Afraid of failing with Medifast

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I received my products yesterday when I got home from work and I started the program today. I'm afraid. Afraid of failing again on a weight loss program. I've tried Weight Watchers, Nutri System, and Jenny Craig. I've had the best success with JC, but lose motivation since the weight comes off so slow and I start cheating..

I've read the stories and the posts. I even did a week of Spec K and Slimfast to make sure that I could follow a similar diet. I did so I decided to order and here I am..

I have to lose at least 120 lbs and that will take a while. I've seen the support and care that is shown from everyone through these posts. I hope that this group will get me through any rough patches. I can certainly provide support to others..

I'm done rambling. Time to eat my Peach oatmeal..

Thanks for reading!..

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Welcome! It's ok to be afraid. To be honest, I was scared out of my mind. I just started my second week yesterday and I'm not afraid anymore. I've seen how the plan works and how easy it is to stay OP (on plan). I tried WW a few times in the past with little success because I always cheated. There was too much room to cheat there.

Your fears will fade as you get through your first few days. Admitting them is an awesome thing to do. I look forward to hearing about your success!..

Comment #1

Welcome, Lynnie! I too had fears about starting yet again another diet. I've been on Medifast for a little over a week now, and I'm not afraid anymore. This is the first diet I've ever been on where I wasn't starving most of the time. Most days, it's like, "OMG, I have to eat AGAIN?" This is truly the first diet I've been on that I can see myself following through to the end. The people here are so supportive and helpful, and I make it a practice to come here every day and read for a while for encouragement..

You can do this! Be kind to yourself and try to stay positive. Try to take it one day at a time. When you find you are having a rough patch, come here and vent or ask for help. You deserve to be healthy and happy!..

Comment #2

Thanks! I love reading about the success everyone has. That alone is very motivating...

Comment #3

I wish you good luck!! I just started this past Tuesday and was terrified!! I love to cook and prepare meals and when I saw the box of powdered food I almost cried!! Coming here and reading everyones posts got me going though(thank you all!!) and I have to admit I am enjoying the food and weight has already started to come off!! My 3rd day was hard and I just did not feel good but I stuck through it and yesterday was much better. I know you can do it-Just stay positive and keep us posted on how you are doing!!..

Comment #4

Fear can work for you or against you. Don't worry about you stay on plan, the success will drive that away. Take it one day at a time and be patient! I lost 120 lbs in 11 months. I went from wearing size 24 to size 12 and life is GREAT!.

You can do this!!! Get a friend or a coach to help you through is key!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #5

You have already received some wonderful words of wisdom!!.

It's okay to be afraid of failure. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing (except for DH), and still haven't told them actually! I didn't want the additional pressure of anyone knowing I was on "another" diet. Instead I've relied on all of my virtual friends for support and encouragement!.

We are all here for you!!..

Comment #6

Welcome to Medifast Lynnie! I also started Medifast with a lot to lose (140 lbs) and I also failed with multiple efforts with other weight loss programs. I feel your fears!.

However, there are two major differences I've noticed on Medifast that I never saw with any of the other things I tried. 1) I lose weight faster than I ever have before. 2) I don't suffer the deprived "I'm on a miserable diet" feeling that I always have before..

I've been OP for 32 weeks and I've lost 80 lbs. I only have 60.5 left to lose. I feel like I'm in the middle of a miraculous dream...but it is real. Believe it! If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!..

Comment #7

Welcome to the greatest program ever! I too have tried so many other programs, or should I say which ones "haven't" I tried? LOL! The support you will receive here is tremendous! I love the quote "Chat...don't cheat". Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I sign on and read the blogs & hit the chat room. Every person here is or has experienced the same feelings, emotions and cravings. I just keep reminding myself...One day at a time ~ One meal at time. You can do deserve this! Best of luck to you! Stacey..

Comment #8

You guys are great! I had the oatmeal and chocolate shake. I'm ok with the taste. I really love the shaker bottle and it worked to completely mix the shake. I prefer quick and easy and this will meet that criteria. My problem will be avoiding temptation. I'm visual so if I see something, I want it.

I've haven't told anyone yet that I'm doing this. They've heard me get excited about the other programs and I've never achieve my goal weight. I'm going to wait a little before I do this. I'm lucky in that I don't have people that try to sabotage my efforts..


Comment #9

I totally understand! I've been on diets since I was 12 years old (Slim Fast, WW, JC, South Beach, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, blah blah blah) but I love MF. I've lost 25 pounds in the past 2 and a half months! It took me 1 year to lose 60 pounds on JC and WW so I'm so happy to have found MF. It works-just take it one meal at a time. A diet won't cure the issues why you over eat, so you might want to consider counseling or throw yourself into some reading. I've heard the Beck Diet book is good-I just got it out of the library and haven't read it yet...

Comment #10

I'm checking out the Beck book at the library. I've seen this pop up several times on the site and it seems that I could benefit from reading it.



Comment #11

I had the same concerns that you have when I first started MF. In fact, my first order was for only 2 weeks so that I could see if I "could tolerate the program" and determine if it would "work for me". After the first week, I placed another order for a month. I tried WW before and, like others have said, it didn't work for me this time (it actually did work the previous time but I was able to go to the meetings) so I decided to try this. And it does work! There have been times when I've been hungry and times when I only lost less than a pound for a week but, overall, the program has been a huge success. I find that I don't have many cravings and when I do they are usually for chocolate - which I can have here.

Basically, this is a simple program and if you stick with it, the program will work for you. I love to cook so I've been playing with the packets - adding flavors, making muffins, and doing things to allow me to be "creative" and still stay OP. The boards are a huge help and I've found lots of things there but mainly a lot of support. Read the boards, get involved, and stay with it. Good luck - you know that you CAN do this...

Comment #12

Hi Lynn,.

I think it's normal to be afraid at the beginning. Seeing everyone's successes online, for me, it was like seeing what I could have. But, I couldn't do it, could I? To even begin to hope that I could lose that much weight, well it seemed too good to be true. Too big of a dream even!.

But, I've had two weigh ins and I am losing weight. My jeans are falling off, my wedding ring slips off my finger without me meaning for it too, and my usual comfty shirt is getting very roomy on me..

It can be done. Don't let your fear stop you. You can do it!..

Comment #13

I ordered Medifast on a whim when I was depressed and planned to return it the day I got it. Then, I decided to try ONE day on it. 2.5 months and 25 pounds later... Just work on staying on plan and let Medifast do the weight loss for you!..

Comment #14

So true! I finally figured out that all I should focus on is the day I'm in - let me get through this day on the plan...then tomorrow is another day. I know it's early days for me, so maybe I am speaking up too early, but I think that's what got me messed up in the past - looking too far into the future...

Comment #15

Well you are brave to start with the Peach Oatmeal. bwhahaaaaa!.

Seriously, the Medifast food gets all sorts of reviews around here. The Peach oatmeal is my DH's favorite Medifast meal.

After you detox those taste buds, the food is not half bad, but hey I said I'd eat the boxes this stuff comes in if it got me healthy.

As for your fear of failure, try to turn that into a positive motivation. Take this plan, one day at a time, or even one Medifast meal at a time, if you need to do so. I even broke my plan down into 10 pound incruments. I only needed to lose 10 pounds. When I got there, I only needed to lose 10 pounds. Was not long til, those little 10 pounds added up.

Do whatever works for YOU..

I am a professional Dieter. I've lost more weight than I care to even think about. You can lose weight on just about any plan. Medifast is just another tool, but the difference for me this time was ME. I was ready to COMMIT to what it would take to truly change my relationship with food for ever. That is why Medifast does not call this a diet, nor have I ever used that term.

That may seem subtle, but attitude and thoughts are powerful. Diets are something I've gone on and OFF of more often. And they begin with D I E. Now who wants to go there?.

Life Plan begins with L I F E and it ends with a plan for the rest of our lives..

I suggest you read the blogs and threads here for inspiration. Stay clear of the Whining and Cheating ones if they cause your resolve to waiver. They have been called Wheaters for short by an old time MFer. bwhahaaaaaaa.

Stick with the winners. They have walked the talk..

As for telling others,or not, about what you are doing. It is none of their business unless you choose to make it so..

I did not even tell my DH in the beginning. After a month under my belt (a smaller notch I might add) I let him in on my secret. He was skeptical, of course. How many diets had I started out excited to Change my life for the last time. Well the only way for him to not be so skeptical was for me to be successful. After a few months, he ordered Medifast and we both got healthy together.

The privacy kept out all the nay-sayers and skeptics so we could just focus on US. I've been pretty vague about what I'm doing. You know telling folks I'm eating 6 small meals a day about every 2-3 hours. Funny but people really don't notice what we are doing nearly as much as we think they do. Most folks are pretty self-absorbed and just are nosey.


This site has been a life-line to me for that reason. I can talk openly about Medifast and the wisdom and experiences I've learned are invaluable..

Again, let me welcome you to one of the most wonderful on-line communities ever...

Comment #16

Lynnie: I have to second a lot of what Chatty said. This plan does work!!!.

Chatty: LOL about the peach oatmeal. My first Medifast meal was maple & brown sugar oatmeal and I thought I had made a horrible mistake. I tried it several ways and gave up then say something about muffins. What a life saver!!! You're right though - after a while those taste buds do detox and perception of taste changes. I got the Peach oatmeal in my first 2 orders through BeSlim and just reordered the maple & brown sugar. I'm looking forward to using it for muffins - one of my favorite Medifast meals.

I, too, am a "professional dieter". I've lost and regained myself more times than I care to think about. I could probably staff a military unit with everyone that I've lost and gained back. My last diet was WW and it was actually successful until I "fell off the wagon" and regained half of what I had removed from my body. I did try it again before I hit on Medifast but this time it just wasn't working. Maybe it was because I couldn't get to the meeting because of my work scheduled or maybe it was because I was too busy and cooking and counting points just wasn't happening.

I was getting really fed up with myself, discouraged, frustrated, and anxious. I need hip replacement surgery and to have an "easier" procedure, I needed to lost 20-30 lbs. Then my sister told me about MF. She, her husband, and their daughter are all on the program. I can't thank her enough.

"I suggest you read the blogs and threads here for inspiration. Stay clear of the Whining and Cheating ones if they cause your resolve to waiver. ".

There sure are a lot of those around - and even an self-admitted "non-100% OP health coach". Wining and cheating will only result in defeatism. For the life of me, I can't figure out why people do this but I agree that it is best to stay away from them. There really are enough negative out there and none of us need to bombard ourselves with more when we're trying to accomplish something positive. There are tons of boards and it's easy to figure out which one/ones work the best. I've found a few and thank goodness for them! They give you a place to find support, friends, and information.

When we eat together he eats what I do so I'm not tempted by non-plan things. I do keep some treats around here for him but I have enough Medifast meals to get me through - and he isn't a chocoholic like me so when he has his cheese and crackers, I just have something chocolate...

Comment #17

I want to thank everyone for these great words of wisdom. I really like taking it one day at a time and 10 lbs at a time. This time, I will try and keep those thoughts in mind.

I've made it through a day. It wasn't bad. I wasn't even tempted to eat off plan. I started to get hungry around 2.5 hr and had a food item. I have a bad headache and I don't know if it's related to this plan or migraines. I'm prone to migraines..

My biggest challenge will probably be figuring out what to eat for my lean and green meal. I just put my chicken in the salad..

Thanks again,.


Comment #18

Lynn welcome. I am new to this thread also but the support I've seen here is very encouraging,thanks all.I to have tried them all ,lost 70 pounds on JC 15 years ago put 40 on since then. I also have type 2 diabeties and this plan has improved my blood sugar tremendously!I do have times I doubt myself and the support from everyone is invaluable.Good luck, I hope to post here often...

Comment #19

I just tried the chocolate chip pancake and it wasn't bad!.

I've haven't told many people about my diet too. I get tired of saying I'm on a diet and then having them ask how I'm doing. Especially if I am not doing good. I also feel I am finally doing this for myself and they don't really need to know..


Comment #20

Hi Lynne!.

Today is my first day too and I know what you mean about being afraid to fail. Just remember you are never a failure as long as you keep trying! We can do this!!.


Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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