Anyone else COLD when on Medifast program??

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I'm not talking about the temperature outside!.

I've gone winters in MONTANA without a heavy winter coat or even really having to crank the heat up. I had enough insulation (fat) to keep me warm. I've only been MF'ing for less than 2 weeks so I haven't lost THAT much of my insulation yet...but I'm COLD. I'm the kind that never wore a coat, slept with the window cracked in winter, and loves AC! Now I live in a sweatshirt and am sleeping in socks for the first time, IN MY LIFE!.

Has this, or does this, happen to anyone else?..

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Lol I know exactly what you mean. I used to go outside in 55 degree weather with a T-shirt on..

I've been on Medifast for a month now. I have lost a few pounds and yes I do feel all the cold now. I don't think I lost the fat yet but it sure feels cold here. Even with the heat on.

Now I know what others go through when they tell me they are cold. I used to sweat at 70 degree weather. Come to think of it I used to sweat even in the winter. I had high blood pressure that could have been a factor..

I haven't checked myself in a while but I do believe my blood pressure is down. I mean I feel the cold and I am not sweating like I used to...

Comment #1

I read on here awhile back that being cold is one of the signs of being in ketosis. I have been freezing while on this diet even through the summer! So this makes sense. Not sure if it is true.....

Comment #2

So glad I'm not losing my mind....just the weight! I think I can get deal with the cold if it means that I'm getting healthy & fit though I don't think I'll ever get used to sleeping in socks!..

Comment #3

I've always worn t-shirts and shorts even through the winter so pretty much all I own are t-shirts and shorts, I have a heavy winter jacket for snow, but since I've started I've been freezing my butt off! I already bought some slippers to wear around the house because my toes were freezing and my hands have been really chilly as well...and this is inside the house! hah...

Comment #4

Thanks for sharing, Conrad. I just can't get over how chilled I get. Used to be the only time I was cold was when I was coming down with something. Funny thing is, I bought a pair of slippers this week too!..

Comment #5

I started getting cold with my rapid weightloss after gastric bypass surgery, so I know that rapid weight loss can do it. I also am cold because of hypothyroid. I keep my house warmer now then I used to and I am always freezing at work...

Comment #6

I know it sounds weird, but heat up a mug of water. Try it! I though ewwwww the first time someone told me but it really helps! I sip on it to make my body feel warm and wrap my cold hands around the mug. I did this all last winter and not only did I get more water in, but I stopped feeling so dang cold all the time...

Comment #7

Well, this is an enlightening thread. It's been in the 50s, 60s here and I know in the past couple weeks I've told my husband I'm cold and he looks at the thermometer and says, but it's 69! Now I know why! Thanks for saying something...

Comment #8

I agree with a pp. It has something to do with ketosis. I'm always cold now and I'm the type of person that wears flip flops in the winter...

Comment #9

Me too! It's actually a nice change to bundle up rather than feel all sweaty while others are bundling up...

Comment #10

MT_Cup, I like your hot water mug idea might have to try that this winter!.

I got really cold when I'd lost around 45 lbs. In our area, the temperatures were just starting to drop for fall, and I wondered what in the world I would do when it got REALLY cold! Fortunately, even though my weight loss is pretty consistent, I'm not minding the cold as much now...

Comment #11

Glad to know I'm not alone. I've been freezing!..

Comment #12

Add me to the list of those that are FREEZING!!!! It doesn't help that my coworkers are always hot, so they put the a/c on even in October! I bundle up, but am thinking of getting a space heater to keep under my desk!.


Comment #13

My feet and hands are icy. Day 3 and I think I am just starting to go into ketosis. Also back when I had WLS and lost weight I seem to always be freezing. Nothing a good pair of socks, a down comforter, and some herbal tea can't cure. I had posted in my blog earlier today my dogs make good foot warmers too =)..

Comment #14

I've lost about 70 pounds since Spring (60# w/ MF) and am cold now that the NH weather has changed. I've had to get some long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks at Goodwill. And fleece pullovers and vests. I sleep in socks most of the night too. And drink hot tea oftener..

Now that I'm over 50, maybe I will get some hot flashes. I know it's a problem for some but right now I think I'd welcome it!..

Comment #15

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this phenomena! Thought I was loosing it! It's not even that cold out yet, though there is snow at the higher elevations here. It will be interesting to see how I survive the upcoming la nina winter...

Comment #16

Some time toward the beginning of transition, I woke up one morning and I did not have that bone deep cold I'd had for months. However, I do not tolerate cold as well as I did... I attribute it to losing a lot of my insulation! I dress in layers and have a small heater under my computer desk at home and my desk at work. I am not looking forward to recess duty in the snow, though.....

Comment #17

Huh. I've been a lot warmer for some reason. I'm chronically freezing, but since Medifast I've been almost too warm. I thought it was the soy, or maybe it's that I've been exercising more...

Comment #18

Yes! Sign you are in Ketosis for sure. Funny.. when it was 100 degrees here over the summer.. I was freezing every day. Ugh.. I dread the actual winter!..

Comment #19

Good to know... been cold since last week sometime... =) YAY for ketosis!..

Comment #20

I live with an extra sweater on during the days. I seem to get cold on any diet though - when I am drinking alot of water...

Comment #21

Freezing to death. Turned the furnace on this weekend when it was already 73 degrees in the house.

I hope that being cold all the time isn't some huge secret that skinny people have been hiding for generations...

Comment #22

OMG....I'm on day 5 and last night I almost called my maintenance company thinking mthat my heat wasn't working. I litterally turned it up to 85 degrees and it took me until the midlle of the night sometime to get comfortable enough to get up and trun it up. I was freeeeeeeeezing?..

Comment #23

My fingers literally turn BLUE I'm SO cold! And in NY today, it was 32 but felt like 26... I basically ran to the office because I needed to get inside. This coming from the girl who had a sweater on, a heavy fall coat, scarf, gloves and one of those hats with the ear flaps LOL. I wonder if this will go away once we enter T&M?..

Comment #24

LOL don't get your hopes up! I'm still cold. No where nearly as bad as when I was in 5&1, but still, I'm wearing a long sleeve tee shirt and a cardigan in a house that's maintained at 68 degrees. I used to wear short sleeve tees all winter in the house... no more. LOL...

Comment #25

Oh, good. I'm shivering away the pounds..

On the flip side, my tolerance for spicy foods has increased greatly...

Comment #26

GREAT! Way to dash a girl's dreams! LOL! I used to be like you too... always hot and in T-shirt and flip-flops... Now, I'm all bundled up and turning up the heat!..

Comment #27

I'm cold too but attributed it to drinking lots of water. Whenever I drink it, I feel as if I'm freezing. Otherwise, being warmer than others has been the norm for me...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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