Any other cancer survivors doing Nutrisystem?

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Hello all. As you see by the thread title, I am a cancer survivor (completed chemo in March) and am getting back into the swing of things. I've had weight issues for years, thanks to my mom who had them as long as I can remember. I'm not in awful shape but want to be as healthy as I can considering the year I've had. I would hate to have survived cancer only to be taken out for being overweight. Hope to hear from any other survivors that have had success with the plan..

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Yep- there are a few of us that came forward awhile back. Maybe we should start a group somehow. I was Stage 1 caught it early thanks to yearly mammos, had mast., been 3 years, all good. Glad you are done with treatment..

Yes- my onc wanted us to eat alot of fruit- I was NOT a fruit eater. Am now- vegs too. I gained the weight from meds, injuries-surgeries, and quitting smoking. So did not need to lose alot- but needed to lose it. Very happy I did..

Welcome- your onc will be very happy for you. Mine was..

Way to go and welcome!!.

(PS- I need to update "my page"- will do that now).

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Yes. Found the lump myself so PLEASE EVERYONE do your breast self exams. It was too small to show up on mam. I still encourage mams as well. Went through lumpectomy, radiation, recurrence, mast. Over 10 years ago.

There is a long healthy life after cancer. If you are currently fighting it, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. It's really good on the other side..

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Is soy a bad thing? I am ER/PR+/HERS2 neg..

Did not know about soy..

Wish I could hug you both- also like to have luck rub off..

(How long ago was recurrence? Clear for 10 years??).

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I am so glad to read of other cancer survivors that have had success on NS! My cancer was discovered early (thanks to an on-the-ball Radiologist!). I had a lumpectomy in Jan. of 2009, a re-excision in March '09, radiation in Apr/May '09 and am now cancer free! I believe part of my weight gain is from the medication I am on and will be on for quite some time!! I wish I can blame it all on medication, but being post-menopausal, unfortunately, is another factor thrown into the mix!!.

Anyway, my food should arrive on Monday and I will start on Tuesday. Glad to have found others in a similar situation.good luck everyone! We can do this!.


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If you want to go to a great forum support site- go to

It is awesome and full of info from survivors..

Has great search section too..

Ask questions- research treatments- meds- etc..

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I am an OVARIAN cancer survivor. Doesn't seem to be alot of groups/support/etc for any other cancer but breast. (No offense to you breast survivors). :-).

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I agree and it is 110% CRAP! I get annoyed that so much is done for that and not other cancers..

It really is wrong!.

Good for you- that is a tough one to beat!.

I asked moderator to see if we could get a support group going on the community threads- our own like diabetes. They said 'no'..

I think that is crap too..

Apparently we aren't important enough..

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Yay! It's nice to see cancer survivors. It gives me hope that my husband can win the fight. He has bladder cancer and it's a roller coaster ride of emotions..

I think the attention that breast cancer has gained is wonderful. Even men are comfortable wearing pink shirts and hats to show their support! .

Bladder cancer aknowledgement is not nearly as strong. Bladder Cancer is the second leading killing cancer in men. A fact that many people are not aware of.

Good luck to all of you. You are all an inspiration to cancer patients every where. Hope is very important to everyone who gets a cancer diagnosis..

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Prayers for your husband Bubbles! Hope is vital! .

That's unfortunate, Donk. Ovarian cancer is the hardest to diagnose and definitely under represented. Oh well.....perhaps one day it will get the attention it deserves..

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I am also a breast cancer survivor and gained alot of weight with the steroids and chemo...however, I did lose some before moving to New Orleans and eating all this rich back to the game plan to lose once and for all....I was afraid to try Nutrisystem due to the soy, but I figured it was not enough to make a difference and that being borderline obese is a bigger danger to my health than anything.....Like a previous post, hate to have survived cancer and not survive becuase of excess weight. Big hugs and kisses to all the warrior women who have won the war!!!!!.

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I am a five year cancer survivor - Hodgkins Lymphoma. I actually gained weight with the steroid that I had to take with my chemo, but have added weight from having 2 babies since then. Gotta lose it!! I started the second week in July and have lost 6 lbs. so far. Good luck to everyone!! :-).

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My recurrence was 18 months later. That was over 10 years ago and I have been completely cancer free since then..

Comment #12

Pam, we will be here for you, whether it is re: Nutrisystem weight loss or it is coping w/cancer. This is a really wonderful supportive group of people..

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I understand. I think one of the issues is that the breast is very common cancer for women and we bear such "visible" scars from it. No one knows whether or not you have your ovaries and they are working but even w/a good prosthesis and bras and clever dressing, a fake breast just does not look like a real one. However, ALL cancers are equally devastating and we all need the same support. No matter where it strkes, it is the same enemy..

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Prayers for your DH. I wonder if people are just more comfortable talking about breasts than they are bladders and ovaries. Whatever, I do pray for a successful outcome for your husband and that God will give you both the strength to face this thing and WIN. One thing DH and I found out is you really need to have a sense of humor. Some people may find it rather strange but we managed to find something to laugh about in the most grim circumstances. I felt that cancer was far too serious to face w/o a sense of humor..

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Wow! Two babies after lymphoma! Talk about life AFTER cancer, now that is living! God continue to bless you..

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Good for y'all!! Mine isn't cancer, but I am living with two chronic diseases that require weekly chemo injections. Can I play too?!!.

Comment #17

Mia, I am happy to see you on ANY board. You always brighten my day! Beauty and brains all in one..

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I'm a breast cancer survivor. I can't say how the plan works for cancer survivors, but I guess I will. It has been 4 years since I had my lumpectoy and mammosite (sp?) radiation. Caught it really early on annual mammogram. I did Nutisystem before and it reall worked. Kind of was getting away from plan, and then the big C.

This December it will be 4 years since treatment ended!.

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Thanks to you all for chiming in. My food arrived today so tomorrow the fun begins..

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I am trying to get a support forum for cancer survivors..

I put the request in "Ask the Moderator"..

Unfortunatly the response was no- but some other responses bothered me..

I got some great support also, and our one strong supporter got some unwelcome PM's. Go figure that..

Anyway- maybe if enough of us chime in and ask for one and list why- maybe we can get one..

So please go to Ask the Moderator and look for .

Starting a cancer support Group Forum..

Chime in and let's stand strong.?????.


MIA- OF course you would be welcome- anyone is. We are all in this or whatever, together. Welcome- whether we get our group or not.

Miss Bubbles- I ran in to a guy today with bladder cancer- they took it out and made a new one out of his intestine! He was out at the VA. He said the new bladder was holding up nicely..


Comment #21

I'm a cancer survivor and I think it would be great to have a survivor forum. Just puttin' my 2 cents in!.

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I'm a survior...a year May 2010, Stage 1, Lumpectomy, and tried three different meds after the radiation. Couldn't take any of them. I hope for the best. The meds made my joints I could hardly walk. I have arthritis, so it is also hard for me to exercise, but I am working out 5 to 7 times a week in a water therapy pool. I've lost 10 lbs since the end of July, but I feel hungry almost all of the time. May be I just think I'm hungry..

Comment #23


Read the posts and add your thoughts..

Thank you!!!.

(They won't see it here)..

(I know- 3 yrs on meds and joints ache so bad- get out of bed and walk like really old lady- and walk that way alot during the day too. Getting Osteoporosis too now from med- but catch 22- take cancer med and live, or stop and have good bones and die. Jeesh.).

Again Welcome!!.

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Had my mammogram today. Everything is still normal! Praise God..

Comment #25

Oh that is such good news!!!!.

Nicew that they kind of gave you the heads up and not sweat it out for weeks, huh?.

So techs will kind of tell you on the side- sure nice when they do..

I know that it still depends on what the radiologist sees- but atleast it is not something obvious!!.

Whew- celebrate- do something for you!!!.


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God bless you and give you the strength to get through this. A day at a time is all we can do..

Comment #27

Hope you all have a good weekend!.

Do something good for yourselves..

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I'm behind you guys all the way. I'm a survivor in another way my father died of lung cancer (he was 82) and I was one of his caregivers. And I had a precancerous condition with my uterus and had a hysterectomy a few years ago, and have regular checkups now. So I know some of the fear and stressors. So you guys going strong and thriving and getting on with life is very encouraging to me! God bless and keep all of us!!.

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Surviving a pre-cancerous condition to me qualifies as being a cancer survivor. If you are like me, every time something happens with my body that I don't know what it is, I am in the doc's office saying "Is it cancer". I don't dwell on it but I am hyper-alert..

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Happy Saturday evening. I hope everyone is feeling good today..

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Well, thank you for saying that because it did scare me to death. The Dr even mentioned getting my affairs in order...well, he said I don't need to do that, but just bringing that up was a shock to my system. So, I'm definitely hyper-alert, as you put it. ((((((hugs to you))))) and hope you are having a wonderful evening as well..

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