GoDaddy review : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? Are these 2 domains allowed (TM)

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Abilify is a medication for the treatment of schizophrenia and someone told me the word cannot be used in a domain name, is this correct??.

The above 2 are on sale at Sedo.

Can anyone confirm this.

What about other popular drug names like Soma or Viagra, can they be used..

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Generally, drug companies are very protective of trademarks of their drug names. "Abilify" is also trademarked, and it would probably not a be a good idea to bid on those names given the federal protection of the drug name.

Same rules apply to other trademarked drug names like Viagra...

Comment #1

If you register a domain becuase you heard of a product/service/name, you kind of acknowledge the exsistance of the TM. (I know there will be some arguements, but for the sake of learning, let's keep it simple). All you mentioned are unique branded names. If you are looking for the "score" from the names, that could be concidered bad faith (Some people, like me, would come right out and call you a cybersquatter. If you don't like the sound of that, read the legal section here for a week or 2and find out why we would od such a thing).

Intent and usage plays a very important part of deciding good faith/bad faith (as opposed to legal/illegal)...

Comment #2

It's just plain and simple do not register trademark domains AT ALL... you risk $100,000 dollar lawsuit! some companies are very hardcore on bringing lawsuits while others just look away.. eather way it's not worth it.....

Comment #3

.... if you are looking to make the score (IE- to get paid).

I am a firm believer in fansites and feel they should be protected 100%...

Comment #4

Sigh, don't we wish it's that simple for domain names bearing common words.

That might be used as a trademark by someone somewhere.....

Comment #5

It should be plain and simple not to register trademark domains (like below) and have multiple trademark domains in order to gain personal money, most companies only go after people who know there cybersquatting,etc and making some good cash on there trademark..,, etc etc.

Why would anyone want to register these domains? hmmm... guess a lot by the looks of the old whois databases...

Comment #6

Thanks for the replies everyone, Im not bidding on any of them, was just asking if they are TM'd, thats all.

I was checking some others and some are not reg'd, know I know why??.

Not looking for "the score" as some of you put it..

Comment #7

So that you know this is an International Trademark.

The Trademark is for Class 5:.

Class: 5 Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases and disorders, stroke, cancer, inflammation and inflammatory diseases, respiratory and infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases, antibiotics.

If you are registering this name for no real reason - forget it.

If you legitimately want to use this name for a business, there is nothing stopping you submitting your own Trademark application for this same word as long as it is in a different industry than those all ready registered.


Comment #8

I think he said he didn't own them, right?..

Comment #9

You are correct, the OP does not own them. The the statement is still true, they are parked with someone looking for the score.

It is all about risk/reward, some are more willing to step to the dark side than others. Sometimes, people will get caught, but ost of the itme they won;t. It is all what you are comfortable doing...

Comment #10

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to nitpicky your using trademark as a verb...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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