Beginner wedding photos
Hi All.

Fantastic forum for starters..

I would like 'gentle' comments on your views of some weddings i've done and created a website with them..

I'm struggling with uploading pics here so have a look at the website and tell me what you think of the photos and whethere there's any hope for me in the field of photography..


Comments (10)

You have some very nice photographs on your site. I particularly like your use of both monochrome and colour..

However, since you have posted on this forum, I assume that you are looking for comments to improve your photography, so here are a couple of criticisms..

The main criticisms that I have is that you have severely blown highlights in several shots. In one or two this doesn't matter too much (and you may have done it on purpose), but in the shot in Wedding 1 of the bride apparently dragging the groom, there is almost no detail in the bride's dress and you cannot distinguish the edge of the dress against that part of the wall that is white. Similarly in the image in Wedding 2 that has the bride and groom on a slant, the groom's jacket is almost totally blown and it is impossible to tell what the object is immediately in front of him..

Blown highlight's are difficult in weddings because of all the white dresses, but you need to keep your eye on the histogram and turn down the Flash Exposure Compensation if necessary. If you are shooting in raw, you may be able to recover some of the highlights in post processing..

Also in the image of the decorated hand in Wedding 2, you need to keep at least the whole of the palm of the hand in focus. You need a smaller aperture for greater depth of field..

However, do stick at it. You have a some very imaginative shots.Chris R..

Comment #1

PPFunk, thanks for the comments, but I still think that the photos aren't as good as I think they should be..

Chris R, again you are correct, I need guidence and opinions on what people think of my photography..

Regarding the images you commented on, all of the ones you mentioned were initially corrected exposed, but then I think it might've been overkill with Photoshop and some of the filters..

When I do take the shots I try to ensure they have been exposed properly and then I can alter anything that needs changing. I always shoot in RAW, just in case!.

Can you also suggest any different types of poses, something new. I keep reading and trying to get ideas but it's a struggle...

Comment #2

I think that your composition is excellent. The only 2 shots that I don't like are the two outside portraits by Tower Bridge, and the problem with those is the dull light and the grey sky which you couldn't do anything about..

The shots that I particularly like are the overhead shot in wedding 1, the bride getting out of the car in wedding 1, the bride (in colour) leaning forward at the table in wedding 1, the shot from directly behind the bride and groom in wedding 2, the bride against the blue background in wedding 3 (but overprocessed) and the groom looking in the mirror in wedding 3..

However, these are my personal very subjective views. More importantly, what do your clients think?Chris R..

Comment #3

I didn't quite notice the dullness of those 2 pics you mentioned but looking back on them now I can see what you mean. I was looking at the image more than the contrast..

I greatly appreciate your input and comments Chris, thankyou. All I need to figure out now is how to improve on what I can do..

Regarding my clients, they were happy with the images..... we at least that's what they said to my face!!..

Comment #4

What does this mean? Does the customer specify? Is 500 enough or maybe they want 2000?.

You need to quantify this number, don't make such an open ended offer. It seems that each time I shoot a wedding, I end up fine tuning my standard contract. Be specific, and most importantly be honest with your clients. Always give them a bit more than what the contract specifies..

All in all your web site is nicely done, in spite of the previously mentioned image quality concerns addressed by some of the others..


Comment #5

Hi Nick.

Yes, I have changed my contract but you've reminded me to alter the website..

I have had similiar conversations with clients who've said that 'unlimited' could mean 20,000 photos..

When clients come for a consultation, I do indicate that the contract states 300+ photographs. So if they get more, then it's a bonus..

But in your opinion, would you put the + sign or would you give them an actual number? What if you dont fulfil that number?.

I like the comment of give them more than the contract. Something to keep them coming back for...

Comment #6

Having looked at many sites for wedding photographers from a customer point of view my comments would be....

1. photos look of good standardbut as I am not Asian would not be sure what "traditional British" wedding photos you might take..

2. Usually bride who picks photographer so site could use some more photos of brides/bride and groom looking gorgeous (makes prospective clients hope youcan make them look as good.

3. lack of prices would put me off as there are so many photographers out there and prices vary so widely I (personal opinion!!) would not want to start contacting people who might be way too expensive unless their photos REALLY stood out.

4. something else I noticed was no mention of geographical area you cover (may be there but couold not see it apologies if it is). When I was looking a lot of photogrpahers assume you know where they are based and may miss out when you go for someone who states it..

5. Most important thing is -as you say- that you give customers impression you will listen and care about their day. Some photogrpahers we met were so arrogant and "been there done that" They may have attended a lot of weddings but for any bride it is (usually!!) her first wedding as a bride and you want a photogrpaher who reassures you and makes you feel yours will be the best and most imortant wedding ever - not just one of many on a conveyor belt!.

Dont know if this is useful - I think you were looking for more of a photo critique than site critique but have found a lot of wedding photographers underestimate the impact the right attitude can have both on sites and in person so hope this helps.Good luck with it allclaire..

Comment #7

I would add the (+) if you are going to specify a minimum number. Usually I specify a minimum number of photos that they will receive depending on the package selected. The number of photos goes up if they have engagement photos taken, or if a studio session is scheduled for Bridal Portraits. However this minimum number is not specifically defined in writing in any of my package descriptions..

During a typical wedding (no second shooter) I'll end up with an average of about 600 shots. After I go through them and weed out the lame ones (someone jumps in front of the camera just as you take the shot, mostly everyones eyes are closed, or just as you take the group shot everyone looks of in some other direction), I'll end up with about 400 usable shots. I can usually weed out another 50 or so that look like duplicates..

Since I'm from the "old school" of photography, I typically plan my shots and anticipate. There are a lot of folks out there that use the machine gun mentality and hope that the get some good ones, or at least overwhelm the customer by sheer quantity. When a customer asks why I only promise 300 photos and some other guy offers 1000, I let them do some simple math..

1000 photos for an 8hr. wedding is 1 shot every 30 seconds. Take away at least and hour for travel time, and dinner, and your taking a shot every 26 seconds. I suggest that if they wanted this type of coverage they should hire a photographer for a couple of hours to do the more formal shots for the album and hard-copy prints and a videographer for the Ceremony and Reception..


Comment #8

Hi ClareT.

Thanks for the comments..

1. The market I work in and project my adverts towards is the Asian/Indian Wedding market. I have assisted in a couple of Traditional 'Church' weddings but find that I keep busy with the Asian market. I can see how the website would not appeal to the 'Church' bride..

2. totally agree with putting on more bride/groom pictures. Am working on it..

3. I do on the first page state prices starting from 699, but with couples selecting different things to be included in their package, it's tricky to point to a few specific prices. I think 699 for a wedding photographer is quite reasonable..

4. Geographical location = good point will mention it on the website..

5. I think customer relations/service is a very large key element with wedding photography..

Again, thankyou for you comments you have provided a good external view of the website..


Comment #9

Hi Nick.

I've changed the wording in the packages to.

# minimum number of photographs.

I do try to plan my shots but with me still learning, I also experiment when I get a chance, so I might end up with about 100-150 extra shots that are me experimenting...

Comment #10

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