GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to sign up for GoDaddy?? Any VPS or cheap dedi recommendations?

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I'm sure this has been covered before but the search is being gay (won't recognise VPS as it's only 3 characters - even with other words - and no results for "VPS hosting")..

I'm looking for a VPS or budget dedi box, ideally with cPanel. (managemybox .com looks good price-wise, anyone used them?).

Also, I've got no fuckin idea what spec I'll need really. Guessing that php/mysql is gonna be the most resource-intensive stuff I'll be using. How do Intel and AMD compare for LAMP setups? Are Celerons ok or not worth even bothering with?.


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I've been using for two months now. I have a semi-managed CPanel server.. I haven't had any problems with them at all. Plus I got a 25% discount from webhostingtalk. If you watch those forums Rob@PowerVPS usually posts deals once a month or so. His last one included certain packages 75% off!..

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First post :-) -.

Been using LiquidWeb for a while - bit pricey but well worth it plus someone ALWAYS answers the phone. - usually they have some gimmick going on over at WHT or something for a discount or upgrade..

Good luck..

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I've been more than happy with my VPS at future hosting.

And I know Eli and a few other have recommended SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. a few times...

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Others here suggested hostforweb, been using for almost a month now. No issues. I picked them because they looked like they used the highest quality/poweful servers underneath the hood over the other places And the price was comparable...

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I second this. They are worth every penny. I went through three hosts within a month last year, costing me a lot of money and a huge amount of time. Liquid Web is the best. I've upgraded with them from a VPS (that was $100 a month) to a full dedicated server. The VPS really had a lot of room but I wanted to add a lot more sites so I upgraded before I had to.

They are completely US based, which means I can understand the person on the other end if I need to talk to them and any communications are in understandable english..

I hate server companies with a passion, but LW restored my faith...

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Cheers guys - a few to check out there. Anyone wanna drop some aff links?.

Any pointers on spec?..

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This is really impossible to answer without knowing what the server will be doing and what kind of traffic you will be dealing with. Are you going to run a CMS or a homegrown app? You can use a utility like ab (apache benchmark) on known hardware (i.e., a machine at home, or even your laptop) to see how your site responds at various traffic volumes for what your site runs on. That should give you a good indication..

In my experience, the CPU really doesn't make a difference, you'll want to spend your money on RAM. That will give you the most bang for your buck with Apache and MySQL performance wise...

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ManageMyBox | Total Care, Total Quality, Total Control has some alright deals, been with them for a while now no problems. Cpanel is extra but still worth it IMO...

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I use liquidweb they may cost a little extra but I've been in the webhosting game for over 10yrs and the service and support is excellent..

I will not give you affilate link since this forum has made me $20USD this month (and I'm only joined a couple of weeks ago!) already..

Here's a link with a coupon for $30 A month in Discounts!.



Note this Coupons expires October 25th...

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I use HostICan, KnownHost, and LiquidWeb now for my VPS. If you want $50 off HostICan, just shoot me a PM...

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Lots of love for liquidweb and that deal looks good to me....

But then the basic dedi's at managemybox (sounds like they should be pimps or something!) aren't much more - more space and bandwidth for the cash, ram about the same, but guessing a slower cpu and (relatively) a lot more cash for cPanel... hmmm..

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LiquidWeb is hardcore stuff.. They are based in Lansing MI and always around.. I'll recommend them without a hesitation...

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Whatever you do don't go for JaguarPC.

Softlayer rocks..

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Also check them out ...

Cheap VPS Hosting, Cheap VPS, VPS web hosting, Cheap Virtual Private Server...

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If you are looking for Managed Dedicated server or a managed VPS in UK then I would highly recommend you UK Web Hosting - Cheap Windows Linux cPanel Shared Reseller Web Hosting in UK..

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Been with hostforweb for about 4-5 months now, highly recommend them - what couple small problems I had they fixed within minutes...

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Here's a list of some affordable managed vps plans Web Hosting Diary: Best value VPS Hosting plans.


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I'll second (third?) any reco's for LiquidWeb. Got a VPS with them and their customer service is phenom. Doesn't seem to matter what time day or night I call them, I always get through quickly and the issue gets resolved just as quick. Also, they seem genuinely happy to talk to you. Go figure...

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What is your budget for the VPS or the dedicated server?..

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I like for their unmanaged plans. If you can manage a server, you get great up time and a cheap price...

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The reason you pay more at LW is because you get what you pay for - someone in Michigan who will pick up the phone 24/7. I've had them work on problems for 3 hours and them email me back telling me it was fixed.. can't beat that..

This is the only company I evangelize for - it's the only online company I'm genuinely excited to recommend...


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$100/50 per month max. Which seems fine for a VPS, but not a managed dedi. Ideally less - I'd rather get 2 x $50/month setups to keep some stuff separate..

A couple of people on the SQUIRT forum have suggest a min. of 2Gb RAM - not something that seems common on a VPS....

Anyone got any thoughts on processors? They seem to go from 2GHz celerons upwards...

Also, which version of Linux? So much fuckin choice!..

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For VPS, I have been with powervps for 2 years. Very good, don't give me much problem. Others vps I have used before are liquidweb, servint, steadfast networks, All not bad..

For dedicated, I use softlayer. Not the cheapest but stable servers...

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