GoDaddy reviews : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? Anyone NOT like cPanel? DirectAdmin instead?

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I'm just wondering if there's any kind of market around here for DirectAdmin hosting over cPanel?.

My next few servers will probably be cPanel, but I was thinking about maybe having one DA server and one cPanel server. However, if it would take a year to find enough people to fill a DA server, I'll just trash the idea...

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I haven't found a reason for not using CPanel so far... so I am currious too about what others have to say.....

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Demos for those of you have haven't used them:.

CPanel - The Leading Control Panel.

DirectAdmin Web Control Panel Demo..

Comment #2

It depends on the end user. When I had my own hosting biz I used cPanel because as you know, Thats what people want because of the looks, Easy to use, fantastico and the popularity. As for my own servers for own sites I would run DA and sometimes webmin depending on how many sites I would run on one server..

There is Installatron for DA which is pretty much like fantastico for the clients that like the 2 click installs it's just not as popular. But IMO I feel DA is much faster and less of a resource hog. You cant do as much to the server itself with DA like you can in WHM but if you know how to do everything through shell then there isnt much to worry about. I sold hosting for both and was about a 20 to 1 ratio to cPanel/DA overall..

So in the end, When It comes to my own server for personal sites it's DA. For the client side of things for hosting customers it would be simply WHM/cPanel. Theres just so much more demand for it...

Comment #3

I prefer cpanel.

But then again you're asking for people who don't prefer cpanel.

But since I now use Zensix, I'd like to continue to use cpanel, plzthnx...

Comment #4

Lol, cPanel's not going anywhere, don't worry. And I kind of figured everyone would want cPanel, but I won't know for sure if I don't ask..

I thought maybe DA had a bigger following these days, but no such luck. I used it on a server when I ran another hosting company a few years ago and it was impossible to find people who wanted to use it. Pity though, DA has come a long way and it's definitely easier on servers...

Comment #5

We use cPanel in our internet marketing features but we dont use them all..

Comment #6

PLESK ftw. Just lower RAM usage and better optimization... but who knows. cPanel is only the wideset standard because they have the resellers for marketshare. Now that PLESK has the resellers, we'll see where the market goes in the next 2 years...

Comment #7

Cpanel is more popular and I think it is easier to use than any other platform. I have never tried direct admin but it probably isn't as good as Cpanel. I will have to try direct admin sometime to see if it is worth more than cpanel...

Comment #8

It's all a matter of what you can get used to... I have no compelling reason to get off of cpanel but would check DA out if you post another of those $5/year hosting deals!..

Comment #9

I prefer neither. I like getting a fresh softlayer box and installing things from command line...

Comment #10

CPanel is the best web hosting control panel solution designed to simplify the management and administration of web sites. It automates a large number of tasks that allow you to concentrate on productivity rather than server administration. So, there's no need to think about DA...

Comment #11

I'd never tooled around with directadmin, thanks for the link. I like it a ton, especially the site backup section. It's going to be a tough sell to most due to the lack of fantastico & limited stats (that section was disabled, I assume bad)..

CPanel is only easier in the same fashion that windows is .. because we've been sold on some overpriced software for our entire career. I've had no issues with ubuntu (os), ox9-x, plesk or lxadmin but I still prefer windows & cPanel on lamp ... I guess they were successful brainwashing me..

Subigo, if you're planning on offering more of the same plans, you're stuck with cPanel because nobody gives a shit about the resources it consumes in a shared environment. If you start offering VPS / dedi products, the need for an alternative will be a priority because people like to spend money on top of the line hardware but go light on the software to save resources...

Comment #12

VPS's yes, dedicated probably not..

No to the dedicated servers because I don't own a datacenter, so I would just be reselling the server and that would only make sense if I offered a managed solution. For that I'd have to hire another person and it's just not profitable (right now at least)..

But VPS servers I can do, and will. The only question is when... Right now the plans are to launch them in the Spring, but that could all change. I'd like to have 3-5 full shared servers before thinking about anything VPS..

@erect, your 100% right. I'd like to offer DA on VPS's later and so far there has been zero intrest with shared users. I talked to the owner of another hosting company the other day who has had a DA server for 3 years now and it's still not full. His cPanel servers fill up in about a month...

Comment #13

I know you like to have your host within driving distance from another thread. However, you need to consider your options because if you're sticking with the guys who only allow new ip addresses for https environment, I can tell you that your sales will be much lower than if we can pick up different blocks for a reasonable fee...

Comment #14

I'd most likely use The Planet for VPS servers, they've offered me a pretty good deal if I go with them...

Comment #15

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