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I've been doing Medifast for a little over 4 months, have lost almost 45# and am under 10# from goal. I understand the "science" of this diet - Ketosis, it's what keeps me from cheating most days. I was thinking about that today and started to panic. What scared me was, I felt like cheating, but said no because it will throw me out of fat burn and I don't want that to happen. Being so close to goal, I realized that during transition and maintenance I will no longer have ketosis to keep me from cheating. What is going to keep me from falling back into my bad ways? This scares me. I so don't want to go back - but what if I haven't really learned anything?.


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The fear of the unknown can freeze us in our tracks. Part of accomplishing that hurdle(staying at goal), I'd like to think is knowing it could happen. I fear that day too, when I reach goal. What will transition be like? Will I do as well? Will I have the (will)power to stay away from the foods that put me in this position in the first place?.

My honest answer is I don't know. Perhaps posting this same question in the maintenance and transition section may get you the answers you need. Because I'd like to know them too!.

I'd like to think, that planning ahead, thinking ahead, about specific situations that we'll be in, family get together, office party, shopping with family... if we think ahead and plan enough ahead, we'll survive. Let's hope...

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I am likewise scared. I think we have a lot of 5's that taste sweet and they will be dangerous for me in T&M...

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I think of this diet as having the 'triple threat'-.

1. low calorie.

2. low carb.

3. mild form of ketosis.

I think if you have the combination of all 3, you'll have fast results.........On most weeks I have a combination of 2............ I still lose a little bit if I cheat and get knocked out of ketosis.

I think you'll find the right combination that works for you. What keeps me from cheating (too much) is sugar-free chocolates (Hershey special dark, peppermint patties, and dove sugar free) and diet soda (diet cream is my favorite...........). My only REAL cheat has been low-fat light popcorn every few weeks or when I'm feeling lightheaded.... Other than that, I think I can live with this lifestyle/diet...

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Also- I think I have it in my head that I will be eating these bars for the rest of my life..........maybe in a smaller quantity (eventually 2 or 3 per day?) but they are the best tasting w/ a small amount of calories........

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I hit goal on AUgust 16th, went through transition and am now in maintenance..

I too had some of the same fears as all those that posted who are still in weight loss phase..

Here is what I found. Coming out of ketosis was FINE! I notice no difference in how I feel now than when I was on the 5/1 EXCEPT no bad ketosis breath.

I still eat every 2-3 hours, have no cravings and have NOT gone back to prior habits, i.e. ice cream nightly and pizza weekly.

In fact, I have NOT had any ice cream or pizza. Dont want it, why eat it? No cravings.

I am so THANKFUL for the body I now have, that the old cliche is SO TRUE! NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS! I have other things to do now than eat-like enjoy my new life! Enjoy my newfound health and happiness!.

You all will be just fine. I am diligent about daily weighing and staying on top of my weight/health, but I am confident I will be able to maintain it forever..


PS I should add that I still do eat Medifast everyday. At least 2 meals. Its cheap, healthy fast food...

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Congratulations! That is very inspiring!!!!! And- I agree about the Medifast food. It is cheap.... 10 dollars a day may sound expensive, but I would spend much more than that on take-out, etc... I will definitely keep the bars in my daily diet even after I hit goal...

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Thank you for that. I never thought of it this way. That's a little over $2 for a meal. Last time I checked, there were no big mac meals for $2...

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For having been on this before and took a break for 1.5 years and managed to maintain my loss until something extremely emotional threw me for a loop, I can say 2 things..

1- After your body is used to that little amount of calories for months, your hunger doesn't just come back that easily. You'll find that adding more food is actually difficult and makes you feel almost bloated, too full.

2- You really need to work on why you eat if you want to be successful at keeping the loss. If you don't, the pounds will come back on...

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I reached goal the beginning of this month. I started Transition the week before I made goal thinking I would still be losing and take a few weeks to make goal. I had a 4 lb drop that week. I am working out more and work in construction..

I accelerated my transition period and am now at 1900 to 2000 cals a day and inching up. I was a little hesitate to add more carbs after spending so much time watching them, but they are not the enemy. It was a great feeling not to worry about going out of kotesis and having more veggies. My goal is to still lose some fat, but a a slower pace. I am not looking at weight as an indicator, but body composition. I will be looking to replace some muscle I lost.

I don't desire all the high calorie foods that I used to eat. I more than enjoy all the new veggies that I never ate before medi fast. I am still losing fat and it takes planning. I write out the goals I have and then do what I need to to hit them. I plan al meals in advance so I know what I will eat that day.

Goals are important. If you don't know what you want you can't get there. I never use the lines I am not or I wont. I keep my goals positive. Do you know the saying "If you want a man to do something tell him not to do it".

Once you move to the next phases it will become more about calories in versus calories out. Even a little junk food wont hurt you if you are still burning the calories. I enjoy eating clean and don't have the cravings for the processed foods that made me fat. I use things like sala on potatoes instead of butter. I use sprouted bread instead of processed bread with flour. If I get a sweet tooth I'll eat a cc pancake, brownie,or bar and be better off than if I had cake or candy.

Its all about the choices we make on what we put in our mouth. Eat this instead of that..

Medifast gave me a better awareness of what goes into my mouth. You can never go back to how you ate before, but who would want to. I feel better and have more energy. It will always take planning, but don't be fearful of it. some weight gain is ok as long as it is the right kind of weight and not fat. The scale is only part of the picture.

With that it mind give yourself a weight range of 7 to 9 pounds. Far too often people freak out over a few pounds when most of the time it is your muscles absorbing the carbs and water as glucose to use as energy. I need to stop I am beginning to ramble, but the just of it is -don't be fearful of moving to the next stage. Enjoy the new you and always try to improve on yourself. We will always be a work in progress..

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Thanks for the support and suggestions. Goals, I do have them and I write out plans on what I think I will eat when I get to goal. I'm going to work hard to keep this weight off...

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Thanks adeleintexas - your post and story makes me feel better about maintenance as well! However, could you give us an example of what you eat in a typical day? Thanks!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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