GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to pick GoDaddy?? All 4 letter .com domains taken today

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Yep all remaining 4 letter .com domains were recently registered..

All 456,976 of them are gone now.

So if you have any crappy's they might be worth something soon.. like $7..

Comments (25)

Wooo! *goes to sell*.

Pro: Popular band name acronym used by most fans.

Con: Band possibly has beens? (Haven't really followed them in a while)..

Comment #1

Bfmv - big fucking monkey vaginas? I used to be in that band!..

Comment #2

Holy shit! I checked just last week and there were thousands left. I bet it was one big player that bought them all out. I guess it could be a smart move: if you buy them all out, the resultant scarcity instantly increases their value...

Comment #3

Nah, actually more like many small players, who bought a few dozen to a few hundreds each. But it really happened faster than anyone anticipated, once the remaining amount crossed some threshold of about 1% the registration rates started to grow exponentially. When you look at it, once they are all gone there's no way you can't sell even the ugliest one for at least 2-3x reg fee, so it's a safe bet..

Many of these are just being tasted and in the next 5 days there should be many drops, but I expect these to be registered quickly as well..

After it all settles down (around the beginning of the next year) I suppose's will start selling for a minimum of $15-30 so that's an instant profit for anyone who bought them at $7 when they were available...

Comment #4

Well, at least I bought a few of them. Hope they go up. I'm rather surprised that they've all been registered...

Comment #5

I have some, but the other day there were 6,000+ left. I was going to buy a few, but the letter combos were just too ugly for me. I think there will be a shit load of people trying to unload their bad letter combos and they won't go for too much over reg fees for a long time. Good letters are already starting to go up...

Comment #6

You're jon, that's kind of what I thought when I bought mine, too many ugly combos that I could never foresee being worth any money. I guess the foucs shifts to the haha..

Comment #7

I have 20 in my portfolio but won't sell them anytime soon.. I parked them and will be doing something with them eventually unles some crazy offer comes up.. but yeah they're all ugly:.



- .. etc..

Comment #8

I'd love to have

Imagine telling someone that URL. They'd be like, "ummm...bitch are you retarded?"..

Comment #9

Yeah that one should get some decent traffic too..

Comment #10

Anyone have any clue on how to get domains parked in cash parking with godaddy? I have several that have been in pending for weeks and no one at godaddy knows SHEAT..

Comment #11

How do you all feel about the LLLLL letter domain rush..

Comment #12

I think that once you're into 5 letters, it better be pronouncable because if xjfz is ugly, xjfqz is a lot uglier..

Lately, I've been registering some .in's. India has the second largest english speaking population behind the US and there are a ton of one word dictionary domains left... even 3-4 letters...

Comment #13

I think that domain will be again in the range of few thousand dollars.....

Comment #14

Damn. I was really hoping to get I expect it to be worth upwards of $8 in a few years...

Comment #15

I registered a 4 letter .com quite a few days after this thread was started, what's that all about?..

Comment #16

People's registrations of them expire, but all unregistered LLLLs are now gone...

Comment #17

Prices going up quickly, as I've expected, just a month ago LLLL's with all premium letters were selling for about $100, now the minimum is up to $200..

Comment #18

I just registered (I figure if I don't use it for my site, high school headquarters, I can always sell it)..

Comment #19

Did it just drop or did you get it awhile back?..

Comment #20

And here I thought I was pretty cool when I picked up a FIVE letter domain. It is an acronym for the name of my site and actually looks/sounds decent. Not a bunch of xyzqs, even has 2 vowels in it where vowels normally go and sounds as a word. It's just not a "real" word. I had actually checked the 4 letter first. They wanted too much so I added a word and my new one actually made more sense...

Comment #21

Nice pick, I see it was registered in 2001-2002 then dropped, then registered again from 2002-2007..

Comment #22

I backordered it/won it in an auction on snapnames. It dropped on the 21st and snap names picked it up...

Comment #23

Fuck yeah listening to them now heh. How much?..

Comment #24

Just checked and for November it averages about 25 visitors per day, and about 750 visitors a month since january, it is also 8th on google for bfmv(Though it's just an ad page right now haven't had time to do anything with it so I'm sure it could go hirer with content).

The only downside is the incredibly large number of people who sign up for various sites with email addresses which all for a long time got forwarded it to my main account though I've turned that off now..

Well I suppose it could be an upside for phishing if thats your thing. I had someone sign up for itunes with like "" and fill out all their credit card info so itunes obviously mailed me their account information as a confirmation....I won't lie, I was tempted to get a few free songs as a charge for using my domain lol...

Comment #25

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