GoDaddy reviews : Advise I invest in GoDaddy?? Avoid 1and1(and a law question)

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I use to speak pretty highly of 1and1 until I tried to cancel my account. Now I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of using them to stay away..

I had a dedicated server with them last year. In december the site I was hosting on it was sold so I decided to cancel the server and transfer my domains to godaddy..

I received a mail back in December(before the billing cycle) confirming my account had been canceled..

Come January I was billed again. I mailed their billing support advising that I had canceled my account and went on with my life..

Last week I received 3 letters from NCO collections each with a different bill in it for the sum of $300usd. The company listed was 1and1 which I found confusing. I called NCO and was directed to 1and1..

The first support person I spoke to advised that they had no record of me canceling me account at all. I told him I had a mail from them confirming my account was canceled and he said to mail it in and they'd sort it out..

I mailed that in and didn't hear back so I called back again and was told it wasn't canceled and the mail I had saying it had been canceled wasn't the real cancellation notice but I should have received another one that I had to fax back to cancel my account(I don't have this mail but had left the call to look for it)..

After some investigation online I've found tons of people who have apparently had the exact same issue, they cancel the service through the online tool then are billed when later told they had to fax something too. I filed a complaint with the BBB at this point and called back today. After speaking to a billing rep who was rude and dismissive I asked to speak to a manager..

I retold the story up to that point and was told the mail I had was for canceling my domains not my server. I advised him that I never canceled my domains but changed registrars and that was done through a different site. He then said, heres the contact I have with you. You canceling your domains *but not servers* on December 22nd. On January 16th you contact us asking why we are still billing you for canceled services. Then he realized he'd just confirmed what I'd said and said "But we were allowed to keep billing you because you hadn't paid the cancelation fee of $99"..

So I said, ok I'll pay that now, and we're all clear right? And he advised me that no, I had to pay the $99 cancelation fee, plus the $300 in charges despite admitting that I had in fact requested cancellation of the account..

Now I'm stuck though. I don't want to pay them $300. I can but I don't want to because I feel they are trying to scam me out of it. If I don't pay they have advised they will notify the credit bureaus and report the failure to pay which will damage my credit score..

So what should I do to stop this? Is there legal action I can take that applies here? I'm in Canada and would probably spend up to a couple grand fighting this but if it's going to be a long drawn out process I'm not sure..

If they put it on my credit report what are my changes with the credit bureaus getting it removed? This shit is stressing me out all over less than a good night out with friends, but it's the principal of the matter. I feel like I'm being extorted and I don't like that..

I should note that when I filed with the BBB they had 177 other complaints in the past 12 months against 1and1 most of them(148) in the billing section..

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Stay the hell away from 1and1. The pricing is attractive but I've also had awful experiences trying to cancel accounts and/or services with them...

Comment #1

Wow, that is really bad, thank you for sharing (I am looking for new hosts and 1and1 was on my list... now it is gone).

...I'm sorry that happend to you.....

Comment #2

Ouch dammit. I never heard of any cancellation fees as high of $99.

Is the $300 charged? I think you can try request a chargeback. Good luck...

Comment #3

The $300 isn't charged it's been billed and is now with a collection agency. My girlfriend is suggesting I just pay it because my time is worth more than it but I feel like I'm being extorted and I'm pretty pissed off at them..

I've looked into the other peoples complaints as well and it appears that the BBB and FTC have just dismissed a number of them so I'm feeling less confident in winning an judgment on it...

Comment #4

Do they have your SSN? Can they do anything to your credit? They won't take you to court over $300, so just ignore it...

Comment #5

I'm in Canada so I don't have a SSN, but I believe they can add to my credit report which is the only thing I'm worried about right now...

Comment #6

I made the mistake of registering a bunch of domains with 1and1. They absolutely suck.

I tried to cancel some domains and I had to actually sign and fax something back to them, and basically jump through hoops.

And then I tried to transfer a domain from them to my GoDaddy account just yesterday and so far it ain't working - they never acknowledge having received the transfer request. Did I mention they suck?..

Comment #7


I in no way mean any disrespect and truly hate to hear of customers who have bad experiences with 1&1. I do find that the majority of the time, it is due to a lack of understanding of the general Terms and Conditions, or the unwillingness to "jump through hoops" (ala do what it takes). This is not true of just web hosts though, but any major company. Of course experiences will vary, so I hate to see over generalizations..

According to what I have found, the majority of BBB complaints have either been resolved or 1&1 made resonable attempts to resolve them..

With over 6 million satified customers world-wide, and over 3 million hosted sites, I can safely say that for most people, 1&1 will be just fine.

If you are worried about cancellation procedures, please call and stay on the phone until you fully understand what you need to do, and what 1&1 can and cannot do for you. There do need to be some protections to ensure that fraudsters are not able to arbitrarily take down someone's domain or hosting plan. And remember it is up to you to make sure all your contact and billing information is kept up to date. No company can do this for you, and it can be a major cause of problems..

Again, I am sorry 1&1 didn't work out for some of you. I bet there are still more than a few of us for whom 1&1 is just fine..

Even if you don't choose 1&1, their presence in the market does force other hosts to offer more for less. This benefits everyone..

Wickedfire newbie,.


Comment #8


I use my own email for this forum, but here are the other email addys you can use (depending on what you need).


Comment #9

Joshua.sloan @

Director of Online Marketing..

I happen to be a customer and have never had an issue, but if you want to respond to something like this on a forum at least be honest about who you are instead of making it look like you have some sort of unbiased opinion. That my friend, is lame..



Comment #10

OMG! I was just thinking the exact same thing as I was reading the post! LOL..

Comment #11

No bullshit, here's Joshua's LinkedIn Profile:.

Joshua Sloans Experience.

Director of Online Marketing.

1&1 Internet, Inc..

(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Internet industry).

June 2004  Present (3 years 1 month).

Responsible for all 1&1 U.S. online marketing. Online media planning, buying, tracking. Online sales channels include organic and paid search engine listings, affiliate sales and other sales partnerships..


Comment #12

I seldom have time to make posts to any forum. I Like WF alot and I know there are WF members who do already know me, so I don't mind being "outed". I just chose to be low key for my very first post because I was not sure whether I could help the people in this thread ot not. No one looks forward to being flamed, so I hope you'll understand..

I have experience over the last 10 years with many different hosting companies; control panels, billing and tech support issues. So I do kind of consider myself to be at least somewhat unbiased. I was only trying to offer general insights. In my post, I was not trying to sell anyone on 1&1, and didn't think I was saying 1&1 is "the best". I always tell my friends and family...don't buy from 1&1 because I work there. Check out all the features, call the pre-sales info line, look over the T&C and then if you still feel good, I think you'll love the price.

It is with trepidation that any "corporate type" ventures into the land of forums, but if I really wanted to "hide", either I would not have posted, or at least used a different email address. I was under no illusion that folks would believe I was not at 1&1 that's why I specifically used my work email addy. I actually find WF to be an excellent forum and valuable resource and will try to find a way to promote it to the 1&1 affiliates in the near future..

As a WF noob, I hope you'll understand and forgive me if my post seemed lame and I will fully disclose in future posts. Lesson learned..


Joshua Sloan.

(you've already got my linkedin details).

PS - I hope to meet a WF site admin at Affiliate Summit in Miami soon. I hope he will give me some pointers about how to better address WF members concerns without bringing down fire and brimstone on myself, or at least without embarassment...

Comment #13

Send off a debt validation letter to the collection agency. The collection agency will have to respond with info showing that you actually owe them the debt. This is assuming that 1&1 sold them the debt, otherwise they won't be under the fair debt collection practices act. however, it wouldn't hurt just to send one out anyway. Learn more here:.

Debt Validation: The ultimate weapon against the collection agencies..

Comment #14

Thank you for your response. Now a question for you about the procedure that I cannot understand. As you've stated you have a lot of experience in this field so I expect you'll be able to explain this to me a lot better than I could ever figure out on my own..

Having read up more I realize the error in my ways was not jumping through the hoops 1and1 setup in the cancellation process which you explained is to stop a fraudster from canceling another users account on them..

I've found copies of the email I should have received about the fax from other people online who have encountered similar problems and that mail informs the person to log onto the site and download the form. Then sign it and fax it to you..

My question is, how does this stop fraud? If someone has logged into my account on and requested a cancellation then whats to stop them from downloading the form that billing support has told me is at the end of the form, signing it and faxing it in? I didn't need to fax anything in to sign up so you don't have a copy of my signature on file or even an originating fax address to compare to. How does this stop fraud?.

They already have access to everything they need to cancel the account so the fax is just a hoop to slow or dissuade normal customers from canceling..

Thank you in advance...

Comment #15


You fucking got caught. That was lame. 1&1 officially have lost any and all of my future business..


Josh (the good one on these forums)..

Comment #16

Are you guys serious? When I read his first post it was obvious to me he was from 1&1. How can you guys think otherwise? It's an impossible balancing act you all must expect from corporate forum members. If they mention their company they are a shill, but if they don't they are somehow evasive..

I'll never use 1&1 because of all the horror stories I've heard, but props to jsloan for addressing this thread with maturity...

Comment #17

Its not a balancing act. If he wanted to be anonymous insider within the company, he could have said 'Im in with 1and1 but dont want my name revealed' and not have registered with jsloan. If he wanted to represent 1and1 he could have said so in his sig or not have so lamely signed off in his first post as 'WickedFire Newbie, Josh'.

His act was obvious. His ploy was bullshit. My business is elsewhere...

Comment #18

I agree with Dull,.

Sometimes fuckin people make mistakes and the first thing they do is go to a forum and blast the company and give all these horror stories. Well, I have heard people complain about every single company and entity in this business. You name it, GoDaddy, 1and1,Dreamhost,Hostgator,etc.

As for Josh, I immediately knew he was with 1and1 from the first paragraph. Some of you fuckers are just looking for something to bitch about. On poster now even admits that he was too fucking lazy to actually take the necessary steps to do what was needed to properly have the account closed. All I have to say to most of you bitching is, Get a life!..

Comment #19

Anyone who knows josh wouldn't flame him.......he represents his company well and is an asset to the industry in general...

Comment #20

J Sloan. I am very familiar with 1and1 and what they do with billing. It's a big fucken scam. Same shit AOL used to do. So many layers and bullshit just to make people frustrated and say fuck it.

You guys know that if you fuck with x amount of people, that you will get x amount that say fuck you give me my money and the rest cry uncle and move on, BURNED! What is it 25% fight back and you have to refund, 75% you steal and they never do shit. Those are great SACM coneversion sir..

You get a BBB complaint then you handle the issue so it doesn't go down on your perm record. Come on everyone know that the BBB is a fucken joke. You get a complaint you handle, it's resolved. Again, the numbers game you all play..

That's why 1and1 keeps costs so low is by ripping people off and providing the crapiest customer service in da world.. should be your URL...

Comment #21

How lame! I can be the greatest guy in the world but if I work for Hitler.

The company you keep says a lot about who you are..

Anyone can fluff up shit to look like a Baby Ruth dude...

Comment #22

I had this EXACT thing happen to me with them, luckily though my bill wasnt as expensive so I just paid it. THen like 2 months ago they sent me another email sayin I owed them money, if I get another letter with a bill from NCO financial or what ever the fuck the company was called I will not pay it...

Comment #23

Joshua, please let your company be very careful with their marketing practices, I have heard of the FBI raiding office/ companies who were acting in the same manner defrauding people.........

Comment #24

You know, I gotta say, I used to really dislike 1&1, but then again, I've never used them, but recently for an upcoming service launch for WickedFire I had to take a pretty in-depth look at all the hosting companies, at least the major ones.

After looking at it, there are some things I noticed that I guess I never really realized before. 1&1 is not a hosting company meant for the average webmaster/affiliate or internet savvy kind of person. They are much more geared towards the newbies. I put them into the same category as Godaddy, Yahoo, etc. for hosting, because they are like the default or first choice kind of place for someone that doesn't really have a clue about hosting. I'm not bashing them at all for it either, because they serve a purpose for sure.

But for a webmaster, no way.

When it comes down to it, would any of you ever buy hosting from Godaddy or Yahoo? I fuckin hope not! Even if you're a newbie in this field, you are still more advanced and should know better than to buy into a service that is targeting the REAL newbies. The newbies I'm talking about are people with offline businesses that want a website and pay $5k for a piece of crap design and monthly maintainance fees from a company that doesn't rely on CSS or still makes pages with Frontpage and uses clipart from the 90's. THOSE are the types of clients that 1&1 target, and THOSE are the types that will forever remain happy with them as their host provider..

The only thing you guys should use 1&1 for is maybe buying a server from them and acting like a private label reseller to the super newbie crowd. There's a lot of money just lying around and waiting to be made if you have something to offer them. I can assure you, they could care less about anything we focus on. They get all excited when you offer them 1000 email address and 20 domain name spots, big fucking woop, that's standard, haha. But to them they focus on that because they don't know any better, and to be honest, I don't think they even care much, they just want their hand held, and to be told that what they are getting will serve it's purpose, that's it.

So before you go around bashing hosting companies (trust me, I know there are a lot of them to bash and almost all of them deserve it) you should first look into where they are advertising and maybe ask them who their target market is before you buy into anything. If they say "everyone", well, I'd stay away from them just based on that because that means they aren't thinking about the longterm, and that is one thing all real hosts need to be focused on, the longterm...

Comment #25

By the way.. I spoke to Josh Sloan on the phone yesterday, not even knowing about this thread until he mentioned it, and I know he's a fan of us and he means well, so I don't really think he was trying to covertly pretend to be someone else, not like some of the douchebags in the industry news area.

He pretty much confirmed my theory about them anyway, being geared towards the small-medium businesses that need a babysitter when choosing a host..

As for the cancellation fee, I don't agree with charging anyone $100 for something like that. BUT in their defense, or anyone's, if there was a contract, and it was in the terms, and you signed it, then it's your fault for not reading it. If it wasn't in the terms, then you don't have to pay it, nuff said.

Perhaps 1&1 may want to consider wiping out the cancellation fee for all affiliates/webmasters in general who weren't aware that 1&1's target market are the Godaddy upsell product suckers crowd and not the more experienced, savvy WF crowd. That would probably make both sides pretty happy, and it would also save me a shitload of time for having to get involved in this to mediate the situation... which I will do if there isn't an agreement reached on both sides since both of you are WickedFire members, that's the unwritten courtesy rule I follow. Everyone here is protected, and if there is an issue that can't be solved and WickedFire's forum is used as the arena (last ditch effort to solve it, don't use us as the first resort) then I need to get involved.

But to both of you.. if I do get involved, I will look at the situation from an outsider's point of view and post my recommendations on what needs to be done, and if one side doesn't follow it, then off to the blacklist you go, regardless if you are a company or long time member here..

So my advice to both of you guys, 1&1 and casidnet is to come up with an agreement to settle this issue otherwise I will get involved.

Let me know what you guys want to do so we can settle it as quickly as possible...

Comment #26

Alright, I probably shouldn't get involved but... here:.

GoDaddy, 1&1/1and1 traffic comparison via Alexa: Related Info for:

As you can see GoDaddy gets about 6x - 8x the traffic of 1and1. (I know alexa ranks aren't very accurate..).

1and1, 1&1 BBB Data:.

Number of complaints processed by the BBB over the last 36 months: 376.

Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 207.

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s)..

Source: Better Business Bureau Reliability Report.

GoDaddy BBB Data:.

The BBB processed a total of 327 complaints about this company in the last 36 months.Of the total of 327 complaints closed in 36 months, 106 were closed in the last year..

Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record ..


So... GoDaddy probably has at least 10x the amount of costumers(maybe 100x?). Yet, 1and1 has more reports with the better business bureau..

1&1, 1and1 RipOffReports:.

You searched for: 1and1.

Approximately 11 Reports Found.

Source: Ripoff Report Search Results: 1and1.

You searched for: 1&1.

Approximately 10 Reports Found.

*A few of the results are the same*.

Source:Ripoff Report Search Results: 1&1.

GoDaddy RipOffReports:.

You searched for: godaddy.

Approximately 26 Reports Found.

Source: Ripoff Report Search Results: godaddy.

So your web hosting company has fewer costumers, yet more complaints than GoDaddy? You guys obviously have a problem.. I am beginning to wonder if the domain choice and company name aren't just to divide the amount of complaints and scams by 2(1and1, 1&1). This way people can't properly research your company. It obviously is shitty if you're trying to get a brand going..

You guys are scam artists, legally conning people with your cancellation fees and procedures that deter them from ever canceling your service. I suggest you either fix all the issues you have now (drop the cancellation fees and start taking care of your costumers), or fucking go crazy with and and just flat out charge people for shit they didn't do. Shit, why not bill them for features they never ordered!? Add something else sneaky to the contract like a "Nameserver update fee of $99"! Fuck, you guys could really make much more that way... Ride this bitch while it lasts!.


Comment #27

Well shit RudeDogg, you just did lots of research for me.. Thanks! Can I use you for other mediation issues? I'm serious too, because mediating things on here can be a huge task and a giant pain in the ass...

Comment #28

Good to hear this..

They are currently my host but I now know what to look out for..


Comment #29

Serious question here, if you're charged their obscene cancel fee what recourse do you have? It seems like you're pretty much fucked, unless I'm missing something...

Comment #30

Yeah I think you pretty much are It's a legally binding contract, and their TOS is very vague.. So they can basically charge you for anything and everything they want. The messed up part is that there isn't any real mention of a cancellation fee. You would think they would just charge for the remainder of the contract (which is still pretty lame).

Written in small text of course, this only applies to the "specials" they have going on. It doesn't seem that way though, because it only shows you 3 months charges.

So when you add the software package you're agreeing to a one year contract. It doesn't seem that way though, because it only shows you 3 months charges. (some of the other packages have 3 and 6 month agreements)..

But then this is in the TOS :S.

Anyway, yeah they do have some pretty shady stuff going on. It's obvious that the way they present this contract isn't working, people don't understand that it's a 12 month agreement. Any legitimate company would make the contract more visible, which would stop all the BBB complaints..

@Jon: Sure, I'm down to help out. I like doing this kind of stuff, PM with info whenever..

Comment #31

You're in Canada?.

How can an American company touch your credit?.

If they can, all you need to do is call the bureau and dispute the charges. The onus will then be on 1and1 to prove that you have to pay, and I doubt that they would take it that far...

Comment #32

After reading your story I skipped to the bottom, so sorry if I'm repeating anything someone else had said..

First, check to see if that $99 fee is mentioned anywhere..

If it is, don't pay it or the $300. $300 won't hurt your credit that much and after a few years (5 to 7 I believe) it won't even exist on your credit app...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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