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So I'm just about done with my 4th week, my start weight was 234, goal is 199, and right now I am fluctuating between 222-224. This entire week I've just been frozen right around 224, every week prior I was seeing losses but nothing this week. I know there are certain points of resistance that will be tough for me, 220 is just always a number that I have reached in the past and just was always tough to get below it, I don't know why this is..

I did go to the gym Saturday and Sunday, I wanted to go a few nights this week but between my fulltime job during the day, a freelance contract I picked up at night, and rushing in paperwork to get into grad school it's just been a hectic week. I plan on working out this weekend again, both days early in the morning. I think the only thing I messed up on was last weekend I skipped lunch both days, completely by accident just had errands to run and didn't pack food, never thought of packing lunch on a weekend but I guess it's something to consider next time I go out.

Lastly, this is where I need some encouragement. I had hoped to see more losses this week, I didn't get any, no big deal there's always next week. The problem is that I am just feeling bored with the structure, I need to lose weight but I am not obese and part of me is thinking, "hey, I just lost 12lbs, one meal at a nice restaurant is not going to kill me!" I know I'm a big boy and in the end it's up to me if I go somewhere and order a nice steak as a reward, I just can't help but think part of this plateau at 224lbs has something to do with the monotony of my diet, there is a part of me that thinks a large cheese pizza will "trick" my body back into weight-loss mode. The bottom line is, I would like to go out sometime soon to eat, not only as a reward for my loss thus far but also I just think being a human on planet Earth it's a natural desire. I've been pretty rigid on sticking with this plan and I think it's good and it's working but I'd love to know if there are certain milestones where I should be rewarding myself or taking a break..

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I haven't had a break since Feb 2006...but I've enjoyed everyday, every bite, every meal. Reward? Not food, but more energy, feeling and looking like a gazillion bucks, healthy as a horse..

How about coming up with ways to make this new eating lifestyle worthwhile, not a punishment, not something that must be rewarded due to sticking to it, but something that is part of you. Something you enjoy and look forward to continuing, not something that you look forward to escaping..

Just my 2 cents..

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That's a great point but there is this unmentioned additional element that I withheld from my original post... I just moved across the country 2 months ago to this great new city with my fiancee and... well, ever since I started Nutrisystem we haven't really had a night out on the town, there's all these amazing restaurants right down the street and I've barely been to any of them, somewhat of a shame to not experience my own new surroundings after coming so far... I mean, there's always different perspectives, prior to moving I was living in a rural area and was dying to be in a major city environment, now after trekking out 1400 miles to get here I just think it's bad timing to be eating out of cardboard boxes on a Saturday night I just can't help but think that a night out to a nice classy place downtown would do me some good, I'm not talking about fast food or anything junky, I like going to nice places and it's actually part of why I wanted to live in a city again; to have access to good restaurants. If I had kids or even a dog I might be able to feel better about eating at home on a Saturday but it's just my fiancee and I, we like to go out, after not going to a restaurant in so long it would just be so great to have a fancy meal..

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No one said anything about not eating out:.

Side Salad with low-fat dressing on the side;.

Lean steak, fish filet or chicken breast (grilled, no heavy sauce).

Steamed Veggies (plain).

Rice or new potatoes or yam (carb serving).

Roll (additional male carb serving).

Fresh fruit and perhaps a small piece of good cheese for dessert..

Bottle of fancy water..

Holding hands and playing footsie under the table..

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Mmmm, that already sounds good... I don't know why I just have this immense feeling of "stick to the plan" like I am not allowed to order anything from a restaurant, guess I never thought of the choices you listed. I do think a nice piece of grilled salmon would be a good treat, maybe this will be my reward for when I break through 220!.

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Danger, Danger Will Robinson! Look at all the excuses you've come up with already.

If I were you, I'd reevaluate what you really want. Do you want to be overweight or do you want to be normal, healthy weight? Stick to the plan and get rid of the excuses. You can do this, you just need to change your thinking.

Good luck!.

ETA : Using food as a reward is probably not a good idea. You're trying to change your lifestyle, right?.

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Don't look at it as a reward. Look at it as normal eating, socializing..

Enjoy that salmon (and the footsies under the table...).

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