Does Medifast mess with your digestion?

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I am so frustrated with trying to understand what the heck is going on with my body today! I am not in the habit of doctoring my meals and I did not do so today, but ever since I had my Roasted Broccoli and Medifast Chocolate pudding at Lunch, my digestion has been going bezerk for FOUR hours! What the heck is going on? It's like my Probiotic taken at 8:00am this morning is ready to explode my insides LOL! I am so thankful I am at home, because way too much noise is coming from my abdomen and I have little to no air coming out LMAO! .

Today, I have had Plain Pancake (muffin form) for Breakfast (Probiotic & BP script), Dark Chocolate Shake & 3/4C Egg beaters for mid-morn, 1/2 cup Roasted Broccoli & Chocolate pudding at Lunch and Chocolate pudding again mid-afternoon. I have also had (4) 20oz bottles of Water & 16 oz of Green tea..

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ETA that should have only been 8oz Green tea, not 16oz..

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Broccoli is a huge gas maker!.

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Blame the broccoli.....

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I don't know- I seem to have days like that too. I am not sure why and see no connections to broccoli or anything else. Usually I do that on and off for hours, then things make a quick exit if you get my drift. It is peculiar since usually I struggle to be regular on this diet. Like I said, I cannot connect it to any certain food or even a certain part of my cycle. It just happens every so often. I did it earlier this week, but since then things are good..

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Sorry for the rumbly tummy, hope it goes away quickly. Broccoli maybe?.

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I, too, have those days, no matter what I eat. Some times my stomach sounds like a thunderstorm! Or a civil war re-enactment. LOL Buy some bean-o, not that it always helps!.

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DH used to laugh so hard at the sounds I made. I'd rumble, rumble, rumble but nothing came out. It seems to have stopped for now..

(or it could be the broccoli).

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My health coach told me to take my probiotic (I got "align" because I couldn't find a cheaper/more volume one like PB8) right before I go to bed, after my last meal. She said that's when it can "absorb" better in my system....

But yeah, broccoli could be the culprit! I was miserable the last few hours of work last night because I had 2 bars (gas makers)....

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I see this pattern as well! Tummy and gas bubbles seem to be much more active on the day you've got to go.

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You're not alone! I swear sometimes it sounds like I have a herd of elephants trumpeting in my intestines. Some days it happens and others it doesn't. But yep, broccoli will do it to me every time, so I switched to broccolini - sooo good and doesn't make me gassy..

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LOL Ya'll crack me up! I did have Roasted Broccoli again with Lunch, but I didn't do the Egg beaters this morning, so far so good today. Whew! lol.

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I think your headed for a huge weight loss. Sometimes it like: hold hold hold then shift shift shift and bam a wonderful cleansing..

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Been having a HUGE gas problem myself this week and getting worse. I knew starting Medifast was going to be a bit rough b/c I am lactose and soy intolerant but I thought I was doing ok on gas x and lactase tabs. I guess my body gets to a point and then BLAM the gas kicks in terribly. I think my family wants me to find a new place to live for a while. Today I went to the local health food store and found some digest enzymes with a mix that I hope works. I had to go to three stores before I found something.

I am hoping these pills work because the gas is making me so miserable that I want to quit..

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Same problems here. I do not eat eggs or broccoli and still sounds like a minefield in my stomache! I sure hope my digestive system accepts this new way of eating! It is embarrassing at times it's so loud!.

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I went to the health foods store and found an ezyme pill that I have been taking since Sunday. I am feeling SOOOOOOOO much better. I swear I noticed a difference after the first dose. It recommends taking a pill with each meal but since we eat so frequently on Medifast I have been just taking on in am and then one with my afternoon meal around 3pm. Oh and some gas x too.

Before I found the enzymes I was seriously considering stopping Medifast due to the amount of discomfort. I had been afraid to start Medifast because of my soy intolerance but the first few weeks I was ok..

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