GoDaddy review : Should I use GoDaddy?? Are .nets just as good as .coms

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Sometimes when I do a search for a domain, the .net will be available but the .com will not. For some reason the .net doesn't quite appeal to me as much as the classic .coms, but how much of a difference is there in resale and/or search engine rankings...

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.com domains will get more type-ins and is probably worth more but it doesn't make much of a difference SEO wise in my experience..

I have a client who I set up a blog for. I asked him what keyword he would like to rank for, he told me, I checked, and the .com was taken. So instead I bought the .net and he now ranks #1 on google for that term.

His niche was not very competitive and the .com was not being used for an actual site. I think the quality of your site is more important...

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It's the content and SEOing that matters most. The thing is, though, if you go with a .net then you're giving away a slight edge to whomever has the .com variant.

Don't get stuck on the idea that you have to have a particular name. Look at most of the successful sites on the net and you'll notice that they started off with names that have little to do with their content. This is so because they used obscure terms that were easier to build into unique brands...

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A king of what?.

I would not say that!.

.net is also ok!..

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.com is king. Why does everyone think .coms are not that great, when the .com is taken but others are not.

Obviously the .com is more desirable, memorable, sexier......

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It doesn't matter really for seo purposes, but if you're in the domain game, then .com is definitely king...

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If your site is well-optimizied for google, it does not matter .net or .com...

Comment #6

.biz is the true king, and it's queen is .info...

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Not everything is about SERPs and SEO... what about word of mouth/viral marketing? I bet a good amount of people will automatically type in .com even if you tell them .net.

I have a horrible domain name for viral marketing, Between the - and the .org, it takes a good 3 times to verbally tell someone the address. I'm sure whoever owned is loving me right now because of all the typo traffic he's getting. bastard...

Comment #8

CLKeenan got it right-, you'll lose traffic if you have the .net and someone has the .com. Amazingly out there you'll find people who have setup a .net leaving the .com unregistered, and later someone comes along and registers it and gets lots of free traffic..

People scan lists of popular sites with foreign extensions such as .de and look for ones that don't have the .com registered.. they can deliver good traffic (although good look finding them)...

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It's already been hinted at or even said outright in this thread, but I'll just sum this argument up as succinctly as I can:.

.COM is king and will almost always be king because of type-in value. The majority of web users will first go to the <keyword>.COM before any other domain (if they even type-in another TLD).

.NET (and other TLD's) are able to compete evenly with .COM's in the SERP's with proper SEO - so for development purposes a .net or .org is as handy as a .com if you can't grab the .com.

However, you ask about RESALE as well as SERP's. To understand why .COM's command a higher price in the aftermarket we turn to the current method of domain name valuation. Right now, many domain investors use scripts or formulas for determining the value of a domain (which account for some multiple of Traffic*CTR*RPC or EPC)A .COM gets the aforementioned type-in value. This type-in traffic can be monetized, so a domain such as vs will receive far more in the aftermarket due to this extra traffic. More traffic often = more revenue. More revenue = higher price at sale time (due to multiples of revenue being used as common valuation tool)...

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