Any Medifast success stories for 2011?

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Hi all! I am new to MediFast and will be starting my journey tomorrow (10/11/10). Any thoughts, opinions, success stories would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to meeting some wonderful people along the way!.

A little about myself and what has gotten me to this point: I was active all the way through college and never had a weight problem. Since college I have steadily began to add pounds. Once I got married I stopped taking Birth Control Pills, and the weight skyrocketed! I have since learned that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which causes me to be insulin resistant. My husband and I have been going through fertility treatments for 3 yrs with no luck. My Ob/Gyn then referred me to an Endocrinologist who recommended MediFast to help me with weight loss. My Ob/Gyn strongly feels that if I lose some weight, my chances of conceiving will be a lot better. I am ready to have a family, and I hope this journey will help make it happen!.

Anyone else starting tomorrow?? Would love to get in touch with you...

Also, if there is anyone else with PCOS on this program, or anyone that has a similar story to mine...I would love to communicate with you!!!.

Wishing you all a great Monday!!!!!!..

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Hi there PTGirl1979,.

Your story is close to mine. I had been married for 9 yrs and was diagnosed with PCOS. Well I decided that I wanted to lose weight, so I did the Weight Watchers plan and I did lose weight very slowly. Got down about 30 lbs and I got pregnant. I was shocked. Well I then went off my dieting and I gained all my weight back plus some.

So I decided to try Medifast to see if that will help me with my weight problem. Im getting excited to start but also nervous. all the other diets I wasnt able to stick to..

Im sure that when you lose weight you'll get pregnant.

Good luck..

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While you're waiting you might want to transition to drinking a lot of water, I've seen several people mention it is very hard to drink all of the water required. Pick up a digital scale to weigh your food. Also, before pictures, weight, and measurements are a good thing, there is a spot on the website to enter them..

A couple of handy things I've come across in my first week are. (medifast "Things I wish I knew when I started" thread). (.pdf file of vegetable cup to gram conversion file). (Post in "The Clubhouse" section with other October starters, come join in!)..

Comment #2

Welcome! I have had acquaintences who had PCOS that was reconciled by following a low carb/low gi way of eating, so I hope the same is true for you!..

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Welcome to MF. I have/had PCOS. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and since I have lost the weight I no longer have the symptoms associated with it. I wish you the best on your journey.


Comment #4

Welcome! Good luck with Medifast and with trying to conceive!..

Comment #5

Here is your inspiration! Welcome to MF! In my opinion, this is the easiest and most effective diet on the planet...

Comment #6

Welcome PTgirl!!.

If you have any questions, ask away or you can go into the chat room.......lots of people happy to share their tips...

Comment #7

Welcome to Medifast. It is a great plan. Wishing you much success in weight loss and starting a family...

Comment #8

Hi, welcome......I love mf. It is really the one thing that works for me. I started in July and n three months I lost almost 30 pounds!!!!!!!!! And to b honest I have done really well. I try my best to not cheat. But there have been a few days.....but I don't think you can enter into the program thinking this is ok...but it has happened. My point is if this does happen don't even wait till next day....just hop back into the program.

This group is my life support. I come here instead of eating junk. It motivates me and I use this to recharge. I made friends here I will always befriend.

Just don't give up. Some weeks you will have no loss.......then wham...u will see two pounds off in the blink of an eye!.

Drink your water......and don't forget to come here...

Comment #9

Welcome! Glad you're here. I don't have PCOS, but I do have insulin resistance in the form of diabetes! I've lost 37 lbs now and have about 11 lbs to meet goal #1, 20 lbs to meet goal #2. I will tell you that my blood sugars have improved BIG time. My numbers are no longer in the diabetic range; that's because of the weight loss itself. That's proof that my insulin resistance is improving! You've made an excellent decision. Good luck!..

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Thank you all for the comments!!!! This truly is a forum that supports each other!!!! I am looking forward to reading your stories of success.

Well, today was my 1st day....and I hate to say it, but I will be honest , the food I ate today tasted terrible! I'm hoping this will get better??!!?? I will keep with it though...maybe tomorrow's menu will be better!!!..

Comment #11

Welcome to the Medifast family! You will find great people on here with various amounts to lose, but we ALL have one thing in addiction to food! With everyone's help and support a long the way, we can ALL do this! Good Luck, you'll find the first few days kind of hard, but you can get through it like we all did and be on your way from there feeling GOOD about yourself!!..

Comment #12

Really good tips Ishulk. I also found buying two GNC Blender Bottles has worked great for me. Someone here recommended them and they've been great. I didn't want to spend a lot of money plus this way, I can make two shakes - drink one and have one ready for later...

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Hello and welcome! Well I have PCOS and although I havent tried for kids and dont want any..but so far I lost 87 pounds on Medifast and thats just under five months! You will lose weight on this program!!!.

Also, I'm sure with your weightloss your PCOS symptoms might go away like LIsa did....but either way they will normal out some I'm sure!!.

Wish you luck on your journey!!.

The best advice is STAY 100% OP and you will lose weight!!.

Good luck!..

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Well....since Monday I have lost 7 pounds!!! In 4 days!!! I love all the support and suggestions I can find in the guys are great! The food still doesn't taste the greatest...but I'm sticking to the plan I have found that having 2 shakes in the am and 2 shakes in the afternoon works best for me. I am a Physical Therapist Asst. and super busy all day...but while my patients are exercising, I slip over to my desk and drink a bit of my shakes throughout the day. Then when I get home, I have my lean and green meal, with my last Medifast meal around 7:30. Looking forward to keeping in touch...wishing you all the BEST!..

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Yep! Many of us went from eating STRAIGHT JUNK to Medifast food (or at least healthy food in large amounts), so it's a tongue and tummy shocker for sure. Your tastes will change, some before foods will become "terrible". If you are having the shakes without ice that might be part of the problem, it makes a big difference. Try adding SF syrups if over time you still don't like them, but need them to satisfy you at work. I try not to add too many things to the Medifast meals, but if that's what it takes to keep you going there are a lot of recipes on her to try...

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If you have not tried them yet.. you MUST try the bars! Smores and Chocolate mint are heaven! The shakes, oatmeals and some soups never did it for me. The Chicken Noodle is great if you add a bullion cube to it and let it sit a bit so the noodles get soft. Honestly, the bars - pretzels and puffs are wonderful....

Good luck!..

Comment #17

The food is starting to get better! I am actually liking the choc/banana shakes and the peanut butter/choc mint bars My absolute worst is the lemon bars!!!! YUCK! When I weighed myself this morning I was 231, down from 240 on monday. YAY! Hope you all had a great week!..

Comment #18

Congrats on your first week weight loss. That is awesome!..

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