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I am curious to know if there has been any "company" domains sold to the "company" in question?.

I am in the situation I am making a website (not to sell or anything like that).

I have had a lot of problems with this company and I finally got enough!! So I decided to make a site.

The website willl entirely be without any ads or anything like that, maaaaybe I will put a donation button, but thats not for sure yet.

The intention with the website is to have customers of the "company" to share there stories and opinions with each other.

But my question is... what if the "company" offer me a really high amount of doughs? and I answer back with yes. Will I loose the domain if they then use my answer and take it to WIPO?.

My intention is not to sell the website, not even on my mind, but mind me, i'm only a student, so if one offers me 1 mio. I will have a hard time saying no.

So I have two questions:.

1. Has any "company" sold ever?.

2. Will I risk loosing the domain if I accept or counteroffer?.

Thanks and best regards,..

Comments (9) but I'm not buying..

Kidding aside let me do some research about it. hold on.

Opps ow ow, if I were you I will steer clear of this idea.

First read:

Comment #1

Thanks weblord, as always fast and good reply from you.

But I can see that the domain was not used by a dissatisfied customer to share opinions, but was used to earn by ppc. (thats waaay away from what I am going to do, it will be noncommercial with non ads to share opinions and stories. Freedom of speach )..

Comment #2

In that case I have not yet seen any success re: the sales of these type of domains..

But before proceeding on the development prior to selling it.

And before that, lawsuits, threats will be encountered if you're prepared to handle that..

Then read this first.

Comment #3

I tried to give you a rep, but it seems Im too fund of you..

Comment #4

I clicked both links. Both times, I got a red warning page and an AVG notice that the sites were known phishing sites. Wonder if the PP did something to cause that, or if they are phishing sites????.

I'm doing a site myself with xxxxsucks because of injuries I received from their product. Not severe enough to sue, but pretty bad...

Comment #5

Do you mean you would take money to take down your site? That would be different from selling the domain name to the company. If you tell them "yes you will sell" though, I don't think they could hold you accountable for that if it is just through e-mail correspondence...

Comment #6

It might be in your avg settings since paypal is a tm word, it gets flagged automatically those domains containing that word.

2 types of people on paypal that are bereaved:.

1. choose to attack them personally with phishing sites or similar sites for them to be blamed.

2. reiterate with

Of course and my 2 cents. I think you need to set your motives or purpose first, what you want with the domain really? for bereaved people to share their sad stories on it, or sell it to the company? if I were you, I lost on both, I get something that has no problems and promote it to the best I can and earn money from it, no trouble no mess up, no hassles, that's just me ok...

Comment #7

Thanks all.

The site is underway and I have decided that I will NOT sell it even if they offer mio. (Im sure they will not), but even if they would my answer would be NO.

This is principal, sometimes money is not all. Truth will set you free!!!.

Best regards,..

Comment #8

Glad to know that you've resolved these issues..

Good luck btw...

Comment #9

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