any negitive reviews in imaging resource?
Don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot from reading these reviews but they're all fairly glowing. Even the worst picture quality I've seen is "good". I haven't read anything really bad about any camera on this site. is a little harder on the manufacturors...

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Art - Thanks for the feedback. - I think what you see is the result of several factors: 1) I try to be careful not to inject too much of my personal opinions into the reviews, as I believe everyone should make up their own minds. - That's why I think the standardized test images are so important. True story: Back in the early days of the site, I published a review on the Kodak DC260, using my usual wording. About two weeks later, I got an email from a reader saying (paraphrasing slightly) "THANK YOU for your review, I'm so glad you warned me off that turkey! I was all set to spend my hard-earned money on it until I read your review and saw it's pictures." Literally the _next day_, I got an email from another reader, saying "THANK YOU for your review of the DC260 - I read your review and immediately went out and bought one, along with two 32 MB cards (a lot of storage in those days). I've already shot over 300 pictures, and it's everything you said it would be.

- This (and other, similar emails about other cameras) convinced me that I should try to keep my own opinions in the background, and let the cameras speak for themselves as much as possible. Given how differently people judge what makes a "good" photo, I tend not to proclaim negative judgements unless something is really pretty glaring, to the point that I think most readers would object to it. Notably, some other sites and authors take a decidedly different approach. Some reviewers (who shall remain nameless) seem to think that Nikon has never made a bad camera (but that plenty of other companies have), that the Sigma SD9 is the be-all, end-all for advanced photographers, never mind it's obvious shortcomings, but that other very worthy cameras should be soundly panned for some defect that is in fact fairly common among all the digicams on the market, etc, etc. (In that last, I'm thinking of a particular instance where a camera was panned by a respected reviewer for "penalizing" the user for pressing the shutter button too soon after the prior shot.

The only problem is that something like 40-50% of the cameras I've tested tend to do this, but the reviewer in question made no mention of this fact, making it look like the camera in question was somehow defective.) 2) People seem to really pounce on any negative comment I make. Often times, I get email in response to a mildly critical comment I've made about a product, in the vein of "Man, you really slammed that one." As a result, I try to modulate my comments fairly carefully to keep people from latching onto my language instead of looking at the data. 3) Given the amount of time my reviews take, and how far behind I always seem to be, I tend to not pursue reviewing cameras that I know have serious quality or performance issues. - Two cases in point are the lamentable Panasonic DMC-LC5, and the essentially identical Leica model that Panasonic and Leica co-developed. (Check these links to see what I'm talking about:, - Given the limits on my time, I didn't see any point in simply echoing the news that this was a real lemon of a camera.

I still try to modulate my language a fair bit, but think I'm generally clear about what the issues are. - See the conclusions in my review of the Sigma SD-9 for an example: - All that said, I appreciate the feedback. It's possible that I err too much on the side of slightly upbeat neutrality, and so need to go with slightly harsher language. I'll take that into consideration going forward... Thanks again for the feedback! - Dave Etchells..

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Thanks for the comment Dave, you've got a tough knife edge to balance on. Maybe your "Dave's picks" section is where you can be a bit more opinionated. Having said that, I think my 2 front runners are there on your "all round" list. I just wish they were smaller and cheaper..

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Hi Art - Haha - Yes, cheaper is always the issue, isn't it? You're right, I thought of the "Dave's Picks" as being a way I could point to cameras I felt were truly worth looking at, without getting into the "boy, he really slammed that one" issue. Still, I'm going to give more thought to how I can present a bit more of the pros and cons of cameras. I've thought about a pro/con list for some time, but don't particularly like those either. We'll see, at least you got me thinking about it again.....

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Maybe a rating system for features, picture quality, ease of use etc.. 4 flash bulbs out of 5.....

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Do you test more than one sample at a time? I was wondering what individual differences might show up. I would assume the digital side would be pretty consistent but the mechanics, lenses and other electronics might vary some...

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