Avoiding social temptation during Medifast ?

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Hello all!.

I'm apart of a goal group and one of the ladies mentioned how she had a really hard time during a recent social event. I thought it would be a great help to all of us if we could post what/how we are going to resist the temptations of this Holiday Season. If we go out prepared I'm sure we'll have a much more successful social season this year. We are all in different arenas of our journey (just starting/somewhere in between/reaching our goal) so the more people we have respond with how they have or will handle this coming or previous years Holiday, the better..

For me? So far the only thing I have even thought of is making sure I eat before I leave & order plenty of bars so I can take something with me.

What are you doing?.


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Going to a basketball watching/dinner party on Saturday. I'm bringing veggies and dressing and am planing on eating soup before I go and on;y eating what is on plan there...

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I'm going to my first party since starting fact I have two this weekend! My plan is to eat a meal with good protein just before and then stash some soy crisps. Soy crisps have been my lifesaver at the movies!..

Comment #2

Went to a dessert and coffee party last weekend. Before I went I cut up two crunch bars and put them in a zip lock. Then when everyone else was snacking on cookies and brownies, I put a couple pieces of crunch bars on my napkin and I was fine...

Comment #3

I was still in the weight loss phase last Christmas. I spent the week at my sister's house, like I usually do. The sister I stayed with keeps almost nothing but junk in the house, but she was incredibly supportive of my efforts to lose weight. By that time, I was almost at goal so there was no way I was going to blow all that hard work for some cookies or cheesecake. I went grocery shopping the day I arrived and bought egg beaters, chicken breasts, salad veggies and some extra lean turkey ham. I ate my 5 medifast meals during the day, and had my lean and green when the rest of the family had their dinner.

As for all the other goodies (especially at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners), I ate what was on plan and left everything else to the rest of the family. No wishing I could eat it, no longing for a plate of anything, just security in knowledge that it would be there the next year if/when I chose to have some..

What it came down to was my determining just how committed I was to my health and my fledgling habits of eating healthy foods. I was committed, so I was not going to jump off the wagon. It helped that my entire family was squarely in my corner and did all they could to encourage me to stick with it (my other sister even made a special dish for me for Christmas Eve dinner when she made a huge spread for the whole family). That kind of encouragement and support was tremendous, but even it had not been there, I was not going to set myself up to ruin all the hard work I had done up to that point.

Prepare, plan, and renew your commitment to yourself and you will get through the holidays. And remember, the food and drink are NOT what make the holidays holy, and they are not meant to be the main focus of the celebrations...

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I'm going to a party on Saturday and have offered to bring cucumber and tomato salad - except I'll have the cukes and tomatoes separate so people can mix as they like (and I can weigh my portions with my portable scale - or prepackage my own salad) with the dressing on the side. They are serving ham (relatively on plan, although the sodium is a beast) which I'll eat with my salad..

I'll also bring myself a Medifast brownie so when they break out the goodies I"ll have my next meal :-)..

Comment #5

For me the best thing to do was limited social engagements during weight loss. It wasn't about folks not being supportive but about knowing myself. I have huge avoidance issues and being in peer situations can be hard for me. A few times when we had to be somewhere I made sure that we went before or after food was served and made our goodbyes and headed out...

Comment #6

I'll be in transition during the holidays I think. I plan to stay OP and transition properly. I am trying so hard to change my ideas about food being the central activity during social events. I will bring whatever I need to bring to stay OP......and think of all the oooey, goooey sugar,salt and fat laden foods as poison because, when you get right down to it, that's the effect they have on our bodies. I think if I can have some fruit by then, I'll be in heaven...

Comment #7

I have been on Medifast 7 weeks now and have been to 3 parties and several weekends with family gatherings and food. Just continued what I have been doing because this to me is more important than anything else right now. It has been an interesting process for me because I have not even been tempted. Served the cake ( carrot-my favorite) at my cousins wedding 3 weeks ago and wasn't even tempted to lick my fingers when the cream cheese frosting found it's way on my fingers. I have been amazed at how easy it has been for me. I have even planned my Thanksgiving dinner to be completely OP.

It has become mind over matter and is what we choose to make it. My DH on the other hand dreams of it and what he will eat. I told him it was his choice not mine to make for him. He has lost 30 lbs and is close to goal. We will see...

Comment #8

For the holidays and gatherings being prepared is key! I always carry extra Medifast meals and usually pack my own L+G in a cooler which I keep in the car. That way if someone serves something that is on plan I will have some otherwise I will grab my meal out of the car. Thankfully my family is very supportive and this Thanksgiving I already have my meal all planned out. While everyone is having the normal sides I can stay OP and be happy at eating and being healthier...

Comment #9

First of all, I am starting out by severely limiting how often my family goes out to eat at restaurants during the next couple of months. That is a huge test of my willpower and I don't need extra tests this time of year!.

Secondly, I eat ahead of time before an event so I'm not hungry. I also stash a bar in my pocket or purse to eat in the bathroom if I'm seriously tempted by the food there. I'd rather eat an extra Medifast meal than go off-plan on party food..

Finally, I have a bottle of water in my hand all the time at a social gathering. That keeps me busy and gives me something to put into my mouth if I need it. SF mint gum would be a good option..

Good thread!.


Comment #10

My plan of attack!.

1) Eat before I go to event..

2) Always have water in my hand..

3) Stay away from the kitchen, or wherever the food is laid out..

4) Pretend that I'm so skinny and dainty that I couldn't possibly even fit one bite of food in my stomach b/c I'm soooo full from my last meal...

Comment #11

I have been to several parties/picnics and managed to find things to eat that were on plan. I am going to a wedding this weekend and it is the start of week two of transition as well. I will eat portions that meet the plan...

Comment #12

I love the idea of cooking a L/G for your family. In the last month, I've done this with mine and my husband loves the healthier meals I cook... I usually just add some simple pasta on the side for my teenage boys. And was a great point to remind all that the holidays are not supposed to be about food and drink, but family and friends.

One more thing-I'm sooo glad that I have a supporting family. When they found out that my DH talked me into trying MF, they were so thrilled (scared about my health), I don't even think I could cheat this year... they wouldn't let me. Even if I didn't have them, I know that I would have everyone here at Medifast to help me through....


Comment #13

I used to work with a woman who is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 85 pounds. She made herself one slice of toast with pb, looked at it and said "I don't think I can finish this whole thing!" It made me want to smack her...

Comment #14

I think this is about the most important thread there is! Everyone needs to be really figuring this out, thinking about it and learning from each other. Special occassions are EVERYWHERE all the time. The holidays are especially bad but unless your live and work in a cave you are faced with lots and lots of very high calorie, high fat, high carb foods at almost every single social event. Heck, every time you go into a grocery store! If you don't want to gain all the weight back after Medifast then you really have to learn how to deal with these ongoing, all the time situations of daily living.

Everyone's ideas are fantastic and will work. I think the big change that has to happen before any of them will work, though, is that you really have to come to terms with the fact that these foods are just never going to be part of your life again. Because once you get back to eating a ton of sweets your body will just crave them more and more and soon you won't be able to control yourself and you'll be up ten, twenty, fifty or more pounds, feeling as desperate and discouraged as you did before MF. Yea, you can have a bite or a small piece on a regular basis without getting your body back out of whack, or even a big hunking serving if it's only once every couple months. But basically, je just simply have to give these things up. There is no other possible way to stay healthy..

As far as techniques go, the biggest is just setting your mind away from them. Once you've really really really decided you aren't going to eat them then it's much easier. If you are feeling horribly tempted and deprived by being around these foods then you haven't won the most important battle yet. Enough time on Medifast and I think most people do start winning that battle, it takes time after all, for your mind and body to get "normal" again..

The best technique I have found for myself is that I stop seeing these things. I keep my eyes off, just sweep them out of my sight and my mind, over and over. If I see some amazing dessert and realized I am looking at it like a teenage boy looks at a centerfold, then I sweep it out of my head and don't see it anymore. When I'm in this zone, I can look at my very favorite junk foods and I respond to it like I would seeing a lamp. It doesn't touch me. Its a fantastic feeling and there isn't any deprivation involved. It is so much easier once you get into that place...

Comment #15

I have celiac disease and need to avoid wheat which makes these situations very challenging. Pre Medifast I found that if I went to a social engagement and could not enjoy the foods others were enjoying it lead to binging later (not just one gluten free brownie to meet the need, but half a pan). I found that if I preplanned and brought something sweet or salty (my own gluten free brownie or chips) that I could have it removed the whole cycle..

Since starting MF, I have employed the same planning. I use the chili nacho puffs for pizza parties, parmesan puffs at the movies, a pb bar, cinnamon roll, or lemon bar if sweets or desserts are involved. Chocolate pudding has worked at McDonalds. It has really helped me stay on plan without feeling deprived..

Last month my sister took the family out to ice cream when I went to visit and I thought it might be a problem as I was not able to bring my own soft serve. The fruit punch worked great and all the kids thought it was great that the white powder turned hot pink. They were actually jealous!..

Comment #16

My boys do the same thing all the time!! Constantly trying to get at my food... lol I made brownies for them and my Medifast brownie for me the other day... Once they devoured theirs, they had the nerve to ask me for some of mine! LOL I threatened to break their fingers if they even attempted to touch it... lol.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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