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I am 18lbs to my goal and I just cannot seem to stay OP. Why I am not really hungry and I chug water all day. I think my mind is playing tricks on me. I have went from 262lbs to 142-145 at a height of 5'4" this does bring me in to a healthy weight range but on the high side my goal is to get to 125lbs and I am not sure I can do this and to keep it off. Any advice on what to do?.

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I just looked at your page and pics. Wow! You look fantastic! You have dropped a LOT of weight! Way to go!!!.

How do you feel right now in your body? Maybe you have hit your comfortable place and need to reevaluate your goal?.

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I am about your height and I know I would/will be way tempted when I get to the 140's to cool off some. You probably do need to re-evaluate. I chose 135 because I felt it was middle of the road. I do believe the 120's will be harder for me personally to maintain, but maybe not? I have never understood exercise and food like I do now? .

Re-evaluating may be good now. How about your BMI, where is it at? I am about 5'3" and a half, so I think I have to get 140 for a normal BMI.

If 18# sounds like a lot, how does 5 # sound or 10#? Maybe lower the amount left to lose, then re-evaluate when you are there. I mean 5 sounds doable. Do that and see how you feel then, if not go 5 more. I think as I reach that stage that will be my approach. I will be playing it by ear.

Good luck and congrats!.

Comment #2

I'm struggling right now with this too. I did make my goal but keeping on plan to transition to maintenance is about killing me here..

Comment #3

You definetly want to find a weight that you can maintain. I am also 5'4 and have not been thin since I was just out of highschool. I have no idea what I want to weigh. I just think I will know when I get there. I have set 140 for now because it is the high end of my healthy weight range. I will reevaluate when I get there.

I think I will end up trying to stay between 135 & 140 so that I can maintain that weight and not have to struggle extra hard to do that. I think the important thing is being healthy. You are healthy now so if you are happy also you should think about going into T&M. If you decide you want to lose more down the road you can tackle it later..

Comment #4

I agree with Tracy. Maybe you should reconsider your goal weight. Many times this process is started with just "picking" a number for goal. Maybe you actually are at goal?.

Comment #5

I am with Laurie. Focus on 5 pounds at a time. You have lost over 100 pounds which is awesome by itself. Sometimes I have to sit down and have a firm talk with myself about why I am doing this (mentally I promise I am not actually talking to myself I too worry about keeping the weight off when I get to goal but you know I have just decided that gaining the weight back CANNOT be an option. I think if we think those negative thoughts too much it give them way too much power..

Comment #6

I am also 5'4 and chose 150 as 1st goal,then changed to 145, got to 145 and went on T&M I am maintaining after almost 8 week at 1 lb below goal. I wanted a cushion, my doc says I can gain 10 lbs and be ok. So it is up to you and what you are comfie with. I am older (62) and very happy at 144. It has been 30 years since I weighed this. I also feel you have to be practical and get to a weight you can maintain and not be starving to stay lower than your body wants to be.

I am maintained on 1600-1800 calories and very happy with that!! Do what you are happy and comfortable doing. No one else can maintain it for you..

Comment #7

I think there's a natural tendency to start to think that you look just fine the way you are and maybe the motivation suffers because of it. (And you do look absolutely great, by the way.).

Maybe it's time for a talk with yourself about what you still want to achieve and why. It may get you ready for that final push or maybe you'll decide you're good with where you are..

Comment #8

Wow, congrats on your hard work!.

Comment #9

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