All I do is gain weight on Medifast?

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Sooo, this week, so far, it seems that all I do is actually gain weight! WTH? yesterday I was up 1.6, today another +0.2. I know I can't possibly have actually gained that weight. I've been OP. So that leaves me with 3 possible explanations:.

1- My Yoga routine Tuesday was intense and my back and hip muscles are still sore today. Maybe that means I'm retaining water? (I have another Yoga class tonight...yikes!).

2- I've not been good with H20 this week and have not drank nearly close to the amount I'm supposed to. Some days almost none at all. Again, retaining water perhaps?.

3- Does any of you deal with chronic inflammation of your back? I do and this week, it's best worse than it's been in a long time because of long hours of sitting around in class and then home studying. Could this be affecting my weight loss?.

I'm trying to keep positive but it's difficult. I'm starting to have that little voice telling me that my body isn't going to lose anymore, that my metabolism just isn't going to give in...idk. I remember last time, week 3 brought me a weight gain also then the week after, I had a big loss. Maybe it's happening again. I'm a little down though...

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Whenever I workout hard the scale is always up a pound the next day or 2 until my muscles feel normal. You probably are retaining a little water from working out. I wonder too if bodily stress makes one retain water too.

Getting back to H20 will probably help you with eliminating the water...

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Water water water. Your body is 50 to 60% of the stuff. Inflamation, exercise to the point you brake down muscle so it repairs itself, carbohydrates, salt, stress, dehydration, not taking in enough water, are some of the things that can cause you to hold onto water. A pound of this, a pound of that, whats in a pound. I have seen my weight fluctuate 12 lbs and in a few days be back down. My clothes still fit looser and my belt needs new holes.

Weight fluctuates which is why once a week or every other is better for those who only see weight numbers and not the many things that it can be made of. I can say this that if you are following the plan you did not gain fat...

Comment #2

This morning I weighed myself before a workout and I was up 1.6 lbs. I then weighed myself 45 minutes later after the workout and I weighed 1lb less than initially so I had a total loss of 2.6lbs in 45 mins. For me, that was proof of why one can't really rely on day to day weigh-ins or maybe even weekly as there's always change. Just keep at it and you'll notice differences eventually..

Comment #3

Stress elevates the hormone cortisol, which can lead to water retention, so the answer is yes...

Comment #4

I always weigh less after working out. Today I was 1.8 pounds lighter than before my worout. everyone is so different. Try drinking water water water!!!..

Comment #5

Try not weighing every day and see if that helps. I weighed yesterday and was up a half pound. This morning on my official weigh day, I was down 3.5 pounds from yesterday and 3 pounds from last week's weigh in. There is just too much fluctuation in our weight to pay much attention to daily weights...

Comment #6

Look back over my weekly numbers...I've had quite a few weeks where I lost 0 (and twice, those 0s were actually small gains I refused to post, but they've always come right back off). Our bodies aren't precise instruments, and sometimes they fluctuate. Stay the course and stay 100% OP, and you WILL lose the weight! Try not to let those little humps get to you~it's a definite downward trend. =)..

Comment #7

Muscles will hold water if they are not getting enough water. SO WATER WATER WATER!!! You didnt gain fat, so it will come off, but you need more water to lose..

I logged every meal, water, bathroom habits, etc. when I was in weight loss phase. I could CLEARLY see a HUGE reflection in pounds lost vs water intake.


Comment #8

Well, thats why I dont daily weigh lol...or at least not to try too, but I have been in a funk kinda this week and well it really doesnt matter what the scale says to me....ill worry about that on my official weigh in day....

Also I have been in your shoes that I would gain all week, then when weigh in day came I would lose like 3 pounds kinda weird, so I'm assuming it's just water weight and there is nothing really to worry about..

Also, you have done an AMAZING job alrdy and you will be at goal before you know it!..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome!! I made a point today of drinking 70oz of water. Yoga kicked my rear end again tonight, I swear my teacher thinks we're acrobats; so i'll make sure NOT to weigh myself in the morning. My weighting day is supposed to be Monday but I didn't weigh myself for the first 2 weeks. I planned on only getting on the scale when I could fit into my smallest pair of jeans again but I finally caved in and stepped on the damn thing on Sunday. I see the results already, so I know I did lose for those first 2 weeks. I think I'll get the scale out of the bathroom or else i'll keep being tempted by it.

I really think I was dehydrated for the past few days, It's really easy to forget to drink your water when you're going and going all day. I'll make a point of carrying my 1L bottle with me everywhere from now on.

I really hope I get to see a loss soon. The scale didn't show at all what I thought I was at when I stepped on it Sunday, so to see that number going up on top of it really got me discouraged today. While I was in the car driving to my Yoga class tonight, I thought well, what's the alternative? what I was doing before sure didn't work and made me pretty unhappy! I've been much happier about myself and my choices lately and that in itself is a great thing...

Comment #10

Not to beat that dead horse any more, lol, but flood yourself. Not only will the extra water in equal water out, but when you are dehydrated, you metabolism slows way down. You are doing awesome!! What amazing things you have already accomplished!!!..

Comment #11

A good rule of thumb is to half your weight in oz of water. If you're only getting 70 oz on a good day, and you are working out, I'd say you are definitely under-hydrating. Keep pushing it.

And wow, you are definitely doing awesome, before and on MF!..

Comment #12

I think I am having a similar week. Today I weighed exactly what I weighed on Monday. I haven't had quite enough water the last two days, and it's TOM on top of that. I'm going to FLOOD myself with water between now and my Monday morning weigh in! Good luck!..

Comment #13

I agree with the others about getting in water, but you could also overdo it, so please do find out how much you should be drinking for your weight.

I had to go to the ER years ago because my potassium level was way too low. The doctor asked me how much water I had been drinking (it was something like 160 oz and I was 135 at that time). He told me to cut back to only 60 -70 oz because the extra water flushes out the potassium my body needs..

Plus, there are a lot of people (myself included) that get bad charlie horses in their feet, calves and hamstrings from not getting in enough potassium. So drinking an excess of water than your body actually needs only exacerbates this problem..

Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep. I wasn't and found that it really slowed down my losses. Now I try to make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, and my weight is finally starting to come off again...

Comment #14

It takes water to burn fat. Low on water = slow down metabolism...

Comment #15

Damn, I think you guys are right about 70oz not being enough. I'm way dehydrated this morning!! I WILL get this right eventually!..

Comment #16

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