Average weight loss from Medifast?

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Everyone seems to think they are slow losers. Medifast says the average weight loss is 2-5 lbs a week. If you average out the losses, do you get around 2 lbs a week? My loss was 2.5 per week. Some weeks were 0, some were .8 and some were 3, but averaged 2.5. Just curious and possibly give some hope to some of you..

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That is a great post. I think many times some of us look for 5lb losses every week. I have had some very slow weeks but overall, no other plan has worked for me like MF...

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I ran some numbers this weekend. I am on track for hitting my original goal two months before the date the local center gave me when I first consulted them. Even with a two week hiatus, I am averaging 3.46/wk...

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WOW, Wonderful! Congratulations! Men do tend to lose faster...grrrr..

Comment #3

22.5 lbs in 9 weeks is 2.5 lb/wk. Right on target. Looking at the big picture helps a lot...

Comment #4

I think it has to do with how much you weigh. I think those who weigh more, tend to lose more and those with not that much too lose will lose less. Personally, I am lucky if I hit that 2 pound per week goal, but any loss is good to me!..

Comment #5

I agree with this - it seems like, in general, the more someone has to lose when they start the more they will lose each week, especially at the beginning. Of course, everyone will go at their own pace regardless!.

In response to concerns about slower losses, someone smarter than me once said "The time will pass either way, would you rather be losing or gaining/maintaining?" I tried to keep this in mind when I was worried about losing too slowly.

All that said, I averaged about 2.5 pounds per week, and started with about 60 to lose...

Comment #6

Was the same for me losing 30+ pounds. I believe that heavier people lose more in the first 2 weeks, but after that it's the same struggle. Now the last 10 came off incredibly slow in my mind...

Comment #7

I also forgot to mention that your own metabolism and age also play a huge part. I am in my 50's - it is alot harder for me now to lose weight than it was in my 20's, 30's or 40's, and I stay on the program 100%, drink my water, exercise, etc. I can't make my body lose any faster so I just accept my weight loss for each week as it is...

Comment #8

I'm averaging 2.16 pounds/week right now. My weigh ins are all over the place. I travel alot and I have done 4/2 at times when needed.

What I look at is: 1) not gaining as said before 2) I look at the better choices I'm making now versus before. For example, going to family parties and staying on plane or when I'm traveling for work and thinking about what I would have eaten "before" like sweets etc that I don't eat now...

Comment #9

You're doing great Abby. Not counting my first two weeks (which I think skew the averages), I am losing at a rate of a little more than a pound a week. With over 50 pounds still to lose, I'm not sure this is the way for me to go. I still spend much of the day hungry and, occasionally, lightheaded. Maybe I need to go 4 & 2, I don't know. Will stick it out OP another week..


Comment #10

Jan- You've only been OP for 5 weeks???? Did you re-start? At 5 weeks that's 2.8 lbs a week. The average includes the first weeks whoosh. I lost 7 lbs the first week, which I though was low compared to others losing 10+, but then again, I drank lots of water previously, etc. You shouldn't be lightheaded at 5 weeks. I'd check with Nutrisystem about that. Are you getting your fat in everyday?..

Comment #11

Awe, I love Dory! Way to stick to your plan!..

Comment #12

My average was 3 pounds a week for the first 12 weeks. We'll see how it goes from there. I sure am happy...

Comment #13

I've been on this program since the end of July. I don't know what my average is, but the past few weeks I've been losing "just" 1 to 2 lbs, for a total of just under 30 lbs. When I was younger I could easily lose 30 lbs in 3 to 4 weeks. I've had to accept that it simply takes longer now. I'm also hoping that because of changing my eating habits for a much longer period of time I'll be able to transition more easily and keep the weight off this time. I'm HAPPY!!!..

Comment #14

Great thread I think some of us are still are looking for that magic plan (myself included) where if we do the right things, the weight will melt off consistently and extremely quickly! Unfortunately, our bodies sometimes have minds of their own. From all the examples I see on here, it will come off, just not always 4 lbs a week like we would prefer!.

Month 1 ( -7 ,-3, -2, -2)..

Comment #15

I'm calculating here, if you have been doing this for 9 weeks, your average is about 3 lbs per week at 27 lbs lost thus far. I'm 54, so I'm not going with the slow/less weight to lose, etc. I believe a 2 lb loss per week is a great average at any age, weight, etc. Slower numbers sometime means better long term results. I think you are doing "just" GREAT!..

Comment #16

I've lost an average of 2.397 lbs per week. I've had several weeks where I lost 0 or .5, so it definitely evens out if you look at the big picture!.

Great post!..

Comment #17

I'm averaging about 3.75 lbs a week. I've lost 25 pounds in 4 weeks, so if you do the math, that averages to 6.25 lbs a week...however, I'm subtracting the first 10 lbs that was my initial weight loss on MF. My ticker shows 33 lbs because I lost 10 before starting MF. As long as the weight is coming off, I am happy!..

Comment #18

I averaged less than a pound a week. That wasn't any different than when I lost my initial 30 pounds on WW. I am always a slow loser. I just plateaued on WW for two years, I had to come here to lose the last 30. That being said, the biggest difference for me was the fat burning vs just losing weight. Medifast allowed me to lose where I couldn't on other plans.

WW never got me there and my body wouldn't take any level of cajoling to release it. As a daily bellly dancer who also lifts weights, exercise wasn't an issue. I was fit and fat. Medifast held the key to me becoming fit and fab...

Comment #19

I've averaged at ~2 pounds a week, which I thought would be more since i'm young and have never seriously dieted before.. but I will definitely take 2 pounds... like people said, it's better than gaining, and over time, it really does add up..

Comment #20

MF's promotional materials say "UP TO 2-5 pounds/week." The "up to" part makes a big difference...

Comment #21

My 4-week averages are about 8 lbs. So, yes, about 2 lbs. a week. Though, it's been feeling slow when you have 1-lb., 1-lb., 1-lb., then suddenly 3-lb. Annoying. LOL!..

Comment #22

Why sell ourselves short when figuring this out? ABSOLUTELY the first week/two weeks count in our averages..

After 12 weeks, I've lost 2.5 pounds per week on average. It is good to come back to this because there are certainly some discouraging weeks where I lose nothing or only one pound...

Comment #23

I avg about 3-5 lbs a week....mostly 4 lbs for now but I'm sure it will slow down eventually but any loss in my book is a great loss!..

Comment #24

<raises hand> I'm a slow loser... 1.45 average. I'll take every ounce and not complain..

It's more than I've ever lost before..

Comment #25

I lose slow...and am totally ok with it.

The reasoning is that as long as I am losing life is good. It is when I stop losing and gain every week it is bad. I figure the weeks that I maintain it is my body having a moment.

Birthday week I didn't lose anything but I also ate out of my comfort zone. I was ok with it and moved on. This week I lost 3 lbs. So it all evens out...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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