Average Loss from Medifast Program?

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I had a great first two weeks, but now I'm slowing down... What was your average weight loss for the first few months? Anyone lose less than 2 lbs per week while OP?..

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I am in my sixth week... if you go to my page, I have my stats listed there... but so far I am averaging around 5 pounds a week... I am expecting it be more like 4 pounds a week... good luck to you!..

Comment #1

Some weeks I have lost 2 pounds, some 1, some none/fractions of a pound. I've had a couple of weeks where I lost 3..

The first week always gives the biggest number for most of us. After that, it all depends on how much you have to lose. People who need to lose more will lose more, but have a lot farther to go. People who need to lose less will lose less, but are much closer to their goal. Even people who started with a lot to lose, the closer they get to goal, the less they seem to lose per week, but in the end it all averages out to a pretty impressive number..

Nearly everyone hits a slow down/stall/gain in weeks 3-5. For women, I think this is due to their monthly cycle and will find that they will always have a slow down/stall/gain every four weeks from there on out..

The thing to keep in mind is that it takes 3500 net surplus calories to make a pound of fat. If every day we end up with a net negative calorie count, we can't possibly be gaining fat. It's probably water retention and/or inflammation or just that we have to accept that weight loss isn't this nice neat linear progression..

If you stick to the plan, avoid too much wiggle roomseriously, just submit and accept the foods they list as on plan and everything else as "for another time", you'll lose weight at a good pace for your body. You have to be honest with yourself though and log every bite taste lick that makes it past your lips. Only then can you see where you might not have stayed on plan, and yes, sometimes those things do go against our expectation of the plan. But that's not the plan's fault, that's our own fault for being stubborn and not "listening" to what the plan is saying will absolutely, positively work with the best, fastest, and ultimately most cost effective, results. And yes, that last sentence is just as much for me to listen to as anyone else reading. I make mistakes and it absolutely shows in my weekly progress reports that are listed in my signature...

Comment #2

I've averaged 3.38 in 22 weeks...but I seem to have settled in to a 2.6/week average the last 16 weeks or so. Being a guy, I seem to be on the low end compared to other men that post on these boards but you really can't compare. The key is to stick to the plan every day and the losses will be consistent and they will add up over time...

Comment #3

My losses have been:.








I'm starting to sense a pattern here....

Comment #4

I have lost a little less than 2 pounds average after my first few weeks. It is annoying, as I have been 100% OP. My first four weeks gave me a loss of 11.2 pounds, the second set of four was 7.4 pounds, and the third set was 6.4. It does, however, add up - and it definitely beats the alternative!..

Comment #5

2-3 lbs/week. Closer to 3 lbs/week near the beginning, and then settles into 2 lbs a week...

Comment #6

Congrats to you! Keep up the good work! I lost 13 lbs in the first week! Then....much less after that even though I was OP. So, keep up the great work!..

Comment #7

First, congratulations on your losses so far. Weight loss isn't linear so please don't expect to see the same thing every week. I averaged less than a pound a week, but I got to my goal when no other plan could. I've been following the Medifast maintenance plan and I'm maintaining my weight now easily...

Comment #8

I have average just under 2 lbs a week. I had no losses for almost three weeks bu I lossed 4 lbs In six days.

Whatever the rate, it DOES come off...

Comment #9

Well, right now, I am losing a lot, at least 5 a week, but I have not been at it that long. I expect that I will lose less per week as I get smaller because it will simply take less energy to run my smaller body...

Comment #10

Average 2-3 lbs. but for 2 weeks, I didn't lose anything. I'm in week 8 now and have lost 16.5 lbs. Never happened on any other diet and I've been on many! Kudos to MF!..

Comment #11

My stats below. Whenever I (erroneously) think it isn't fast enough, I remind myself that on my own, my weekly losses were zero or a gain!!..

Comment #12

My average is 2.8 but it is skewed because of higher losses in the beginning when I was heavier. Now a days I tend to be between 1 -2.5 a week. Remember as you get thinner you have less to lose and the numbers will go down. Stay on plan, take measurements and photos and don't get discouraged - it will happen!..

Comment #13

My average was .5 lbs a week. Consistently. 100% OP all the time. I have thyroid issues and fibro and consider myself forever lucky that I lost 50 lbs, even if it did seem to take longer than most. A loss is a loss and as long as the scale moves down, it's all good!..

Comment #14

My numbers are all over the place. It averages out to 2.8 (not counting the first week.) The rates will vary so much based on your own situation. I started with a lot to lose but am also "older" and have yo-yo dieted for the last 38 years. All of those things are going to affect how fast I lose. But, as long as I'm still losing and feel good, I'm happy!.

Wk 1: 9.6.

Wk 2: 3.

Wk 3: 3.6.

Wk 4: 2.8.

Wk 5: 1.

Wk 6: 3.

Wk 7: 3.6.

Wk 8: 3.

Wk 9: 1.6.

Wk 10: 5.

Wk 11: 2.

Wk 12: 2.4.

Wk 13: 3.8.

Wk 14: 3.6.

Wk 15: 2.

Wk 16: 4.4.

Wk 17: 1.6.

Wk 18: 4.2.

Wk 19: 1.8.

Wk 20: 2.8.

Wk 21: 1.2.

Wk 22: 3.2.

Wk 23: 1.8.

Wk 24: 5.6.

Wk 25: 2.75.

Wk 26: 2.65.

Wk 27: 2.6.

Wk 28: +2.

Wk 29: 5.4..

Comment #15

I averaged under 2 lbs per week. But I still got to goal so progress is what matters, not speed...

Comment #16

How absolutely inspiring this, congrats to all of you!!..

Comment #17

I'm averaging ~1.3 pounds/week. I've had a few weeks with less than 1/2 pound and then some over 2. I am very happy with my progress...

Comment #18

At .5 lbs a week it would take almost 2 years to lose 50 lbs, yet on your page you wrote it was 7 months, which is about 1.5 lbs a week. Perhaps a typo?..

Comment #19

My losses lowered as I got closer to goal, but over all it would be 2.5#/week or 10 pounds/month - I lost 50 pounds in 5 months...

Comment #20

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