyday shooting: What & Why?.

* Movie Mode/Video's - the G9 did a great job; high quality video is not important.

With 2 kids: 2&1/2 and 2-weeks, it would be nice to have a camera with us for all the moments we want to take good scenary shots while traveling, etc...THANKS for any suggestions! Garret..

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If you can budget for the G9 and don't think it is too big for your pocket or bag then that would be the best one to go for because it will allow you to grow into it and develop your photography a fair way..

Being able to mount an accessory flashgun with bounce head is a nice option with this camera - eleiminates nasty black shadows and gives nice soft light..

One downside though: only 35mm wide angle - 28 is better - not enough to easily fit in city architecture and interiors. For landscapes you can however easily make panos with Canon's Autostitch software..

John.Please visit me at:

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Very good points by John..

* Quick Shot-to-Shot snapshots... - don't want to wait a while before being able to snap another shot - that is anoying!.

Speed for the Canons is not bad, but they aren't tops in that regard either. No tests out yet on the Panasonic, so this can't be answered yet..

Kelly Cook..

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The G9 is a great camera, I take mine with me all day. It really is a compliment and back up to my XTi. I think manual controls are very important, but RAW is more important..

Couple of things I have found about the G9 is that it has amazing macro mode, can focus on things almost against the lens. I also note that the noise at ISO 800 and higher is very strong and can be problematic..

Other than that this is a wonderful camera, can't go wrong. (though it is large, but smaller than a dSLR so I don't mind it)Ben

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I love my G9 but it doesn't begin to reach it's potential until you use post processing. I use Photoshop and the results can be awsome. The G9 is a serious little camera, but it does have a learning curve. (when used in other than "Auto Mode")..

If Kiosk processing 4x6 snap shots is good enough for your needs, you can get by with a p&s for a lot less money than the G9. (many, many choices)..

Since this post is listed in "Beginner's Questions", I'm just saying, that in my opinion, the Canon G9 is for no less than a darned serious "beginner"!!.

As a beginner, you may also be shocked to learn that you will need buy a bigger media card and a spare battery before you leave the store. You would also be shocked to learn that this would even be true if you had bought the $8000 camera!!.

Welcome to the party!!.


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Thank you John, Kelly, Ben and Jack! Your posts were very helpful..

Here is my first & only experience with any camera which was purchased about 4 yeas ago, the Canon Powershot S400 digital Elph..

This digital camera has 4MP and a 3x opticle zoom. My first impression of it was that it was VERY easy to use, and took very good pictures (which were printed out at the local variety store. When we tried to "push" it with a snapshot we liked, we printed out 8x10's which I believe to be "good" quality; in fact, such good quality that I was impressed (for such a small camera, with a pic taken by myself!). This is my view of some of the camera attributes:* Zoom: okay, but it would have been nice at times to be able to zoom closer.

* Cropping: Well, we did crop, but only a very small amount due to the limits of the camera. In all practical purposes, it would have been nice to crop more than we could without loosing IQ, but either way most of the time it was more than sufficient...but this could be because we did not try after we knew the camera's limits, etc....

* Speed: From shot to shot: VERY slow between pics...often we would loose a good shot because the camera was not ready to shoot immediately after a took a while and that was annoying.

* Picture Veiwback: Well, compared to my parents 6mp camera (which was not so streight forward) this S400 was so easy to view the various pictures we just was VERY helpful to be so fast and easy to do such a task because often we would need to quickly look at the pic (again after it dissapeared) to veiw and compare, etc....

* Auto Mode: it seemed to shoot good pics almost all the time...low light wasa tough at time, I guess* Size: Awsome!Thanks! Garret..

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I still use one of those little s400's; it had so many things right about it at the time and didn't push the sensor too far in terms of noise, and using focus and exposure locks works OK in difficult conditions where semi manual is needed. I think you would find the newer ones much quicker to operate and if you got the version with the 28mm zoom (the 870) it may be what you actually need..

The G9 on the other hand has much more potential and as long as you have a pocket to fit it in all should be well..

John.Please visit me at:

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I'm going to take look at both the 870 and G9 this week...Garret..

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The SD850 and new SD890 also have viewfinders ......

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Hi John,.

I have been very interested in the G9; but would still use the auto setting for 90% of my shots. If the G9 is not good for using "auto" then I would prefer to just get an ultracompact, such as the 870 or 950. It would be good to be able to "grow" in photography with the G9..

Do you know if the G9 will match the IQ of the ultracompacts listed above in auto mode, considering this will be what is mostly used on a daily basis? Thanks for any help / suggestions. -Garret..

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You can simply tailor the camera's basic settings to produce the kind out "out of the box" photos you like. (+/-EV, contrast, sharpness, vivid colour etc). I think the G9 will give you even better image quality than the smaller models.The downside is that it might not be compact enough to be with you at all times..

John.Please visit me at:

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Hi John,.

You have just answered my question! I want the next obsticle is to figure out the configured setting to have in place...but that is for another day..

I'll post back something RE: the G9 after a get it.Thanks again! Garret..

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Check ou the Nikon S600 compact:.

* Fairly Compact - small at 88.5 x 53 x 22.5 mm and 130g, true ultra-compact.

* Very Good indoor and outdoor pics - good ISO performance.

* Quick Shot-to-Shot snapshots... - 2.2 secs, 0.7 sec startup.

* Excellent Auto would be great: Auto mode with all settings available, Hi ISO mode, 14 scene modes.

* Zoom - 28-114mm, 4x optical zoom.

* Wide lens? WA vs. regular width, for everyday shooting: Good quality at wide end with minimum barrel distortion and little softness in corners.

* Movie Mode/Video's - 640 x 480 (30 fp), optical zoom set before shooting and VR active.


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Purrington wrote:.

Hi John,You have just answered my question! I want the next obsticleis to figure out the configured setting to have in place...but thatis for another day..

I'll post back something RE: the G9 after a get it.Thanks again! Garret.

But the SD870 has 28mm equiv wide angle...

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